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Published in Washington D. C.
(News is for no specific county or state as it contains facts from all over the country)

 1828 -1830 - 1831 - 1861

Date: Mar. 19, 1830
MURPHY, LAWRENCE, a native of Ireland, died 17 March, age about 40.
Date: Apr. 28, 1830
MURRAY, WILLIAM, late Postmaster of Warrenton, Fauquier Co., Va., died 12 April. 9
Date: Jun. 29, 1830
MUSE, MARGARET, MRS., aged 66, died in Charlestown, Va., 27 June. 
Date: Dec. 2, 1830
MYERS, JOHN, aged 42, son of MOSES MYERS, late collector of the port of Norfolk, died 27 NOV.  On the reorganization of the Junior Volunteers last spring, he was elected to its command.  Seventeen years ago he was Lieutenant of the same Corps and was taken from his station and appointed "Aid-de-camp to Brig Gen. TAYLOR, then commanding the State troops at that post.
Date: Jun. 23, 1830
NASH, PATRICK F., of this city, and MISS ELIZABETH BARNES, of Charles Co., Md., were married 17 June by Rev. MR. DEAGLE.
Date: June 7, 1830
NAYLOR, GEORGE, and MISS SARAH FOYLES, both of this city, were married 1 June by Rev. E. ALLEN.
Date: Nov. 13, 1830
NEALE, DOROTHY, daughter of DR. FRANCIS NEALE, died 4 Nov. at Port Tobacco, Md., aged 9 months.
Date: Nov. 13, 1830
NEALE, MAY, daughter of DR. FRANCIS NEALE, died at Port Tobacco, Md., 6 Nov.
Date: Sept. 25, 1830
NELSON, MRS. LUCY, widow of the distinguished Revolutionary patriot, GEN. THOMAS NELSON, of Va., died 14 Sept. in Hanover Co., Va.  She leaves 119 descendants.
Date: May 28, 1830
NEWELL, THOMAS M. of the Navy, and MISS HETTY R. ADAMS, both of Georgia, were married 27 May by Rev. Mr. Post.
Date: Sept. 30, 1830
NEWSOM, FRANCIS, was murdered at Cotton Point, about 6 miles from Franklin, Tenn., 3 Sept.
Date: Apr. 13, 1830
NICHOLS, ANSON, of Sheffield, was killed 19 June by Lightning.
Date: Apr. 13, 1830
NICHOLSON, JOSEPH H., son of J. H. NICHOLSON, of Annapolis, Md., died in this city, 9 April, aged 2 years, 2 months.
Date: Nov. 1, 1830
NORTHCUT, COL. GIDEON, lately a member-elect from Huntsville Co., to the Legislature, was shot 12 Oct.
Date: Sept. 15, 1830
NORTHCUT, CORNELIUS, died about six miles from London, England, 3 July after a mad dog bit him.
Date: June 29, 1830
NOTT, HON. ABRAHAM, aged 67, died at Winnsborough, S. C., 19 June.
Date: July 20, 1830
NOURSE, JOHN FREDERICK, infant son of JOHN R. NOURSE, died 18 July, aged 11 months.
Dated: Nov. 19, 1830
NOURSE, JOHN R., son of COL. MICHAEL NOURSE, and LUCRETIA C. SKINNER, youngest daughter of Rev. I. L. SKINNER, all of this city, were married 17 Nov. by REV. DR. LAURIE.
Date: Aug. 4, 1830
NUCKOLLS, HON. W. T., member of Congress from South Carolina and MISS SUSAN DAWKINS, daughter of GEN. E. DAWKINS, of Union District, S. C., were married 15 July. 
Date: Feb. 12, 1830
O'CONNER, MICHAEL, aged about 35, died in this city 6 Feb.  He was a native of Ireland, of the city of Dublin, where he was bred to the law.
Date:  July 17, 1830
OGSBURY, EDWARD, Deputy Sheriff of Nachitoches Parish, was murdered 4 June.  He was the son of FRANCIS OGSBURY, of New York, and went to Louisiana about 2 years ago.
Date: Jan. 7, 1830
O'LEARY, GEN, son of JEREMIAH O'LEARY, of Cork, and SOLITA SOUBLETTE, sister of GEN. SOUBLETTE, and niece to the President of Bolivia, were married at Bogota, S. America.
Date: Mar. 6, 1830
OPIE, MRS. MARGARET, consort HEIROME L. OPIE, of Jefferson Co,. Va., died 27 Feb.
Date: Oct. 2, 1830
ORME, JOHN FRANCIS, died 1 Oct., aged 23.
