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1803 - 1835

SANDERS, Joel 1 - 149 1819 Aug. 19 1819 Nov. 1
Wife: (not by name);
Son: William;
Sister: Miriam Sanders;
Son-in-law: Samuel Whitson
Executors: son, William Sanders, Samuel Whitson
Witnesses: Amos Hawkins, Henry Hawkins, William Scott

SAYRE, William of Deerfield

1 - 109 1816 Aug. 20 1816 Sep. 25
Brothers: Nathaniel, Aaron, Daniel, Joseph, Benjamin, Moses, Calvin;
Nephews: David and Raner Sayre, sons of brothers Aaron;
Rachel Sayre wife of Brother Aaron
Executors: Aaron Sayre
Witnesses: Benjamin Drake, David Sutton

SCHNORF, Jacob 2 - 421 1813 May 7 1827 Jun. 26
Wife: Mary;
Sons: John, Jacob, Abraham, George;
Daughter: Sarah, Mary Anderson, Catharine Cochron (Coffing)
Executors: wife, Mary & son, John Schnorf
Witnesses: Ithamer Drake, Frederick Dyche

SCOFIELD, Jared - Deerfield Twp. 2 - 26 1822 Feb. 10 1826 Aug. 14
Wife: Polly and my five sons and six girls; dau. Esther Seward; granddaughter Phebe
Executors: wife, Stephen Bowyer, & Jared Scofield
Witnesses: Joseph Scofield, William Scofield, Charles Billingsly

SHAW, Christopher - Clear Creek Twp. 4 - 264 1820 Jan. 20 1831 Mar. 8
Wife, Lucia
Children: Hannah, Alber, John & Jacob Shaw
Executors: wife Lucia Shaw, Samuel Carpenter
Witnesses: Jesse Wilson, Edward Kenrick, William Carpenter

SHAW, John 1 - 229 (no date) 1824 Mar. 9
Sons: Archibald, Solomon, William;
Daughters: Sally Laforce, Margaret Higgins, Nancy Lloyd, Mary Simonton, Martha Shaw
Witnesses:  Francis Dunlevy, Jacob Wintrow, Cornelius Bercaw

SIBITT, Aaron 1 - 93 1816 Jan. 1 1816 Feb. 12
Wife:  Elizabeth;
Sons: Eli, Richard, Benjamin, George, William, Cornelius;
Daughter Nancy Rudinour
Executors: wife and son Richard Sibitt, David Fose
Witness: David Randolph, James Benham, George Chamblin

SIMS, John 5 - 469 1833 Aug. 14 1834 Aug. 13
Wife: (not named);
Sons: John, Isaiah, George, Tindal;
Daughter: Elizabeth Pearson
Executors: son George Sims, David Wilson
Witnesses: William Hartsock, Stephen Sims, Noah Haines

SKINNER, Abraham - Deerfield Twp. 5 - 465 1834 Jul. 1 1834 Aug. 11
Wife: Sarah;
Sons: Daniel, Abraham, Thomas M.;
Daughters: Huldah, wife of Stephen Whitaker, Sarah wife of William Erwin, Elizabeth wife of John Manning
Witnesses: William Morrison, Daniel Remley, James Baxter

SLEESMAN, Christopher 5 - 627 1830 Dec. 29 1835 Jan. 21
Wife: (not named)
Granddaughter: Elizabeth Larrison;
to Jemima Fourshee wife of John;
Daughter Polly Hart wife of George, Olive Griffith wife of Lewis; sons-in-law George Hart, Lewis Griffith, Joseph Drake
Executors: Joseph Mounts, Benjamin Ludlum
Witnesses: Ferdinand F. Dugan, William Platt

SMITH, Abner

1 - 132 1818 Sep. 3 1818 Nov. 17
Wife: Jemima;
Children: Jeremiah, Priscilla, Hannah, Jonathan, Amos, Sarah, Rachel, Ruth, Hosea
Executors: wife and son Jeremiah Smith
Witnesses: Enos Williams, Samuel Sering, C. B. Clements

