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1803 - 1835

MASON, William 4 - 360 1825 Oct. 26 1831 May 23
Wife: Sally;
Son: Samuel
Daughter: Maria wife of Lucas D. Leonard; Cynthia, Sally
Executors: wife, Henry Houk, Mason Leonard
Witnesses: Peter Wikoff, William Lytle, Richard Meek

McCASHEN, James, Sr.

4 - 493 1831 Dec. 27 1832 Feb. 27
Wife: Mary (present wife)
Our children to wit: Charles, Sarah, Joannah, Milton;
Daughter: Eliza;
to children of my first wife, land in Tippecanoe Co., Ind. 160 acres
Executors: wife, Mary McKinney
Witnesses: John Randolph, David Fox, Jr.

McCLEARY, Mary of Franklin Twp. 1 - 50 1813 Jun. 13 1813 Oct. 29
Son: Thomas;
Daughter: Elizabeth Sawyer, Dorcas McCleary, Nancy Young
Executors: Robert Robinson, Joseph Parks, Sr.
Witnesses: Michael Auld, Joseph Parks, & Robert Young

McCORD, John M. 1 - 124 1818 Aug. 24 1818 Sep. 25
Sons: Robert, David W., John M.;
Daughter: Sally, Eliza, Margaret Johnson;
Son-in-law:  William Chadwick;
Niece: Mary Barr
Executor: son, Robert McCord & John Woods
Witnesses: James Johnson, John Petro, & William Johnston

McDONOUGH, Redmond 1 - 224 1822 Dec. 21 1823 Sep. 8
Wife: Jane;
Sons: Thomas, John, Samuel, Hugh;
Daughter: Mary Thompson & Alcey Clark
Executors: wife Jane & son, Hugh McDonough
Witnesses: Patrick Meloy & Johh Meloy

McKANE, John 1 - 69 1812 May 7 1815 Feb. 14
Sons: Richard, John, Daniel, Robert, William, James;
Daughters: Mary Cummins, Elizabeth Ramsy
Executors: William Lytle & Mathias Corwin
Witnesses: David Bane, Enos Williams

McKAY, Moses 3 - 115 1823 Jan. 17 1823 Jan. 22
Wife: Abigail;
Sons: Janas Tilden McKay to come of age; Robert S., a plantation in Frederick Co., Va.; George, Francis, Levi D., Jacob F.;
Daughters, Rachel Haines, Sarah, Margaret, Virginia, Maria, Mary E.
Executors: Wife, son George McKay & Noah Haines
Witnesses: Israel Brown, Allen Clutch, Joseph B. Chapman
Codicil changes bequests, releases wife and George as executors, appoins son Francis and son-in-law Jonathan Collett

McKINNEY, Joseph 4 - 493 1831 Dec. 27 1832 Feb. 27
Wife: Mary (present wife);
our children, to wit: Charles, Sarah, Joannah, Milton;
Daughter: Eliza;
to children of my first wife, land in Tippecanoe Co., Ind. 160 acres
Executor: wife, Mary McKinney
Witnesses: John Randolph, David Fox, Jr.

McLEAN, Thomas of Clear Creek Twp. 1 - 254 1825 Jan. 27 18125 May 16
My two sons: Sylvanus the youngest
Executors: John Treisler & George Harlan
Witnesses: Jacob Penee, Adam Miller, Jr., William Pence

McMEEN, John 3 - 112 1828 Feb. 6 1828 Apr. 14
Wife: Mary;
Sons: James N., Josiah E., William, John;
Daughter: Elizabeth Robinson, Grizella Parks, Maria E. Hamilton, Jane McMeen; Grand-son John son of James
Executor: James Parks, James N. McMeen
Witnesses: James Deardorf & Jacob Deardorf

McMILLAN, William 1 - 21 1806 Jun. 16 1806 Sep. 17
Sons: Thomas, William, Henry, David, Jonathan;
Daughter: Lydia, Mary wife of Joseph Baxter
Executor: son, Jonathan McMillian
Witnesses: John Woolman, Enoch Wickersham

MEEKER, Amos of Deerfield, Union Twp.