Date: Sept. 30, 1830
ORR, MRS. MARY, wife of REV. ISAAC ORR, Secretary of the African Education Society, died in this city 28 Sept.
Date: Nov. 8, 1830
OWEN, EDWARD W., and MISS ELIZABETH ANN CLEGGET, only daughter of NATHAN CLEGGET, all of Montgomery Co., Md., were married 2 Nov. by REV. MR. GILLIS.
Date: Apr. 20, 1830
OWENS, CHARLES, of Calvert Co., Md. and MISSWINIFRED SPAULDING, of this city, were married 15 April by REV. MR. SHRIVER.
Date: June 12, 1830
PACE, MICHAEL, aged 101 years, 9 months, 3 days, died 14 April in Northmoreland Township, Pa.  He was a native of Germany and came to America when a child.  In the Revolution, he was out as a militia man several times, and spoke of having marched under GEN. WASHINGTON.  He had lived in Luzerne Co., Pa., for the past 44 years.
Date: Apr. 13, 1830
PAGE, MRS. JANE BYRD, died 28 March in Winchester, Va.
Date: May 26, 1830
PARKE, JOSEPH, aged 98 years 6 months, died 15 May in East Bradford, Chester Co., Pa.
Date: Dec. 10, 1830
PARKER, COPELAND, Surveyor of the Customs for the Port of Norfolk, died 4 Dec.  MR. PARKER moved from Isle of Wight Co., Va., and became a resident of Norfolk 30 years ago.
Date:  July 31, 1830
PARKER, HON, ISAAC, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts, died in Boston 25 July, aged 63.
Date: Nov. 30, 1830
PARMENTIER, ANDREW, Prop. of the Horticultural Garden at Brooklyn, died 26 Nov., aged 50.
Date: May 16, 1830
PATTERSON, MISS ELIZABETH YOUNG, second daughter of EDGAR PATTERSON, died 4 May, aged 16.
Date: Sept. 18, 1830
PATTON, ROBERT, of Fredericksburg, Va., died in Fairfax, Culpeper Co., Va., 13 Sept., aged 66.  In early life, he was a member of the Virginia House of Delegates.
Date: Jan. 16, 1830
PAYNE, COL. DUVAL, aged 67, died 21 June in Mason Co., Ky.  He was the father of WM. PAYNE, of Fairfax Co., Va., who in a sudden quarrel in the Court House Yard, in Alexandria, Va., struck COL. WASHINGTON to the ground.  COL. PAYNE, ate the age of 17, shouldered his musket in defence of his country and served a tour of duty as a volunteer soldier.  After the close of the war, he married in 1785, a daughter of MAJOR HUGH BRENT, of Prince William Co., Va., and in 1789 moved to Ky. and settled on a farm near Lexington.  In 1791, he marched in McKoy's troop of Cavalry under COL. HARDEN, against the Indians on the Wabash.  During the late war, he again buckled his sword, accepted the command of a battalion in the Regiment of mounted men, commanded by COL. RICHARD M. JOHNSON, and led the column which charged the British lines at the Moravian towns in Upper Canada on the memorable 5 Oct. 1813.  In 1804 he was chosen one of the Electors of Jefferson for a second term as president.
Date: Jan. 16, 1830
PEARSON, LAWSON, aged 59, died in this city 14 Jan.
Date: Aug. 4, 1830
PECHIN, MRS. CATHERINE, wife of COL. WM. PECHIN, of Baltimore, died 3 Aug. at the house of his son-in-law, EDWARD INGLE.
Date: July 12, 1830
PEERS, HENRY, of Leesburg, Va., committed suicide 4 July at that place, aged about 40.  He was interred in the Presbyterian burial ground.  He was unmarried.
Date: Feb. 8, 1830
PENDLETON, JOHN BARD, Lieutenant in the 2nd Regiment, U. S. Infantry, died at New York, 2 Feb., aged 36.
Date: Jan. 27
PENN, MRS. JANE, wife of WILLIAM H. PENN, aged 27, died in Port Tobacco, Charles Co., Md., 21 Jan.
Date: July 23, 1830
PERKINS, WILLIAM H., and MISS SUSAN DYER, daughter of the late CAPT. WM. DYER, both of this city, were married 21 July by REV. MR. KEPLER.
Date: Feb. 17, 19, 1830
PERRY, EVAN, died in Pipetown, Pa., 5 Feb., aged about 22 or 23, after being caught in the fly wheel in the mill where he was employed.  He leaves aged parents.