SMITH, David - Nun Cupative 1 - 55 1813 Oct. 26 1813 Nov. 16
Heirs to be George Earhart and wife, Mary;
Mary a sister of David Smith
Executor: George Earhart
Witnesses: Jacob Andrews, John Roads

SMITH, John - Wayne Twp. 2 - 426 1827 Jan. 27 1827 Jul. 17
Sons: John, Robert, George, Coonrad
Executors: sons, John & Coonrod Smith
Witnesses: Noah Haines, Levi Lukins, Jacob Hisey

SMITH, John - Clerk Creek Twp. 5 - 406 1830 Jul 20 1834 Apr. 22
Wife: Hannah;
Son: Joshua;
Children of son Joseph to wit:  Samuel, Mary, Joshua, Joseph, Wesley, Thomas;
Daughter: Elizabeth Tuttle
Executors: wife, Hannah Smith, James Wills
Witnesses: Daniel Crane, George W. Leftra, Charles Evans

SMITH, NANCY 6 - 300 1835 Nov. 6 1836 Feb. 29
Wife: Jemima;
Children: John, Ruth wife of Ventel Wagoner; Nathaniel P., William, Benjamin F.
Executor: John Waldron
Witnesses: John Hopkins, Michael Minnich

SMITH, Thomas, Jr. 2 - 216 1805 Sep. 12 1805 Bourbon Co., Ky.
Copy Warren Co., Apr. Term 1826
If dau. Betsy die without heirs, property to be divided equally between John Smith, Margaret Hitt, Elizabeth Howard, Ann Hitt, Rebecca Smith, Robert Smith.
Robert Smith and Samuel Hitt Guardian for Betsy
Executors: Robert Smith & Samuel Hitt
Witnesses: Hugh Larrimore, John S. Foster, Sarah Ross

SMITH, Thomas 2 - 433 1803 Nov. 23 Rec. Warren Co. Aug. 12, 1827
Wife: Elizabeth;
Sons: John, Thomas, Robert;
Daughters: Margaret Hitt, Elizabeth Smith, Elizabeth Howard
Executors: Thomas & Robert Smith
Witnesses: John Carter, Robert Champ, Sarah Ross

SNELL, Henry 3 - 45 (no date) 1827 Nov. 13
Wife: Parmelia;
Sons: John, Jacob, Adam, Daniel, George, Henry, Samuel William, Ransom, Joseph; dau. Betsy, wife of Levi Collins, Sally wife of Peter Smith, Pamelia and Julia Snell
Executors: wife, Pamelia Snell
Witnesses: Robert Wilson & Aaron Bixby

SNIDER, Anthony 1 - 121 1818 Jan. 29 1818 Mar. 1
Wife: Esther;
Children: John, Conrad, Elizabeth, Jeffries, Nellie Chambers, Caty Hutchinson;
Grandson: Frederick Snider, son of my daughter Esther
Executors: George Lind
Witnesses: Lawrence Winfield, John Beaty, George Jeffries

SPINNING, Mathias 4 - 79 1820 Oct. 3 1830 Apr. 23
Wife: Hannah;
Sons: David, Stephen, William, Benjamin H., Isaac, Elias;
Daughters Mary Morris, Hannah Drake, Jerusha
Executor: son, Elias Spinning
Witnesses: Francis Dunlevy, Phebe Morris, James H. Dunlevy

STEDDOM, Henry 1 - 199 1822 Jan. 16 1822 Nov. 6
Wife: Martha;
Sons: John and Samuel;
Daughter: Mary Jay, Anna Kiney (Kersey);
Granddaughter: Martha Freestone, formerly Hollingsworth, and her sister Anne Hollingsworth, Matilda, Anne and Martha Compton;
Grandsons: Joseph, Henry, John and Gabeth Hollingsworth; Samuel Phares and Henry Compton;
Daughter-in-law: Alie and Susannah Steddom wives of my sons John and Samuel Steddom
Executors: sons, John and Samuel Steddom
Witnesses: Noah Haines, Isaac John, Thomas Evans

