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Source: Daily Ohio Statesman - Ohio
Date: June 4, 1864

An Ohio Merchant Robbed of $2500 - Mr. Otho S. Holloway, merchant, of Flushing, Belmont County, Ohio, had his pocket picked on Monday afternoon, in one of the sleeping cars of the Pennsylvania Central road. and a pocket book containing upwards of $2,000 in money, ch`ecks, & c., abstracted therefrom.  The robbery was committed just after Mr. H. entered the cars.  Having arrived at Pittsburg from the West, he hurried into the sleeping car, going East, and in the crowd and bustle of changing cars, but neglected to observe proper caution and thus lost his money.
(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)

Source:  Spirit of democracy (Woodsfield, Ohio) Vol.: 31 Page: 4
Dated: June 16, 1874
A. C. DANFORD, of Wayne township, Belmont county, recently sheared a sheep whose fleece weighed 18-3/4 pounds.
BELMONT COUNTY NEWS: (From the Gazette, 11th inst.)
     A man named Henry Lineard stole a horse on last Sunday night a week from a Mr. Burns in Goshen township.  On the following Tuesday evening the thief was captured near Moorefield, and on Wedneseday was lodged in the jail at this place.

Source: Wheeling Daily Register - Va.
Date: Mar. 1, 1875

M. D's. - Among the name young gentlemen who graduated at Columbus, Ohio, Medical College week, we notice George A. Clairsville, Belmont County, Ohio.  Hayden Smith's Gap, Hampshire, West Virginia; R. O. McMacoe, Belmont county, Ohio.

.Source: Wheeling Register - West Virginia
Dated: February 7, 1879
     The Presbyterian church social which was announced to meet at the house of Mr. Andrew J. Baggs has been indefinitely postponed on account of the illness of Mr. Bagg's father, Mr. R. J. Baggs  - who has been very sick for several days.  He was decidedly better last evening and hopes are entertained of his speedy recovery.

     M. J. Tieman has moved back into his old quarters in the Kirkwood grocery.  He feels more at home there than he did in his Bridgeport store.

.Source: Wheeling Register - West Virginia
Dated: Aug. 15, 1879
(Mentions)   The contractor, Chas. Seabight, who has the job of putting in a new bridge connecting Kirkwood and Bridgeport, has begun operations.  He has put in a temporary trestle, and tramway across the creek just above the old bridge, for the purpose of running stone over for the south abutment.  The old bridge is in very bad condition, and it is hoped that the new one will be hastened.
     A. J. Baggs, new house in Kirkwood has the Frame up.

.Source: Wheeling Register - West Virginia
Dated: October 13, 1881
A Pleasant and Fashionable Affair Over in Kirkwood
     Last night, in the presence of about fifty invited guests, David Stewart, a popular young gentleman of Bellaire, was united in holy matrimony to Miss Mamie Baggs, daughter of A. H. Baggs, the Superintendent of the LaBelle Glass WorksThe ceremony was performed at the residence of the bride by Rev. Keys, the attendants being Jas. Travis and Miss Mamie Moore.  The bride was handsomely attired and the groom was in conventional custume.  Congratulations and kind wishes poured in on the happy couple and our's are volunteered in addition with all the kindly sentiments appropriate on such an occasion.
     The list of presents is a long one.  Among them we note the following.
     Mr. Stewart's present to his wife was a handsome solid gold watch and chain.
     A silver cake basket by Miss Mamie A. Moore.
A solid silver pickle caster by Mr. and Mrs. Deechand.
A most handsome card case and bouquet by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Harris.
A clock by P. T. McCarty.
Silver teaspoons and tablespoons by Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Stewart.
Dozen knives and forks by Mr. and Mrs. Boneysteel.
Napkin rings by Miss Maggie Adolph
Silver cake basket by C. Hess & Sons.
Two silver butter knives by Miss Mary Budke.
A most elaborate jewelry case, by Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Baird.
Silver fruit stand, by Mr. Harry Hastings.
Decorated glass mantle set, by Mr. and Mrs. Woods.
Zephyr pincushion by Mrs. Eva Heyburn.
Silver butter dish, by Miss Clara McNickol.
Silver pickle caster, by Sister Annie
     Variegated marble clock, by J. R. Travis
Silver cake basket, gold-lined, by Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Rhodes
Caster, by Mr. and Mrs. Ingram.
Fine linen table cloth, by Mrs. Davis.
Quilt, by Mrs. McGill.
Handsomely flowered tidy, by Mrs. Leasure.
Beautiful toilet set, by Miss Mary Moffet.
Toilet set.