Date: Feb. 6, 1830
PETER, JOHN P. C. and MISS ELIZABETH JANE HENDERSON, only daughter of the late JAMES HENDERSON, of Williamsburg, Va., were married at Montauverd, Montgomery Co., Md., 2 Feb. by REV. MR. AMRSTRONG.
Date: Nov. 23, 1830
PETER, MRS. MARY, wife of WM. PETER, died in this city 22 Nov., aged 56.  She was a memer of the Baptist Church.
Date: Aug. 24, 1830
PETER, WILLIAM H., a midshipman in the U. S. Navy, died 8 Aug., near the Sweet Springs, Va., aged 24.
Date: Apr. 17, 1830
PHILLIPS, JAMES B., and MISS MARY C. VEITCH, all of this city, were married 15 Apr. by REV. J. N. DANFORTH.
Date: Apr. 8, 1830
PIERCE, ALYESIUS STANISLAUS, youngest son of IGNATIUS PIERCE, of Georgetown, died 5 April.
Date: June 10, 1830
PIRIOU, F. A., aged 23, a native of France, was drowned 6 June off Lambert's Point, Va.  He had lately commenced business in Norfolk, Va.
Date: May 3, 1830
PLATER, COL. THOMAS, aged about 66, formerly a resident of the Dist., died in Montgomery Co., Md., 1 May
Date: Mar. 8, 1830
PLATT, COL. RICHARD, died 3 March at New York.  He entered the Revolutionary Army in 1775 and received a commission as a Lieutenant in the 1st New York Regiment, then commanded by COL. McDOUGAL.  He accompanied the army which in that year invaded Canada, under the command of the late GEN. SCHUYLER; was at the capture of St. John's and Montreal, and acted a gallant part under GEN. MONTGOMERY, in the attack on Quebec, 31 Dec. of that year, upon which occasion he acted as Adjutant General and was entrusted with the preparation for storming the city.  After the army retired from Quebec, Col. Platt was appointed aid-de-camp to MAJ. GEN. McDOUGAL and accompanied the expedition of 1781 into Virginia, against LORD CORNWALLIS and was present at the surrender of the British at Yorktown 21 Oct. of that year, upon which occasion he acted as Deputy Quartermaster General.  He continued in the army until the close of the war.
Date: Jan. 4, 1830
PLEASANTON, AUGUSTUS J., of the U. S. Army, and MISS CAROLINE DUGAN, of Philadelphia, were married in Baltimore, 29 Dec. 1829, by REV. JOHN BRECKENRIDGE.
Date: Sept. 21, 1830
POLK, ALEXANDER HAMILTON, son of COL. WM. POLLK, died in jail at Raleigh, N. C., 9 Sept.
Date: Jan. 28, 1830
POULSON, SUSANNAH, wife of ZACHARIAH POULSON, Editor of the American Daily Advertiser, died in Philadelphia, 25 Jan.
Date: Nov. 9, 1830
POWELL, CHARLES L., of Loudoun Co., Va., and MISS SELINA LOYD, eldest daughter of JOHN LOYD, of Alexandria, were married 28 Oct. by REV. JOHN P. McGUIRE.
Date: Feb. 9, 1830
PRATHER, OVERTON I., of Prince George's Co., Md., and MISS ANN ELIZABETH CARRICO, of this city, were married 7 Feb. by REV. MR. McCORMICK.
Date: Jun. 22, 1830
PRATT, EUNICE, a widow, aged 97, died in Dana, Mass.  In 1753 she married a MR. GAFFIELD; was taken prisoner by the Indians at Ft. DUMMER, to Canada and sold to the French; after a time was sent to France and from thence to England, and from England to Boston.
Date: July 7, 1830
PRESCOTT, ADMIRAL, second officer on the Naval list, died, aged 98.  It is fifty-two years since he commanded the Queen,  the action between KEPPEL and D'ORVILLIERS, which was the origin of the celebrated court martial of ADMIRAL KEPPEL.
Date: May 7, 1830
PRESTON, JOHN, of Abingdon, Va., and MISS CAROLINE HAMPTON, daughter of GEN. WADE HAMPTON, of Columbia, S. C., were married at Columbia, S. C., 5 May by REV. DR. GOULDING.
Date:  June 26, 1830
PREUSS, JULIA ADELPHINE, youngest daughter of A. W. PREUSS, of Prince George's Co., Md., died 21 June.
Date: July 5, 1830
PRICE, MAJOR WILLIAM, died in Richmond, Va., 28 June at an advanced age.  He was a soldier of the Revolution and one of the few that remained who composed the "Forlorn Hope", at the capture of Stoney Point.