5 - 423 1833 Dec. 18 1834 May 5
Wife: Elizabeth
to Jemima Sutton and children William, Asher & Lydia Ann
Executor: Robert Lytle
Witnesses: Solomon Sharp, John M. Hayner, Edward D. Grigg

MERCER, Archibald of Newark, N. J. (Copy) 6 - 95 1812 Sep. 29 1814 Jun. 20
Sons: Peter L. & Archibald;
Daughter: Maria Stryker, Gertrude Lee, Charlotte Frelinghuyson wife of John;
Grandchildren: Mary Ann  & Gertrude Frelinghuyson; Archibald, Mary & John ch. of son Peter; William son of my dec'd son William; sister Helen Heighway wife of Samuel; brother Robert Mercer and his son Robert.
Executors: sons Peter and Archibald Mercer, Dr. James Lee and Gertrude his wife, Theodore Frelinghuyson Esq and Charlotte his wife.
Witness: James Kearney, Elias Boudinot
(Samuel Heighway laid out the town of Waynesville, Warren Co.)

MERRITT, John of Lebanon 3 - 114 1828 Jan. 24 1828 Apr. 14
Wife: Sophia;
Children all provided for
Executor: John M. Houston
Witnesses: William Sinnard & John Mount

MILLS, Marmaduke 1 - 223 1822 Jun. 3 1823 Sep. 8
Wife: Patience;
Son: Hugh;
Daughter: Patience to have same as other daughter;
Children not named have received their share
Executors: son, Hugh & Joel Mills
Witnesses: Thomas Pugh, Baler Pugh & Levi Cook

MINNER, Levin 1 - 16 1805 Dec. 6 1806 Jan. 21
Late of the County of Guilford, N. C.
Wife: Mary;
Sons: Benston, Noah, Levin;
my seven daughters (minors)
Executors: wife Mary & Joshua Holland
Witnesses: John Shaw & Enos Williams

MIOVER, Isaac 1 - 265 1825 Jan. 28 1825 Sep. 12
Wife: Rhoda;
only son, Isaac;
Dau. Sarah Strauzer, Eliza Kelsey, Mary & Hope Miover
Executors: wife and Jesse Wilson
Witnesses: Daniel Bradstreet, William H. Anderson, Henry P. Bradstreet

MONFORT, Lawrence of Lebanon 4 - 118 1823 Feb. 12 1830 Aug. 9
Wife: Martha;
Sons: John, Francis, Peter, David;
Daughter: Margaret, children of daughter Catharine dec'd; Magdeline, Mary, Christine
Executors: son, John Monfort, Peter Williamson
Witnesses: Peter Vandike, Sarah Cosat

MONFORT, Peter 1 - 228 1819 Jan. 13 1820 Oct. 18
Wife: Eleanor;
All my children
Executors: son, Albert Monfort, Son-in-law: Aaron Morgan
Witnesses: John Bowyer, John Whitnack & Hannah Whitnack

MONFORT, Peter 1 - 236 1824 Jun. 26 1824 Aug. 23
To Peter and Polly Montfort, children of Brother Henry; To Peter Voorhis, son of Jeremiah; to Peter M. VanVoorhis, son of my sister Letty; nephew John Montfort; brother-in-law Jeremiah Voorhis; sister Rachel Weeks; to Thomas Anderson
Executors: Daniel Voorhis, son of Cornelius dec'd.
Witnesses: Joseph McCain & Daniel McCain
Codicil (same date) names of four sisters, Letty Voorhis, Rachel Weeks, Olly Voorhis wife of Jeremiah and Margaret Voorhis

MONROE, Amos 1 - 73 1814 May 20 1815 Jun. 17
Wife: Rebecca
To Abraham Hester; Ezekiel Bill; Squier Bill & Amos Bill
Sons of Ezekiel & Sarah Bill
Executors: wife with James Daniels & Joshua Collett
Witnesses: Josiah Nichols, John St. John & Henry Stites