STEEL, Hugh 1 - 17 1805 Oct. 29 Jan. Term 1806
To James Long, Esq.
Executor: James Long
Witnesses: John Bigger, Sr., William Stitt

STEELMAN, Elijah 5 - 239    
Verbal Proved Aug. 12, 1833 by M. Brown & Aaron Mintle Aug. 9, 1833 Elijah Steelman gives to mother-in-law Jane Steelman

STILES, Ner 5 - 113 1832 Jul. 19 1832 Nov. 29
Wife: Elizabeth;
Son: Nerr;
Daughters: Elizabeth, Margaret A.;
Wife's son: Abraham Gaskill
Executors: John Blackford, John Sellers
Witnesses: Jonathan Wright, Mordecai Millard, James Kelsey

STITES, Joseph, Clear Creek Twp. 1 - 207 1822 Nov. 4 1823 Mar. 3
Wife: Elizabeth;
Sons: Joseph, Nur;
Daughter: Hannah Leach
Executors: William Peacock, Joseph Coles
Witnesses: William Mullin, Samuel Reed, John Mullin

STOUT, Daniel 5 - 246 1833 Apr. 18 1833 Sep. 9
Wife: Nancy;
Sons: Edward, Ralph P., Richard. Horace;
Daughter: Ruth Moore
Executors: son, Ralph Stout, friend Britton Moore
Witnesses: Mary McKinney, Joseph Dodds, David Slayback

STREET, William 3 - 400 1828 Feb. 29 1829 Apr. 27
Wife & daughter Sally
Executor: Derick Barkalow
Witnesses: Henry Wenick, Arthur Barkalow, Mary Conover

STUMP, David 5 - 112 1831 Jan. 29 1832 Nov. 29
Wife: Mary;
Sons: Jonas, Daniel, William;
Daughters: Matilda, Lydia, Catharine, Sarah, Polly, Henrietta;
Daughter Hannah's children;
Grandson Daniel Romine
Executors: wife, Mary and son, Daniel Stump
Witnesses: Paul Huston, Isaac Stump

SUTTON, David - of Deerfield, Union Twp. 5 - 612 1832 Dec. 8 1834 Nov. 13
Wife and grandson Reeder Sutton; to John McCorley, son of Eliza McCorley (dau. of John, Cincinnati) and supposed to belong to my son Eli who departed this life Jun. 29, 1826
Executors: sons-in-law John Waldron, John L. Armstrong
Witnesses: Daniel Wooley, Abner L. Drake, Calvin Montague

SUTTON, John, Union Township 4 - 406 1831 A. D. 1831 Jun. 30
Mother: Mary Sutton;
Nephew: David Sutton Clark
Executor: John Waldron
Witnesses: William B. Lytle, James T. Scott

TAMSETT, John 1 - 210 1822 Aug. 16 1823 Mar. 3
Wife: Rachel;
Sons: Samuel, Clark, William, John
Daughters: Phranny, Sarah, Eleanor, Osee
Executors: William Edwarsd, Samuel Tamset
Witnesses: Jonathan Newman, James Newman

TAPSCOTT, James - Franklin Twp. 1 - 88 1815 Aug. 7 1815 Nov. 18
Wife: Anne;
Sons: James, Jr., William, Joseph;
Daughters: Mary Barkalow, Nancy Compton, Catharine Ely, Sarah Schenck, Lydia Francis
Executors: son, Joseph Tapscott, son-in-law John N. C. Schenck
Witness: William C. Schenck, Daniel Wertz

TATE, Joseph 1 - 177 1821 Oct. 11 1821 Nov. 13
Wife: Elizabeth;
Sons: James, Thomas, Robert, Hugh, John, William;
Daughter: Margaret Kenneer;
Brother: James Tate
Executor: John Tate
Witnesses: Daniel Collett, John Legit, John Stoop

TAYLOR, Moses 1 - 217 1823 Mar. 9 1823 May 10
Wife Martha and my children
Executors: William Shinn & John Kliperd
Witnesses: Samuel Sharp, Joseph Sener, Sr., John Kliperd