Date: Dec. 31, 1830
PROUT, MRS. ELIZA B., wife of JONATHAN PROUT, and eldest daughter of the late SAMUEL N. SMALLWOOD, died in this city 30 Dec., aged 21.
Date: Apr. 8, 1830
PURDY, ELIZABETH ANN, aged 5 years, eldest daughter of JOHN PROUTY, of this city, died 7 Apr.
Date: Feb. 19, 1830
PURVIS, THOMAS S., son of JOHN PURVIS, of Fredericksburg, Va., was drowned 13 Feb.
Date: Apr. 2, 1830
PYNCHON, EDWARD, aged 56, died in Springfield, Mass., Since 1608 public offices have been filled in teh State by member of this family.
Date: Jan. 4, 1830
QUARLES, CAPT. ROGER, for many years a shipmaster of Norfolk, died near Norfolk.  During the late war he commanded the privateer ROGER.
Date:  Aug. 18, 1830
RAFFERTY, DR. WILLIAM, Principal of St. John's College, Annapolis, Md., died 8 Aug. in Orange Co., N. Y., where he had gone on a visit.
Date: Sept. 25, 1830
RAMSEY, GEORGE D., U. S. Army, and MISS FRANCES W. MUNROE, youngest daughter of THOMAS MUNROE, all of this city, were married 23 Sept. by REV. MR. HAWLEY.
Date: Oct. 1, 1830
RANDOLPH, DAVID MEADE, formerly Marshal of Virginia, died at Stony Point, near Yorktown, Virginia, 22 Sept., aged 72, at the residence of his son.  He contributed much, both in person and purse, to the promotion of our Revolution.
Date: Apr. 5, 1830
RANKIN, H. THOMPSON, formerly of Alexandria, died 2 April, aged 24.
Date: Mar. 11, 1830
RAVENSCROFT, REV. JOHN, Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of North Carolina, died 4 March, at Raleigh, N. C.
Date: Feb. 22 & 24, 1830
RAYMOND, DANIEL, of Baltimore Co., Md., were marred 18 Feb. in Harford Co., Md., by REV. MR. KEECH.
Date: Mar. 17, 1830
REAVES, J., of Harrison Co., Ind., was killed 24 Feb. at Memphis, Tenn., when a boiler burst on the steamboat Helen McGregor.
Date: Mar. 16, 1830
REDESDALE, LORD, aged 82, died in London 16 Feb.  He was returned to Parliament in 1788.  In 1790 he was appointed Solicitor General, and a few years afterwards, Attorney General.  In 1801 he was chosen Speaker of the House of Commons, and a few months, afterwards, was appointed Lord Chancellor of Ireland, and Baron Redesdale.
Date: Sept. 4, 1830
Date: Apr. 15, 1830
REICHEL, REV. BENJAMIN, pastor of the Moravian congregation at Salem, N. C., and Inspector of the female academy of that place, and MISS PARSONS, of Mansfield, Nottingham, England, were married at Lancaster, Pa., 12 April, by REV. CHARLES T. REICHEL.
Date: Aug. 25, 1830
REIZER, JOHN, died 2 Aug. at the Poor House, Mason Co., Ky.  He was a native of Holland, and supposed to have come to America during the Revolution; was with GEN. WAYNE's army against the Indians, and afterwards lived in Washington Co., Ky., for many years.  He was by his own account, 115 years old.
Date: Jan. 31, 1830
RENNER, DANIEL, aged 55, died 28 Jan. in Georgetown.  He leaves a wife and 7 children.  He had been a resident of Georgetown for 30 years.
Date: Jun. 2, 1830
RENNER, WILLIAM, was drowned a few days ago at Taney Town, Md.
Date: July 20, 1830
REYNOLDS, MRS. ANN, consort of REV. JOHN REYNOLDS, Rector of St. Stephen's Church, died 30 June at Harrisburg, Pa.  She leaves a husband and 4 children.
Date: Oct. 26, 1830
REYNOLDS, MRS. EMMELINE M., aged about 19, daughter of SAMUEL CHESTER, formerly of htis city, died 22 Oct.
Date: Sept. 28, 1830
REYNOLDS, LT. WILLIAM, U. S. Army, died 30 Aug. at Ripley, Ohio.  He was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the 1st Regiment, U. S. Infantry, in Jan. 1824, and since then was promoted to 1st Lieutenant.  On 1 March he submitted his resignation, which was to take effect 1 Aug.  At one time he acted as Assistant Commissary, aid to GEN. ADKINSON, and Assistant Adjutant General.  He was put off the steamboat Sylph at Ripley, Ohio, for supposed bad conduct, and left to die.  He was buried at Ripley, Ohio.
