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Source:  The Hagerstown Mail
Dated: June 12, 1829


On the 17th ult. At his residence in the county of Albemarle, Virginia, Captain William GRAYSON, in his 97th year. Captain G. was born the 25th day of November, 1732, in the county of Spottsylvania. He was a soldier in early life, being in FORBROSE’s campaign in the year 1758, in an expedition to Fort Pitt (Now Pittsburg) to expel the French and Indians from that part of the country, which was three years after Braddock’s defeat. Captain G. was actively engaged during most part of our Revolutionary war; but mostly as a ranger, and had frequent skirmishes with the Indians. His illness only lasted two or three days.

-- In February last, near Manahawkin (New Jersey), Cato PIDGEON, a colored man. The general estimate of his age, from his own account, is near one hundred and thirty years! He recollected being last from Africa and was the son of an African King. The evening of his days has been more comfortable from the bounty of some part of the respectable family of the Newbolds of Burlington Country.

-- In Middletown, N. H., May 12th, George ROBERTS, aged 74 years, a Revolutionary soldier and patriot. He was an able seaman and served under the renowned John Paul JONES on board the ranger, the Hon. Elijah Hall, Lieutenant. Was at the taking of the Drake, a much superior ship, after a severe action of one hour and forty-five minutes, and had charge of two guns in that quarter of the ship called by seamen the Slaughterhouse – was a favorite of his Captain and first of his boat’s crew – landed with him at White Haven, England, in his desperate attempt to capture Lord G. GERMAIN. He lived to a good old age, and died in hope of a better state. Nat. Int.

-- In this place on Sunday morning last, after a lingering illness which she bore with exemplary resignation, Mr. Margaret HAWTHORN, consort of Mr. William HAWTHORNE.
(Submitted by Mary Paulius)

Source: Hamilton (Ohio) telegraph of
May 29, 1829

- On the last evening, at his residence adjacent to this place, after a tedious illness, John Cleves SYMMES.

- Departed this life on Saturday the 9th instant Mrs. Jane ROBINSON, wife of Mr. Archibald ROBINSON, near Shepherdstown.
(Submitted by Mary Paulius)


Source: Daily Ohio Statesman - Ohio
Date: May 15, 1865

WITHIN the past few days Belmont county has lost by death two of her most worthy citizens - Wm. Workman, Sr., of Smith township, several times a member of the Ohio Legislature - and Solomon Bentley, Sr.  who filled several important county, offices - both of whom were among our oldest and most highly respected citizens, and bath were paragon men.  _ St. Clairsville Gazette.
(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)

Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette - Ohio
Dated: November 3, 1881
WHEELING, W. Va., Nov. 2 - Judge William Kinnon died at his late residence in St. Clairsville, O., this morning of paralysis, aged eighty-four years.
.Source: Wheeling Register - West Virginia
Dated: Feb. 17, 1883
BAGGS - Friday, February 16, 1883, at 5:30 p.m., Andrew H. Baggs,  in the 51st year of his age.
     Funeral Sunday at 2 p.m., from his late residence in Kirkwood.  Interment at Greenwood Cemetery.
Source:  Belmont Chronicle & Farmers, Mechanics and Manufacturers Advocate, Vol. 25, Page 3
Dated: Thursday, Dec. 3, 1885
Memorial Services.
     At half-past one o'clock, Tuesday, the time appointed for the funeral of Vice President Hendricks, the court house bell and the bells of all the churches of St. Clairsville, rang out in measured notes, as a mark of respect to the memory of the dead Vice President, and at two-o'clock the people assembled without regard to party affiliations, in the Presbyterian church, and paid proper tribute to the departed statesman.  The church was draped in the sombre habiliments of mourning, and over the pulpit hung a large picture of the deceased, which was fringed with black, while over it there was heavy drapery, from which miniature American flags drooped as if in sorrow over the death of the second officer of the nation.
     The Rev. Robert Alexander presided.  The choir sang an appropriate selection which was followed by a scripture reading; after which Rev. Alexander delivered a memorial address of some length, dwelling upon the virtues of the late Vice President, and commending his example to the young men.  He was followed by the Rev. W. H. Haskell, who expressed his entire sympathy with the objects of the meeting, and made a brief but timely address.  J. B. Smith, Esq., of Bellaire, T. W. Emerson and J. W. Shannon, Esqs., also made happy remarks upon the life and character of Mr. Hendricks.
     Prayer by Rev. Alexander followed - the choir and congregation sang "America," the Rev. W. H. Haskell pronounced the benediction, and St. Clairsville's part in the solemn ceremonies consequent on the funeral of the Vice President, was over.

Source:  Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH)  Page: 1
Dated: Tuesday, Sep. 20, 1887.
Found Dead at His Post.
     WHEELING, W. VA., Sept. 19 - (Special) - About 2 o'clock this afternoon the bank boss at the Wheeling Creek coal mines in Belmont County, O., about four miles back from the river, noticed that the air was getting foul and went to the furnace to see if the fire was burning properly.  He found Furnaceman Amos Ritter lying dead on the floor of the mine.  The cause of his death is not known.
Found at Genealogy Bank - Transcribed by Sharon Wick)


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