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Published in Washington D. C.
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1828 -1830 - 1831 - 1861
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Date: Jan. 19, 1831
ABBETT, Thomas M., of Philadelphia, and Mary Ann APPLER, only daughter of D. APPLER, were married Jan. 18.
Date: Sept. 21, 1831
ABBOTT, Caroline Frances, eldest daughter of James ABBOTT, of Detroit, died Sept. 4, in Sandwich, U. C., in the 19th year of her age.
Date: Feb. 7, 1831
ABEL, John, died in N. J., Jan. 16
Date: June 20, 1831
ABEL, Susan, only daughter of James ABEL, died at Northampton, England, Jan. 23, age 30.
Date: Aug. 3, 1831
ACKERY, James, was drowned at Hempstead, L. I., July 26,
Date: Feb. 18, 1831
ADAIR, Thomas B., and Louisa TENANT, both of Baltimore, were married in Baltimore, Feb. 15 by the Rev. Mr. Johns.
Date: Jan. 1831
ADAMS, Capt. Samuel W., of the U. S. Navy, formerly of Exeter, N. H., died in Brooklyn, N. Y., age 48.
Date: July 7, 1831ADDISON, Daniel Dulany, and Maria Louisa GORDON, daughter of William GORDON, of this city, were married July 5 by the Rev. Mr. Post.
Date: March 14, 1831
AIKEN, William died in Charleston March 4, after being thrown from his gig.
Date: Aug. 3, 1831
AISQUITH, Mrs. Sally L., died in Leesburg, Va., July 31.
Date: Jun. 18, 1831
ALEXANDER, Mark, Representative in Congress and Sally TURNER, daughter of the late Governor TURNER, of N. C., were married June 1 in Warren, N. C., by the Rev. Mr. Fitz.
Date: Mar. 29, 1831
ALLEN, Rev. Richard, Sr. Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, died in Philadelphia March 26, in the 71st year of his age.
Date: Aug. 1, 1831
ALLEN, Rev. William, died in Georgetown July 23, in the 73rd year of his age.  He was a native of Scotland and a graduate of the University of Aberdeen, but for 31 years an instructor of youth in this town.
Date: Apr. 25, 1831
ALLMAND, Albert, Attorney at law, died in Norfolk, Va., April 21, age 38.
Date: Nov. 24, 1831
ALSOP, Jefferson, was murdered in Chihuahua, Mexico, July 8,
Date: Nov. 21, 1831
ALSTON, Gideon, one of the Counsellors of State, died in Halifax Co., N. C., Nov. 10, in the 69th year of his age.
Date: Apr. 16, 1831
ANDERSON, Capt. James, age 81, died in Troy, N. Y., April 4.  He was a native of N. H.  After the battle of Lexington, he joined the army at the head of a Co. of volunteers from his native town, and signalized himself at the battle of Bunker's Hill.  On that day, he, in company with Capt. DEARBORN, marked his men over Maxbury Neck, thence to Cambridge. 
Date: Oct. 4, 1831
APPLETON, Charles H., age 45, died in Baltimore Co., Md., Sept. 29.  He was a native of Boston, but for many years a resident of Baltimore.
Date: Sept. 17, 1831
ARCHER, Hannah Isabella, youngest daughter of W. ARCHER, of this city, died Sept. 14, age about 2 yrs.
Date: Nov. 12, 1831
ARMISTEAD, George G., of Alabama, and Alice Virginia FONTAINE, youngest daughter of the late Carter FONTAINE, of Pr. Wm. Co., Va., were married in Aldie, Loudoun Co., Va., Nov. 7 by the Rev. Mr. Cutter.
Date: Apr. 8, 1831
ARMSTRONG, Col. Francis W., of Alabama, and Ann M. MILLARD, daughter of Joshua MILLARD, of this city, were married April 5, by the Rev. Mr. Matthews.
Date: Feb. 17, 1831
ARMSTRONG, James, died Feb. 3, at Cincinnati, after being burned
Date: June 14, 1831
ARNOLD, William E., committed suicide at Paris, Ky., May 22, age 19.
Date: May 10, 1831
ARNY, Joseph, died in this city May 7.
Date: Sept. 8, 1831
ARRINGTON, William, was accidentally shot Sept. 6.
Date: July 29, 1831
ASHLEY, Riley, son of Otis ASHLEY, was accidentally killed July 2 by the discharge of a gun at Martinsburg.
Date: Aug. 2, 1831
ATKINSON, Eliza R., died in Georgetown, July 30.