Date: Feb. 20, 1830
RICE, THOMAS, a native of County Cork, Ireland, died 19 Feb., in this city, aged 40.
Date: Aug. 17, 1830
RICHARDSON, ISAAC, was murdered 22 July on the Maumee River, a few miles from Fort Meigs.
Date: Mar. 23, 1830
RIDGELY, MRS. CORNELIA L., consort of Commodore RIDGELY, of the Navy, and granddaughter of the late Chancellor LIVINGSTON, died in this city 21 March, aged 28.
Date: Apr. 9, 1830
RIDGELY, HON. NICHOLAS, chancellor of the State of Delaware, died at Georgetown, Del., 1 April, aged 72.
Date: Sept. 23, 1830
RIDGWAY, LT. E., U. S. Navy, and SEÑORITA MARIA RUBI LADICO, eldest daughter of GEO. T. LADICO, U. S. Consul at Ft. Mahon, were married 16 July at Ft. Mahon.
Date: Sept. 1, 1830
RIPLEY, GEN. ELEAZER W., of East Feliciana, and MRS. AURELIA DAVIS, of the Parish of St. Francisville, were married 29 July at New Orleans.
Date: Oct.. 11, 1830
RIPLEY, WILLIAM, aged about 5, son of MAJOR WM. RIPLEY, killed in Hartford, 5 Oct., when a stick struck him.
Date: Jan. 7, 1830
ROBBINS, HON. EDWARD H., Judge of Probate for the County of Norfolk, in Massachusetts, formerly Lieutenant Governor of that commonwealth, and for many years, Speaker of the House of Representatives, died 20 Dec. 1829.  He resided at Milford.
Date: Sept. 27, 1830
ROBBINS, ROSSITER, one of the proprietors of the Pittsburgh Chronicle, died in Hamburg, S. C., 31 Aug. aged 33.
Date: June 22, 1830
ROBERTS, CAPT. JOHN, of the British Brig Swallow, from Carnarvon, Wales, was drowned off Sandy Hook 16 June.
Date: Sept. 23, 1830
ROBINSON, HORATIO N., of New Jersey, and MISS CATALINA BUSQUET, youngest daughter of GEN. BUSQUET, of the Spanish Army, were married 16 July at Fort Mahon.
Date: Sept. 27, 1830
RODGERS, THOMAS, of Westford, Vt., was killed 9 Sept., while blowing rocks.
Date: Apr. 30, 1830
ROE, JOHN, of Kingston, a passenger of the steamboat Chief Justice MARSHALL, died after a boiler on the boat burst.
Date: Sept. 18, 1830
ROSE, ROBERT M., aged 3, Master Commandant in the U. S. Navy, and commander of the U. S. Ship Eire, died 27 Aug., at Pensacola.  He was a native of Virginia.  He entered the Navy about 1803.
Date: Sept. 11, 1830
ROSS, ISAAC W., and MISS MARY WALLINGSFORD, both of this city, were married 9 Sept., by REV. MR. BROWN.
Date: Apr. 14, 1830
ROSS, THOMAS, aged 50, a police officer, died in Baltimore, 9 April.
Date: July 16, 1830
ROSZEL, S. C., and MISS MARY JANE CHALMERS, daughter of REV. JOHN CHALMERS, all of this city, were married 13 June by REV. MR. ROBB.
Date: Jan. 18, 1830
ROUSE, CHARLES B., attorney at law, was shot 6 Dec. 1829, at New London, Ralls Co.
Date: Dec. 7, 1830
ROUSSEAU, AUGUSTUS VAN DYKE was stabbed to death 28 Nov., in Bensalem Twp., Pa., by his brother.
Date: Aug. 27, 1830
RUFFIN, COL. ROBERT R., son of WM. RUFFIN, late of Raleigh, N. C., died 5 Aug., at Milledgeville, Ga., aged 42.  He was an officer in the army during the late war.  After being in the service sometime, he was made aid to GEN. GAINES, and was engaged in several battles.
Date: Apr. 1, 1830
RUSTICK, JOHN, aged 28, died 30 Mar.
Date: Feb. 20, 1830
RUTGERS, COL. HENRY, a soldier of the Revolution, died 17 Feb., in N. Y., He was in the war the whole of the struggle.
Date: Dec. 14, 1830
RUTHERFORD, MISS SARAH M., aged 13, died 6 Dec.
Date: Jan. 28, 1830
SA-GU-YU-WHA-HAH (KEEER AWAKE), the noted Seneca Chief, died 20 Jan. in the Indian Valley near Buffalo, aged 80.  He had been known to the whites by the appellation of Red Jacket.