MONROE, Charles 1 - 134 (no date) 1818 Dec. 3
Wife: Mary;
Daughter: Sarah & Elizabeth
Grand Daughter: Mary, dau. of Sarah
Executors: Enos Williams & Benjamin Sayre
Witnesses: Benjamin Sayre & John Snook

MOON, Phineas 1 - 36 1811 Aug. 30 1811 Oct. 14
Wife: Elenor;
Daughter: Catharine
Executor: George Foglesong
Witnesses: Enos Williams, William M. Miles

MOON, Simon 1 - 270 1825 Sep. 7 1825 Sep. 12
Son: William Moon;
Grand son: James Moon, son of Mary Moon dec'd; granddaughter Judith Moon, daughter of Richard Moon; my two surviving daughter Nancy Edwards and Jane Hampton; for the following named children, James, Millicent, Richard, John, Susannah, Malachia, Judith, Simon and Mary, I have provided for.
Executive: son, James Moon
Witnesses: Levi Lukins, Peter Bowen, John Lukens

MORGAN, Esther 3 - 186 1828 Jun. 3 1828 Aug. 19
Sons: John, Daniel, Abraham, Felix, David, Joseph;
Daughter: Betsy Probst
Executor: son, Felix Morgan
Witnesses: Robert Wilson, Mary Creamer

MORRIS, Aaron 5 - 610 1834 Oct. 10 1834 Nov. 10
Wife: Mary;
Children: Aaron, Thomas, Elizabeth
Executor: son, Aaron Morris
Witnesses: Daniel Rash, Thomas Dickey

MORRIS, Isaac 3 - 143 1828 Mar. 28 1828 May 6
Sons: Isaac, Robert, John, Benjamin;
Daughter: Sally wife of Enoch Boling, Rebecca Elder;
Granddaughter: Rebecca Hathaway;
Grandsons: Joseph & Isaac, Sons of my daughter Polly
Executors: sons, Benjamin & Robert Morris, Enos Williams
Witnesses: William Lowry, John Reeves Isaac Dearth

MOWH, Michael 1 - 101 1816 May 1 1816 Jul. 8
Brother: David, Samuel, George, Henry;
Brother-in-law: William Thuston, William Hite
Executor: William Thuston
Witnesses: Joseph Gaslin, Benjamin Thuston & Nathaniel

MUHLENBERG, Peter of Philadelphia (Copy) 5 - 129 1807 Jul. 18 1807 Oct. 6
Real estate of Matthias Mayer and Hester his wife dec'd. bequeathed by them to my wife Mary, dau. of Andrew Epple by his first wife Mary; lands I own in Ohio and Kentucky to be sold and money to be divided equally among my children to wit: Henry, Esther, Peter, Francis
Executors: friend & relative, Francis Swaine of Montgomery Co., Pa. and John Graff, Esq. of Philadelphia
Witnesses: Samuel Gartty, Thomas Potts, & Frederick Gilbert

NEWLIN, John of Clinton Co. 5 - 110 1832 May 15 1832 Nov. 24
Wife: Esther;
Sons: Eli, William, Joshua, David, Joel, Phineas, Elias;
Daughters: Jane, Sarah, Ruth, Esther
Executors: sons, Eli & William Newlin
Witnesses: George Couter, Eli Harvey, Isaac Harvey, Jr.

NICHOLS, Josiah 5 - 467 1832 Dec. 24 1834 Aug. 11
Wife: Barsheba;
Children: Walter, David, Hannah, Stephen, Maliel, Mary Ann, James, Barsheba
To sons David and Stephen all my medical books
Witnesses: William Shinn, John Terry

O'NEAL, Abijah 1 - 219 1823 May 9 1823 May 19
Wife: Anna;
Sons: John Kelly O'Neal, William Abijah;
Daughters: Sarah Perkins, Rebecca Johnson, Mary A. Cooper, Rhoda Johnson;
Nephew: Abijah O'Neal
Executors: sons, John K. & Abijah O'Neal
Witnesses: Samuel Dillon, Samuel Kelly, W. Farquhar


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