Date: Dec. 29, 1831
BADEN, Sarah, relict of Thomas BADEN, of P. G. Co., Md., died in P. G., Co., Md.
Date: June 25, 1831
BADGER, Alfred M., of Portsmouth, N. H., and Grace Ann GALPIN, of this city, were married June 23 by the Rev. Mr. Post.
Date: June 6, 1831
BAINBRIDGE, William, Jr., age 24, only son of Commodore BAINBRIDGE, died at Philadelphia June 3.
Date: Nov. 28, 1831
BAKER, Benjamin Sprigg, only child of John H. BAKER, of this city, died Nov. 26, age 4 yrs.
Date: March 7, 1831
BAKER, Joseph, a citizen of Baltimore, committed suicide Feb. 21 at York, Pa.
Date: Oct. 19, 1831
BALCH, George Beall, third son of Dr. S. B. BALCH of Georgetown, died at Nine mont. near Charleston, Jefferson Co., Va., Oct. 11
Date: Oct. 5, 1831
BALL, Edwin F., died Sept. 30, in the 22nd year his age.
Date: May 11, 1831
BALLARD, Charles and Eleanor DOUGHERTY, were married May 9 by the Rev. Mr. Laurie.
Date: March 8, 1831
BARNES, William H., died March 7, in the 40th yr. his age.
Date: Nov. 2, 1831
BARNEY, Rawlins L., only son of Louis BARNEY, of Baltimore, died Oct. 30, in the 16th year of his age.
Date: May 3, 1831
BARRELL, Nathaniel, died at York Maine, April 4, age 98.  He was born in Boston, Mass., August 2, 1732.  At an early age, he joined the army, then organizing for the Conquest of Quebec, obtained a commission, and was present at the taking of that city.  He was promoted from Ensign to Capt.  He afterwards married the only child of Judge SAYWARD.  Going to England, he assisted at the funeral of George II, and was present at the coronation of his successor, George III.  By this Monarch, he was appointed one of the Council for the Province of N. H.  He became a convert to the Sandemanian religion.  He leaves 74 children and grandchildren, one of the 5th generation.
Date: Dec. 21, 1831
BARREN, Mrs. Mary, died in this city, age 67
Date: Nov. 21, 1831
BARRY, Sarah, widow of the late John BARRY, died in Philadelphia, NOv. 13, in th 77th year of her age.
Date: Feb. 4, 1831
BARTH, William, hanged himself in New Haven, Feb. 2.
Date: Oct. 29, 1831
BARTON, Gen. William, the captor of the British General, Prescott in Rhode Island during the Revolution, died in Providence, Oct. 22, in the 84th year of his age.  During the Revolution, he held the rank of Colonel.  After the war, Congress voted him a sword and grant of land in Vermont.
Date: May 20, 1831
BATES, George, youngest son of Thomas BATES, died May 17,
Date: Nov. 17, 1831
BAYLES, Susan, wife of J. BAYLES, of Urbanna, Ohio, and eldest daughter of the late Lloyd BUCHANAN, of Baltimore, died in Urbanna, Nov. 4, in the 26th year of her age.
Date: June 13, 1831
BAYLIES, Nicholas, died in Worcester, Mass., Jan. 19, age 91 years.  He was born in Uxbridge, Nov. 15, 1739; was a member of the Convention which formed the Constitution of this commonwealth
Date: Dec. 15, 1831
BAYLOR, Nathaniel B., son of John W. BAYLOR, deceased, of Frederick Co., Va., died in Fauquier Co., Va., Dec. 7, in the 22nd year of his age.  His grandfather was Col. George BAYLOR, aid-de-camp to Gen. Washington during the Revolution.  He was the last male descendant of that officer.  He leaves his mother and four sisters.
Date: Aug. 6, 1831
BAYLY, Benjamin S., of this city, and Maria WATTS, of Baltimore, were married in Baltimore Aug. 4 by the Rev. Mr. Askwith.
Date: Sept. 26, 1831
BAYMAN, Elizabeth, wife of Capt. Caspar BAYMAN, of Alexandria, died Sept. 25, in the 45th year of her age.
Date:  Aug. 24, 1831
BAYNE, Mary, wife of Ellsworth BAYNE, of P. C. Co., Md., died in Loudoun Co., Va., Aug. 17, age 55 yrs., 6 mos.
Date: Oct. 8, 1831
BEALL, Grace Anna, only daughter of Brooke and Asenath G. BEALL, died Sept. 22 in the 2nd year of her age.