Date: Nov. 3, 1830
SANDERS, BEVERLEY C., and MISS CHARLOTTE WEBSTER, daughter of the late Toppan Webster, of this city, were married 1 Nov., by REV. MR. POST.
Date: Jan. 4. 1830
SANDERS, REUBEN, of Johnston Co., N. C., died at Raleigh, N. C., while attending duty as a Senator of the State.  He had for many years occupied a seat in the Legislature.
Date: Apr. 22, 1830
SANFORD, BENJAIN, of Falmouth, aged 78, was drowned at Barnstable 14 Apr.
Date: Sept. 10, 1830
SANGSTON, SUSAN B., wife of CAPT. JOHN A. SANGSTOM, and daughter of JOHN DUVALL, died 25 July at her father's residence near Nottingham, Prince George's Co., Md., aged 25.  She leaves a husband, father, several sisters, and one brother.
Date: Mar. 17, 1830
SAVECOOK, HENRY, aged about 32, was killed in Hilton, after being struck by a falling tree.  He leaves a wife and 3 children.
Date: Sept. 18, 1830
SCOFIELD, JOHN W., aged 25, died 3 Sept. at the mouth of the Monocacy River, Montgomery Co., Md., after a fall from his horse.  He was an Assistant Engineer on the 5th Residuary of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, and formerly a resident of Morris Co., N. J.
Date: Feb. 22, 1830
SCOTT, HENRY D., late a Lieutenant in the U. S. Navy, died 16 Feb. in Baltimore, aged 37.  He leaves a widow.
Date: Oct. 9, 1830
SCOTT REUBEN, was murdered 18 Sept. at Athens, Ala., by his brother following a dispute.
Date: Jan. 14, 1830
SCOTT, THOMAS, of Fauquier Co., Va., and MISS ADELINE SELVY, of this city, were married 12 Jan. by REV. MR. CHALMERS.
Date: May 11, 1830
SCOTT, WILLIAM L., aged 28, formerly a merchant of Alexandria, died 15 April in Cedar Hill, Prince William Co., Va.
Date: Aug. 2, 1830
SELBY, SAMUEL, aged 101 years, 3 months, 22 days, died near Goshen Hill, Union Dist., S. C., 6 July.
Date: Jan. 5, 1830
SEMMES, CAROLINE, daughter of DR. BENEDICT I. SEMMES, aged 3, died at Mt. Airy, near Piscataway, Md., 30 Dec. 1829.
Date: July 10, 1830
SERVESTE, AUGUSTO MALARD DE, a native of France, was drowned at Norfolk 5 June while bathing.
Date: Feb. 20, 1830
SHANNON, WILLIAM, Sergeant-at-Arms to the Senate of Pennsylvania, died 14 Feb. at Harrisburg.
Date: Feb. 4, 1830
SHAW, MRS. SARAH, wife of ASA SHAW, of Newport, R. I., died 8 Jan. from burns received, aged 69.
Date:  Jan. 19, 1830
SHAW, THOMAS, aged 84 years, 5 months, died 22 Dec. 1829, in Patapsco Neck, Baltimore Co., Md.  He was one of the patriots of the Revolution and held the commission of Ensign and was in many of the battles fought during the struggle for Independence.  He was born where he died.
Date: Oct. 23, 1830
SHEPHERD, MRS. ELIZABETH, relict of CAPT. THOMAS SHEPHERD, formerly of Charles Co., Md., died 16 Oct. in Nanjemoy, Charles Co., Md.
Date: Aug. 3, 1830
SHEPHERD, MISS MARY, eldest daughter of THOMAS SHEPHERD, deceased, died 29 July at Nanjemoy, Charles Co., Md.
Date: Mar. 2, 1830
SHEPPERD, HON. AUGUSTINE H., a Representative in Congress from North Carolina, and MISS MARTHA TURNER, youngest daughter of MRS. MARY AND SAMUEL TURNER, of this city, were married 25 Feb. by REV. MR. JOHNS.
Date: Aug. 11, 1830
SHERBURNE, HON. J. S., Judge of the U. S. District Court, died in Portsmouth, N. H., recently, aged 75.  He was an aid-de-camp to GEN. WHIPPLE in the Revolutionary War, and lost his left leg by a cannon shot at the battle of Butts' Hill, in R. I., under the immediate command of MAJ. GEN. SULLIVAN.  He died in the mansion of his father, in the same chamber in which he was born.
Date: May 14, 1830
SHERWOOD, WILLIAM, died in New York, 10 May after taking opium.