TAYLOR, Nathan 1 - 24 Verbal Dated Dec. 17, 1808 1809 Feb. 7
Gives to Aaron Ward for his kindness to him
Witnesses: Stephen Bowyer, Bazella Clark

THARP, John 1 - 139 1818 Sep. 5 1819 Apr. 5
Wife: Hannah;
Son-in-law: Samuel Seering;
Grandsons: John and Silas Serring;
Daughter: Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Serring; Hilda wife of Robert Porter
Executors: wife, Hannah Tharp, Laniel Voorhis, John Hart
Witnesses: Abram Van Vleet, Amos Smith

THOMAS, Abigail 1 - 183 1821 Dec. 30 1821 Aug. 7
To Naomi Spray, formerly McKinsey; to George McKinsey of Warren Co. and his children David, Mordia, Abigail, Mary, Samuel, Nehemiah, Sarah, George, Naomi, Patrick
Executors: Samuel Kelly, Abijah O'Neall
Witnesses: Benjamin Evans, George Evans, Mary Evans

THOMAS, Absolem of Wayne Twp. 3 - 15 1827 May 28 1827 Oct. 29
Wife: Catharine;
Son: Aaron G.;
Daughters: Seerrana, Eleanor
Executor: brother Thomas  Thomas
Witnesses: Edward Thomas, Benj. Thomas

THOMAS, Jesse of Springboro 1 - 225 1822 May 15 1823 Sep. 3
Wife: Ann;
Children: Chalkly & Mary Thomas
Executors: Mordecai Millard & Jonathan Wright
Witnesses: H. G. Sexton, John Bateman
Codicil names adopted son Theodore Thomas of Berks Co., Pa.

THOMAS, William - Wayne Twp. 1 - 78 1815 Mar. 3 1815 Jun. 13
Sons: Edward, Absolem, Daniel, Thomas;
Daughters: Jane Miller, Ann Hester;
Grandson: Charles Thomas
Executors: sons Thomas and Edward Thomas
Witnesses: William Law, Willialm Pedrick, Richard Pedrick

THOMPSON, Charles - Wayne Twp. 1 - 175 1821 Jul. 19 1821 Nov. 6
Wife: Rachel;
Step daughter: Margaret Van Doren;
My children Elizabeth, Samuel, Mariah, Milly
Executor: John Satterthwaite
Witnesses: David Evans, Horace Lathrop

THOMPSON, William 1 - 35 1811 Apr.  21 1811 Jun. 16
Wife: Catharine
Executor: wife, Catharine Thompson
Witnesses: Andrew Lytlel, John Snook, Benjamin Stites

THORN, Peter - Clear Creek Twp. Bk. 3 1828 Apr. 2 1828 Apr. 22
Wife: Martha;
Son: Ely;
Daughters: Martha Homan, Mary Jameson, Nancy Wear, Jane King;
Granddaughter: Avis Wear
Executors: wife, Martha Thorn
Witnesses: Noah Haines, John E. Grier, Israel Brown

TINGLE, Jediah 2 - 382 1825 Feb. 17 Apr. Term 1827
Wife: Elizabeth;
Sons: Samuel, John A., Nathan;
Daughter: Mary Beedle, Amy T. French, Naomi A. McIntire, Asenath and Catharine Tingle
Executor: wife, Elizabeth Tingle
Witnesses: Wyllys Pierson, Aaron W. Pierson, George D. Pierson

TIPTON, Sarah 5 - 470 1834 Jul. 1834 1834 Aug. 11
Husband: Elijah Tipton;
Father: Daniel Hawn, dec'd;
Elizabeth Emerson, late of widow of Daniel Hawn
Witnesses: Martin W. Earhart, Thomas H. Wilkins

TULLIS, Michael - Deerfield Twp. 1 - 38 1811 Nov. 7 1812 Feb. 20
Wife: Eleanor and all my children
Executor: wife, Elener Tullis
Witnesses: Edward Wolf, David Briney

TUTTER, John 1 - 77 Verbal 1813 Feb. 20 18165 Jun. 17
My brother and sisters
Witnesses: Robert Lee, William Cuttery


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