Date: Oct. 24, 1831
BEATTY, Edmond Jeffereson, son of Dr. Charles A. BEATTY, of Georgetown died in Georgetown Oct. 22.
Date: Oct. 24, 1831
BECKETT, B. H., relict of the late John BECKETT, died at Locust Grove, Calvert Co., Md., Oct. 15 in the 68th year of her age.
Date: Mar. 10, 1831
BECKETT, Capt. John, and Susan N. BLAKE, 4th daughter of Col. Joseph BLAKE, all of Calvert Co., Md., were married in Calvert Co., Md., Feb. 17 by the Rev. Mr. Allen.
Date: July 29, 1831
BECKWITH, Sr., Thomas Sidney, K. C. B., commander in Chief of the East Indian Company's forces, died Jan. 15, at Bombay.
Date: Aug. 10, 1831
BELCHER, Adam, was killed July 31, in N. Y.
Date: Dec. 22, 1831
BELT, John S., and Ann C. COURTS, eldest daughter of the late William COURTS, all of Prince George's Co., Md., were married in Prince George's. Co., Md., Dec. 13 by the Rev. Mr. Swan.
Date: May 6, 1831
BELT, Mrs., wife of Judge BELT, late of Chillicothe, Ohio, died May 4,
Date: July 12, 1831
BENEDICT, Noah B., age 60, a member of the bar at Litchfield Co., Conn., died July 3, in Woodbury, Conn.
Date: Dec. 14, 1831
BENNING, William, died Dec. 13, age 60.
Date: Oct. 19, 1831
BENSON, Harriet, wife of C. W> BENSON, died in Prince George's Co., Md., Oct. 3, in the 39th year of her age.
Date: April 15, 1831
BERRY, Sr., Edward, K. C. B., died at Bath, England, Feb. 13.  He commanded the Vanguard, 74, bearing the flag of Nelson at the conflict in Aboukir Bay.  In 1799 he was Captain of Lord Nelson's flagships, the Foudroyant, and had assisted in the capture of Le Generaux and La Guilleaume Tell.  He afterwards, commanded the Agamemuon, and participated in the battle of Trafalgar.
Date: Dec. 16, 1831
BERTOULIN, Joseph, died in New Orleans Nov. 28, in the 80th year of his age.  He was a native of France, having come here with the French Army during the Revolution.
Date: Sept. 20, 1831
BETTS, Alanson, from Norfolk, committed suicide in N.Y., Sept. 6
Date: Sept. 12, 1831
BIBB, Lt. Lucien J., of the U. S. Army, died at Bellona Arsenal, Va.
Date:  Sept. 30, 1831
BIDDLE, Maj. Thomas, of the U. S. Army, died at Jeffereson Barracks.
Date: Apr. 16, 1831
BISSELL, Josiah, Jr., of Rochester, died lately. 
Date: Oct. 11, 1831
BLACKHOFF, one of the Chiefs of the Shawnee Indians, died at Wapagthkonnetts, about Setp. 1st, age about 114 years.  He was known throughout the Western Country and was at St. Clairs, Harmer's Crawford's and Braddocks's defeat.
Date: Sept. 20, 1831
BLAGDEN, Anne, relict the late George BLAGDEN, died in this city Sept. 18.
Date: June 20, 1831
BLAGDEN, Rev. George W., pastor of the Salem St. Church, and Miriam PHILLIPS, youngest daughter of the late John PHILLIPS, were married at Boston June 8, by the Rev. Dr. Wisner.
Date: Oct. 24, 1831
BLAIR, Abby, wife of Eli BLAIR, died at Lyons, N. Y., Sept. 27, age 36 yrs.
Date: Oct. 24, 1831
BLAIR, Eli, age 40, died at Lyons, N. Y., Sept. 27.
Date: April 18, 1931
BLAIR, Henry, a native of Ky., formerly of Steubenville, Ohio, died in this city April 11, in the 26th year of his age.  He was a printer and had been a musician in the Marine Corps, from which he was discharged in Nov. of 1830.
Date: May 12, 1831
BLAKE, Lt. Joseph R., of the U. S. Navy, died May 11, in the 25th year of his age.
Date: Sept. 8, 1831
BLAKE, Sarah L., wife of T. H. BLAKE, died in Terre Haute, Ind., Aug. 8, age 22 yrs.
Date: Sept. 30, 1831
BLANCHARD, Capt. Jonathan, of Plympton, was drowned Sept. 18, age about 40.  He leaves a wife and 5 children.