Date:  Oct. 11, 1830
SIMMONS, STEPHEN G., was executed 24 Sept.
Date: May 27, 1830
SIMMS, ELEXIUS, and MISS EURYDICE FRANZONI, both of this city, were married 25 May by REV. M. DEAGLE.
Date: May 24, 1830
SIMS, WILLIAM HENRY, infant son of EDWARD SIMMS, died 23 May.
Date: July 8, 1830
SIMONDS, ROBERT J., and MISS CORNELIA ANN GAILLARD, both of this city, were married 4 July by REV. REUBEN POST.
Date: Feb. 9, 1830
SIMPSON, TOBIAS, a colored man, for many years the servant of the Senate of the U. S., died in this city 8 Feb., aged about 50.
Date: Aug. 24, 1830
SITGREAVES, REV. SAMUEL, Rector of St. Stephen's Parish, Cecil, and Shrewsbury Parish, Kent, Md., died 12 Aug., at his residence on the Sassafras River.  He was the son of the late SAMUEL SITGREAVES, formerly a member of Congress from Philadelphia.
Date: Apr. 13, 1830
SKIPWITH, HUMBERSTONE, of Preswould, Mecklenburg Co., Va. and MRS. LELIA ROBERTSON, daughter of F. SKIPWITH, of Montesano, Baton Rouge, La., were married at Fredericksburg 5 Apr., by REV. E. C. McGUIRE.
Date: Oct. 11, 1830
SLAUGHTER, COL. GABRIEL, formerly Lieutenant Governor, and for near 4 years, acting Governor of Kentucky, died 19 Sept., in Mercer Co., Ky.
Date: Feb. 3, 1830
SLAUGHTER, COL. JOHN, aged 71, died near Woodville, Culpeper Co., Va., 16 Jan.  He leaves a wife and 12 children.  He entered the army at the age of 16 and was in the actions of Trenton and Princeton, and in 1777 volunteered in the late MAJOR LONG's Co., to join the chosen regiment of riflemen, which MORGAN was directed to raise.  He was present at Still Water and witnessed the surrender of BURGOYNE.  For 45 years, he was an active magistrate, and at the time of his death, High Sheriff of the county.
Date: Jan. 8, 1830
SMALLWOOD, ENOCH W., of Port Tobacco, Md., and MISS JANETTE B. PHILLIPS, second daughter of GEORGE PHILLIPS, of this city, were married 5 Jan. by REV. MR. GIBBON.
Date: Dec. 28, 1830
SMITH, AUGUSTINE, JR., died near Oak Hill, Fauquier Co., Va., 20 Dec. aged 57.  He leaves a wife and 8 children.
Date: Feb. 19, 1830
SMITH, COL. AUGUSTINE I., aged 56, died 12 Feb. at West Grove, Fairfax Co., Va.
Date: Sept. 28, 1830
SMITH, COLUMBIA FLORA, infant daughter of THOMAS L. AND JULIANA SMITH, died 26 Sept., aged 1 year, 27 days.
Date: Nov. 20, 30, 1830
SMITH, JOHN R., of Philadelphia, died 19 Nov.  He was the brother of SAMUEL H. SMITH, and was born in Philadelphia, in 1767.  After graduating from Princeton, he entered the practice of law.
Date: Nov. 19, 1830
SMITH, LOUIS F., aged 25, formerly of Baltimore, a jeweller and silversmith, died in this city 18 Nov.
Date: Jan. 19, 1830
SMITH, CAPT. ROBERT, master of the whale ship Caledonia, of New London, died in the Pacific in Dec., 1828, after being struck by a whale.
Date: Dec. 29, 1830
SMITH, ROBERT P., died 28 Dec., in this city.
Date: Jan. 13, 1830
SMITH, SOPHIA COVINGTON, aged about 16 months, youngest daughter of JOHN A. SMITH, of this city, died 29 Nov., 1829.
Date: Jun. 29, 1830
SMITH, WILLIAM, aged 30, only son of HON. JEREMIAH SMITH, of Exeter, N. H., died 29 Mar. in Centreville, Amity Co., Miss., where he had gone for his health.  He was admitted to the bar at the age of 21 and returned as a member of the Legislature of N. H., at the age of 23.
Date: Nov. 12, 1830
SMITHER, EZEKIEL, a gun smith, was shot 6 or 7 miles from Lexington, Ky., 7 Nov.
Date: Apr. 4, 1830
SNYDER, JEREMIAH, son of JOHN SNYDER, died at Sunbury, Pa., 28 Mar., aged 14.