Source: Wheeling Register - West Virginia
Dated: Jan. 5, 1882
- Mr. Alex Sterret has returned from Pittsburgh.
- William Caseman is still contined in the lockup
- The Belmont Glass Works started up last evening.
- Mrs. Stephen Lanecal, of the first ward is quite ill.
- Dr. M. H. Ellis, of Jacobsburg, was in the city yesterday.
- Col. Sullivan left for Batesville yesterday afternoon.
- Skating on the creek is quite popular among the young people.
- Mr. C. C. Fish, of Moundsville, is pending a few days in the city.
- Miss Alta and Clide Ford, of Benwood, are visiting in Woodsfield.
- Barney O'Hare, of the Third ward, is very low with heart disease.
- Mr. A. Sonneborn, of Wheeling, was in Bellaire on business yesterday.
- Dr. Muhleman removed a tumor from the breast of Mr. Isaac Ault yesterday.
- The colored people are still holding a revival at their church on Belmont Street.
- A little child of Councilman Reed, is recovering from a severe attack of diphtheria.
- There was a pleasant surprise party at the residence of Samuel Fox last night in South Bellaire.
- The suite of Phillip Crow vs. the B. & S. W. railroad, will be heard by Mayor Orswell and a jury to-day.
- Mrs. H. S. Smith, of Kensington, Ohio, is here to attend the wedding of her sister, Miss Lillie Kirkkpatrick.
- Mr. George Walker, one of the firm of Gill & Walker, is spending a few days among old friends here.
- A tramp named Kennedy got a night's lodging at the city prison here, and left for Wheeling yesterday afternoon.
- The Bellaire turners will give a ball for the benefit of one of their disabled members, Friday evening, January 20.
- The employes on the C. and P. road have raised over five hundred dollars with which to purchase a present for Superintendent John Thomas.
- The stave machinery of Cochran and Wallace, at Woodsfield, has been purchased by the Bellaire Nail Manufacturing Company, and will be removed to this city shortly.
- Mr. John Kelly and Lillie Kirkpatrick, were quietly married at the residence of the bride's parents in this city last evening.    Rev. J. K. McKallip performed the ceremony.  No cards.
- All alumni of Amherst College in this vicinity should forward their names to Prof. Cox, Superintendent of the Bellaire Schools, who will report them to the State Alumni Association.

.Source: Wheeling Register - West Virginia
Dated: November 24, 1882
The State Fair Closed in a Blaze of Glory...
(included in the article is the following:)
has hereto referred, often at considerable length, to the displays made by the enterprising and public spirited business men and manufacturers of Wheeling.  Many of them have done nobly, have made many friends, and have found the Fair to be a paying investment.  In several instances, yesterday, exhibitors said they had made big sales, formed many new acquaintances, and they uniformly consider the Fair the best imaginable thing for them.
The people who made a critical examination of the art department were impressed with the general merit of the exhibits.  This is particularly true of the hand-painted and decorated china shown by the ladies of Wheeling and several surrounding towns.  Without exception this class of exhibits have shown great good taste and high artistic training............
(Among others) Miss Gutman, vase; Mrs. Dr. Wagner, Kirkwood, butters, etc.; Mrs. C. L. Fisher, Kirkwood, ice creams; Mrs. Thompson Baggs, Kirkwood; (and others)

.Source: Wheeling Register - West Virginia
Dated: November 24, 1882
     A. J. Baggs  has made many costly additions to his former comfortable home, and now has one of the finest residences in the county.

     J. F. Baggs, a member of the firm of R. J. Baggs & Son, is erecting a new house on the side of the hill back of Kirkwood.

     Martha Baggs, wife of R. J. Baggs, has been long in feeble health, as is also the old veteran lumberman, whom everybody knows, but both are somewhat improved with a promise of a little longer lease of life.

.Source: Wheeling Register - West Virginia
Dated: April 11, 1884
Visits a Kirkwood African - Bridgeport News and Notes.
Kirkwood, if Willis Brown, a colored man can be believed, ahs ghosts or something of that sort.  He says that one appeared for the first time on last Friday night, coming down the chimney and flying over the bed and all around his room, crying out time after time, "Arise and leave at once," "Make haste!" "Go!"  Brown says it had wings and acted j just like an angle, and f frightened him almost to death.  He says it appeared for the second time on Saturday night, going through the same strange maneuvers and for the third and last time on Wednesday night, bringing with it a tall man who carried in his left hand a lighted torch and swallowed the fires like the Kirkwood girls do caromels.  The story sounds tough but he tells the same story to everybody.
     Dr. West and Dr. Close, yesterday, Postmaser Wise, V. T. Morgan and N. L. Marsh, all of Bellaire, were here on business.
     Some needed improvements are being made about the C. L. & W. R. R. Depot. 
     Mr. John R. Gow, of Bellaire, is the guest of Dr. Van Wagenor.
     Power Allen
, an old Bridgeporter, is here among his many friends.
     Miss McDonald, teacher in the schools, was at Bellaire yesterday on account of which no school was held.
     Judge Carroll and other St. Clairsville people were yesterday celebrating the passage of the new court house bill.
     The meat shop of Baggs & C____is is nearing completion.

Source: Wheeling Register - West Virginia
Dated: February 6, 1886
     The colored M. E. congregation are building a new church at Kirkwood.

     Mr. A. J. Baggs is doing as well as could be expected.