Date: Nov. 19, 1831
BLANCHARD, Sarah Ann, daughter of Sarah BLANCHARD, died in Orange, Vt., Oct. 30, age 16.
Date: Feb. 14, 1831
BOLIVER, Gen. Simon, the liberator of South America, died Dec. 17, 1830.
Date: July 22, 1831
BOND, Dr. Henry, a native of Md., died in Buenos Ayres, May 2,
Date: Sept. 20, 1831
BOND, Col. William, of Lockport, N.Y., and Mrs. Nancy L. BOND, of Keene, ,N. H., were married in Lockport, N.Y., Sept. 3, by the Rev. Mr. Chuck.  They had separated about 8 hrs. ago and then decided to remarry.
Date: Dec. 22, 1831
BOONE, Alexius, of Frederick Co., Md., and Naomi CLOUD, of Georgetown, were married Dec. 20 by the Rev. Mr. Dubinson.
Date: Feb. 16, 1831
BOONE, Mordecai, for many years principal clerk in the Commandant's office, of the Navy Yard, died Feb. 16, in the 66 year of his age.
Date: Feb. 1, 1831
BOTELER, Jemima, age 64 yrs., 5 mos., died Jan. 29, at the home of her son, John D. BOTELER.
Date: Dec. 3, 1831
BOWEN, George T., infant son of James BOWEN, died Nov. 20, age 9 yrs., 4 mos.
Date: Dec. 7, 1831
BOWEN, John, died Dec. 6, in the 47th year of his age.
Date: Aug. 2, 1831
BOWEN, Martha Ann, youngest daughter of James BOWEN, died Aug. 1, age 3 yrs. 7 mos.
Date: Oct. 8, 1831
BOWIE, Christiana, consort of Fielder BOWIE, of Prince George's Co., Md., died Sept. 25 in the 31st year of her age.  She leaves a husband and child.
Date: Nov. 30, 1831
BOWIE, Walter B., son of the late William BOWIE, died Nov. 22, in the 21st year of his age.
Date: July 4, 1831
BOYD, John Q. Adams, age 22, son of G. W. BOYD, formerly a midshipman in the U. S. Navy, died at Portsmouth, Va., June 24.
BRADFORD, Charles 24, was drowned in Duxbury, Mass., May 13. (June 18)
Date: Sept. 10, 1831
BRADFUTE, Davidson, cashier of the Farmer's Bank of Lynchburg, Va., died Aug. 31, at Sweet Springs, Va.
Date: April 5, 1831
BRADLY, Edmund, son of Lt. BRADLY, of the U. S. Army, died at Madison Baracks, Sacket's harbor, N. Y., March 26, age 2 yrs.
Date: March 16, 1831
BRADY, Nathan, Jr., of Stewart Co., Ga., formerly a Representative of Randolph Co., in the Ga. Legislature, died Feb. 12, after being shot.
Date: Oct. 31, 1831
BRANSON, Henry, Sr., died in Randolph Co., N. C., Oct. 13, in the 66th year of his age.  In early life he represented Randolph Co., in the State Legislature
Date: Aug. 3, 1831
BRENT, Hannah, widow of the late Capt. William BRENT, died at Bucklund, Va., July 30, in the 73rd year of her age.
Date: May 20, 1831
BRENT, James R., of Charles Co., Md., and Eleanor WARING, daughter of Henry WARING, were married in Georgetown May 17 by the Rev. Mr. Young.
Date: Nov. 25, 1831
BRISCOE, Richard C., and Anna Maria CLARKE, daughter of Joseph S. CLARKE, all of this city, were married Nov. 21 by the Rev. Mr. Matthews.
Date: July 13, 1831
BROCCHUS, Thomas W., of this city, and Mary STANTON, eldest daughter of the late Capt. John STRANTON, of Alexandria, were married July 10, by the Rev. Mr. BALCH.
Date: June 6, 1831
BROOKS, John, committed suicide in Rochester, N. Y., June 2.
Date: Oct. 27, 1831
BROWN, Benjamin, M. D., a surgeon in the Navy during the Revolution, and a Representative from Lincoln Dist., Maine, then part of Massachusetts, in the 14th Congress, died Sept. 17 at Waldoboro, Maine, age 74.
Date: June 28, 1831
BROWN, Jane, died in Maury Co., Tenn., June 3, in the 91st year of her age.  She was born June 22, 1740.  Her husband, James BROWN, was murdered by the Cherokee Indians, May 9, 1788, and she and 5 children, made prisoners.  Her husband, in company with Colonels John and Daniel GILLESPIE, her brothers lead a company of soldiers at the Battle of Guilford Court House, during the Revolution.  In 1792 she settled with her son, Col. Joseph BROWN, near Nashville, Tenn.