Date: Aug. 28, 1830
SPAULDING, ALEXANDER AVITUS, only child of JOHN SPAULDING, died at Pleasant Hill, Bladensburg, aged 14 months.
Date: Feb. 24, 1830
SPAULDING, FRANCIS A., and MISS SARAH STEWART, both of this city, were married 21 Feb. by REV. MR. SHRIVER.
Date: Aug. 25, 1830
SPAULDING, WILLIAM, of Pleasant Hill, Charles Co., Md., died 22 Aug. in this city, aged 26.
Date: Jan. 1, 1830
SPENCER, ELIZA MARIA, second daughter of MAJOR STEPHEN W. SPENCER, died in November, 1829, after being burnt at school.
Date: Aug. 13, 1830
SPENCER, G. D. and MISS CAROLINE BACON, daughter of SAMUEL BACON, all of this place, were married 11 Aug. by REV. O. B. BROWN.
Date: Jan. 13, 1830
SPERRY, JACOB, one of the aldermen of Philadelphia, died 2 Jan., aged 60.
Date: July 9, 1830
SPICER, FREDERICK, and MISS MARIA BURFORD, all of this city, were married 8 July by REV. MR. ALLEN.
Date: Jun. 8, 1830
SPRACHER, JOHN CHRISTOPHER, died in Wythe Co., Va., 11 May.  He was born 11 June 1738, and leaves 14 children, 92 grandchildren, and 134 great-grandchildren.  He was of German descent, probably from Pennsylvania.
Date: Sept. 27, 1830
SPRINGSTEER, JACOB, aged 37, was drowned 20 Sept. at New York, He leaves a wife and 4 or 5 children.
Date: Nov. 18, 1830
SPROUSE, VINSON, aged 100, died near Gowdeysville, Union District, S. C., 6 Sept.  He was a native of Louisa Co., Va., but for the last 37 years, a resident near this place.  In 1754 he was on his way to join Braddock's Army when he heard of his defeat.
Date: May 11, 1830
STARR, JOHN, was killed by lightning 23 April, near Sweet Arrow, Pa.  He leaves 5 children.
Date: May 11, 1830
STARR, MRS. wife of JOHN STARR, was killed by lightning at Sweet Arrow, Pa., 23 April.  She leaves 5 children.
Date: May 27, 1830
STEEL, CHRISTOPHER, of Jersey City, committed suicide 22 May.
Date: July 31, 1830
STETTINIUS, JOHN, of this city, and MISS MARY LONGWORTH, eldest daughter of NICHOLAS LONGWORTH, were married in Cincinnati, Ohio, 20 July by REV. S. JOHNSTON.
Date: Sept. 14, 1830
STEWART, HARRIET, wife of C. S. STEWART, chaplain in the U. S. Navy, died 6 Sept., at Cooperstown, N. Y.
Date: Nov. 10, 1830
STEWART, ISRAEL, and MISS ELIZA WAYON, all of this place, were married 7 Nov., by REV. MR. SMITH.
Date: July 23, 1830
STILLWELL, WILLIAM P., aged about 21, was drowned 18 July at Providence.
Date: Mar. 17, 1830
STOCKWELL, WILLIAM, of Salem, Indiana, was killed 24 Feb. at Memphis, Tenn., when a boiler burst on the steamboat Helen McGregor.
Date: Nov. 30, 1830
STORER, HON. CLEMENT, aged 70, died in Portsmouth, N. H., 21 Nov.  He was formerly President of the Senate of N. H., a Representative in Congress, and High Sheriff of Rocking Co.
Date:  Oct. 16, 1830
STORER, COL. JOHN LANGDON, died at Portsmouth, N. H., 28 Sept.  For the last 2 years he had been attached to the Department of the General Post Office in this city.
Date: April 14, 1830
STOVER, JAMES, of Dear Island, N. B., was drowned 11 April.
Date: April 14, 1830
STOVER, ROBERT, of Deer Island, N. B., was drowned 11 April.
Date: Nov. 5, 1830
STRACHAN, DR. JOHN BLACKWOOD, died in Petersburg, Va., 30 Oct., aged 46.
Date: Nov. 12, 1830
STRAHAN, CHARLES, of this city, and MISS SUSAN H. SWEENY,  daughter of the late GEO. SWEENY, of Prince William C., Va., were married in this city 11 Nov., by REV. DR. MATTHEWS.
Date: May 14, 1830
STRATTON, DR. BENJAMIN H., of Mt. Holly, N. J., and EMELINE N. WHITALL, daughter of SAMUEL WHITALL, of Georgetown, D. C., were married 11 May by MR. BROOKE.
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