.Source: Plain Dealer - Cleveland
Dated: Aug. 26, 1889
Killed While Coming From Campmeeting.
BARNESVILLE, Aug. 25 - [Special] - While returning from Moundsville camp meeting this evening Everett Cozier, aged 19 years, of this place was knocked from the platform of an excursion train at Glencoe bridge and instantly killed, his body falling under the wheels and being horribly  (the rest of the article is missing)

.Source: Wheeling Register - West Virginia
Dated: December 15, 1889
(Among the articles are as follows)
     Miss Hartford, who has been doing missionary work among the Indians, will conduct the services at the Kirkwood Presbyterian  church this evening.
     An elegant supper was given on Friday evening by Mr. Warren W. Baggs, at his residence on Pike street.  All of the employes of the planing mill were present and had a most enjoyable time.  As the planing mill has closed down indefinitely, Mr. Baggs desired to bring all the men together in a social way.  All present decided that Mr. Baggs' efforts were highly appreciated.

.Source: Wheeling Register - West Virginia
Dated: November 22, 1891
It was reported yesterday that four men from Martin's Ferry, whose names could not be definitely learned, had gone to St. Clairsville on a quail hunt but proved quite disastrous, as a dog, a colt and a calf were accidentally shot.
     D. G. Morgan of Etnaville, was at St. Clairsville yesterday on business.
     The street car system on the Aetnaville and Martin's Ferry route is not working well.  The cars run from Wheling to McCoy, who have been visiting Mr. Geo. Summers, returned home today.
     Henry Wach and bride have returned from their wedding tour.
     The funeral of Mary R. Scott will take place this afternoon.  The interment will be private in Linwood cemetery.
     Miss Mary McGiffen, of Kirkwood, is quite sick.
     Mrs. A. H. Baggs has returned from New Comerstown.
     The Sweedish concert took place last night at the Presbyterian Church, and was a great success and largely attended.
     Miss Anna Husbands, of Bellaire, was the guest of Miss Maggie Hill during the past week.

Source: Morning Herald - Kentucky
Dated: June 15, 1897

CORSET STEELS - Three Young Women Killed By a Bolt In Ohio
Bellaire, O., June 14 - The lives of three young ladies were blotted out by lightning while they were on their way home from the M. E. church at Jacobsburg.  The victims are: Alpa Taylor, daughter of William Taylor; Emma White, daughter of Simon White, Minnie McGuire, daughter of Rev. Thomas McGuire.
     All were about nineteen years of age.  Sarah Bohring was body stunned and may die.  There were residents of Jacobsburg, a village on the Bellaire, Zanesville and Cincinnati railway, eleven miles west of this city, and were walking together on the road about 100 yards from the church, when they were struck by the lightning.
     It is believed that the steel corsets worn by the three that were killed were the chief cause of their death, as Miss Bohring, who wore none, was only stunned.

Source: Tacoma Daily News - Oklahoma
Dated: June 19, 1897
Three young ladies of Jacobsburg, Ohio, quit on the 13th.  They were; they are not.  They attended evening service at the Methodist church.  In walking home they were struck by lightning and killed.  Their steel corsets attracted the electric fluid.  A young lady walking with them wore no corsets and was only stunned by the bolt.  this incident doubtless contains a moral, but just what that is might be disputed.  It may be: Never go to church on Sunday evening.  Or: Take off your corsets when lightning begins.  Or: Don't go four in a bunch, but have young men with you as lightning conductors.

Source: Grand Forks Herald - North Dakota
Dated: Mar. 16, 1904
Miner Killed His Boss by Shoving a Poker Through His Eye Into His Brain
     St. Clairsville, Ohio, March 15 - Joseph Bell, a miner, forced a poker through the eye and into the brain of James O'Brien, boss at the Barton Coal works, during a quarrel in the boarding house of Mrs. Wormsley at the place known as Hell's Kitchen, tonight.  O'Brien was instantly killed and Bell was later arrested and locked in jail here.

Source: Newark Advocate
Dated: Mar. 16, 1904
A Quarrel Between Drunken Miners at St. Clairsville Results in a Murder
    St. Clairsville, O., March 16 - Joseph A. Bell, a miner forced a poker through the eye and into the brain of James O'Brien boss at the Barton coal works, during a quarrel in a boarding house of Mrs. Wormsley, at a place known as "Hell's Kitchen" Tuesday night.
     O'Brien was instantly killed and Bell was later arrested and lodged in jail here.  The men were idle today on account of the vote being taken on the operators' proposition and all were drinking.  Quarrels were frequent.

Source: Tyrone Herald
Dated Mar. 17, 1904
James O'Brien killed in St. Clairsville, OH
Forced Poker Into Man's Brain.
     St. Clairsville, O., March 16, - Joseph Bell, a miner forced a poker through the eye and into the brain of James O'Brien, boss at the Barton coal works, during a quarrel in the boarding house of Mrs. Wormsley, at a place known as Hell's Kitchen. 
was instantly killed and Bell was later arrested and lodged in jail here.  The men were idle on account of the vote being taken on the operators' proposition, and all were drinking.  Quarrels were frequent.


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