Date: March 24, 1831
BROWN, John M., merchant of Alexandria, and Ann E. CLAGGETT, eldest daughter of Capt. Thomas D. CLAGGETT, of Charles Co., Md., were married March 15 at Strawberry Hill by the Rev. Mr. Harris.
Date: April 14, 1831
BROWN, Mather, an officer of the Revolution, died a few days ago in Rochester, age 88.  He was in the campaign of 1777 at Saratoga, and commanded a Company Co., under Gen. Starke at Bloomington.
Date: April 12, 1831
BUCHANAN, William, and Martha Curtis WARREN, all of Calloway Co., Mo., were married there by the Rev. Mr. BULWARE.
Date: Sept. 27, 1831
BUCHLY, Mrs. Harriet, formerly of St. Mary's CO., Md., died in this city Sept. 23, in the 33rd year of her age.
Date: March 8, 1831BURN, Col.. James, died at Frankfort, near Philadelphia, March 5, in the 52nd year of his age.  He was born in S. C., and in youth held a seat in the Legislature of that State.  In the War of 1812, he commanded a regiment of Dragoons.  He had lived in Frankfort for 22 years. 
Date: July 21, 1831
BURNAP, George Washington, Pastor of the 1st Independent Church of Baltimore, and Nancy WILLIAMS, daughter of Amos A. WILLIAMS, were married at Baltimore, July 18 by the Rev. Mr. Palfrey, of Washington.
Date: Jan. 27, 1831
BURNS, Ellen, wife of Benjamin BURNS, of this city, and daughter of the late Benjamin THOMAS, died in Alexandria, Jan. 22.
Date: Sept. 6, 1831
BUTLER, George, son of Rev. David BUTLER, Rector of St. Paul's Church, at Troy, died Aug. 27, in Scarsdale, N. Y., age 31.
Date: June 16, 1831
CALLIS, Otho W., formerly an officer in the Army, died at Barnaby, Prince George's Co., Md., June 6, in the 38th year of his age.
Date: Oct. 27, 1831CAMPBELL, Daniel, and Jane RODBIRD, both of this city, were married Oct. 25 by the Rev. Mr. POST.
Date: Oct. 5, 1831
CAMPBELL, George, age about 25 yrs., committed suicide in Ogdensburg.
Date: Oct. 20, 1831
CANEDO, Juan De Dios, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Phenipotentiary of the Mexican States to the Republic of South America, and to the Empire of Brazil and Romano CUISTO, daughter of the late Don Angel de la CUESTO, all of Mexico, were married in Philadelphia, Oct. 13 by the Rev. Mr. KENDRICK.
Date: July 16, 1831
CANTERBURY, George, of Tioga, was accidentally killed July 4
Date: Aug. 3, 1831
CARMAN, Thomas, was drowned at Hempstead, L. I., July 26.  He leaves a wife and 10 children.
Date: Aug. 26, 1831
CAPEN, Edward, and Mrs. Mary ALLEN, were married in Straughton in July. (Aug. 26)
Date: Dec. 29, 1831
CARBERY, Emza, wife of James CARBERY, died Dec. 22, age about 30.
Date: June 16, 1831
CARMICHAEL, Dr. James, age 60, a native of Scotland, died at Fredericksburg, Va., June 13.
Date: May 27, 1831
CARR, Benjamin, Professor of Music, died at Philadelphia, May 24
Date: Nov. 7, 1831
CARROLL, Capt. Michael B., late of the U. S. Navy, died in St. Mary's Co., Md., Oct. 29, age about 63.  He entered the Naval service early in life.  When a midshipman and the Barbary Powers were committing acts against our commerce, he was among a fleet sent into the Mediterranean, under Decatur, to destroy the Philadelphia, under the battlements of Tripoli.
Date: Jan. 28, 1831
CARSON, Dr. Samuel, a native of Armagh, Ireland, for many years a citizen of Alexandria, died Jan. 25, in the 83rd year of his age.
Date: June 11, 1831
CARSON, Samuel P., Representative in Congress from N. C., and S. Catharine WILSON, daughter of James WILSON, of Tenn., were married in Rutherford Co., N. C. June 10.
Date: Sept. 30, 1831
CARTWRIGHT, Mrs. Ann, died in Alexandria Sept. 28, age 43 yrs.
Date: Nov. 16, 1831
CASANAVE, Mrs. Ann, died Nov. 15, in the 65h year of her age.
Date: Apr. 4, 1831
CATON, Mrs. Ann, age 84, died at Annapolis, Md., March 31,
Date: July 11, 1831
CHANDLER, William L., of Frederickburg, Va., and Adeline MAUREY, of this city, were married July 7, by the Rev. Mr. Ames.
Date: April 12, 1831
CHANEY, Rignel G., and Sarah A. L. COALE, both of this city, were married April 7, by the Rev. F. S. Evans.
Date: Nov. 30, 1831
CHARLESS, Joseph, Jr., and Charlotte BLOW, 2nd daughter of Peter BLOW,,, were married in St. Louis by the Rev. Mr. Potts.
Date: Oct. 17, 1831
CHATARD, Frederick, of the U. S. Navy, and Catharine TIERNAN, youngest daughter of Luke TIERNAN, of Baltimore, were married Oct. 13, by the Rev. Mr. DeLUOL.
Date: Oct. 21, 1831
CHAVEN, Lt. Thomas T., of the U. S. Navy, and Virginia A. N. WINGATE, daughter of J. F. WINGATE, were married in Bath, Maine. (Oct. 21)
Date: Sept. 5, 1831
CHESLEY, Zadock C., of Georgetown, and Mary CLAGETT, daughter of the late Charles CLAGETT, of P. G. Co., Md., were married Sept. 1 by the Rev. Mr. Machenheimer.
Dated: Jan. 1, 1831CHEVIS, Dr. Francis T., of Brentsville, and Elizabeth W. FOOTE, daughter Richard FOOTE, were married at HAzelwood, Prince George's Co., Md., Dec. 23, 1830, by the Rev. Thomas C. Thornton.
Dated: Jan. 1, 1831
CHILDS, Timothy, of the House of Representatives from N. Y., and Mrs. Louisa S. DICKINSON, of N. C., were married in Norfolk, Va., Dec. 30, 1830.
Dated: July 22, 1831
CHOUTEAU, Lewis P., son of Maj. Peter CHOUTEAU, Jr., of St. Louis, died May 28 at Contonement Gibson, Arkansas, in the 27th year of his age.
Dated: Aug. 26, 1831
CLAGETT, Elizabeth, wife of Dr. William H. CLAGETT, of Piscataway, died a few days ago, in the 26th year of her age.  She leaves 2 infants.
Dated: July 25, 1831
CLAGETT, Howard, infant son of Darius CLAGETT, of this city, died July 23.
Dated: Nov. 12, 1831.
CLAGETT, Dr. Thomas H., of Leesburg, Va., and Christiana H. ODEN, daughter of Benjamin ODEN, of Prince George's Co., Md., were married at Bellefield, Prince George's Co., Md., Nov. 8 by the Rev. Mr. Swan.
Dated: Sept. 9, 1831
CLARK, Fanny, wife of Guy C. CLARK, of Ithaca, N. Y., was murdered by him Aug. 26, age 44 yrs.  She leaves 5 children.
Dated: June 9, 1831
CLARK, John F., and Julia STETTINUS, all of this city, were married June 7 by the Rev. Mr. Matthews.
Dated: Oct. 11, 1831
CLARK, Joseph, age 19, was killed in Boston, Sept. 24
Dated: June 10, 1831
CLARK, Mason E., of Prince George's Co., Md., and Ruth FULLER, daughter of Azariah FULLER, of this city, were married June 7 by the Rev. Dr. Laurie.
Dated: Aug. 1, 1831
CLAY, Sally Ann, daughter of Mrs. CLAY, of Little Falls, N. Y., was killed July 19, when a window fell on her.  She was 9 yrs. of age.
Dated: Dec. 15, 1831
CLEMENTS, Elizabeth, died in Charles Co., Md., Dec. 4, age 112.
Dated: Feb. 16, 1831
CLEMENTS, Thomas Augustine, age 8 yrs., 8 mos., third son of Bennet CLEMENTS, died in Georgetown, Feb. 15.
Dated: Sept. 28, 1831.
CLOUD, Dr. Caleb W., assistant Surgeon in the Navy, died July 10, on board the U. S. Ship Vincennes, at  Port Royal, Jamaica, age 24 yrs.
Dated: July 29, 1831.
COALE, Charles, and Julia Ann SANFORD, all of this city, were married July 14 by the Rev. Mr. Smith.
Dated: Oct. 13, 1831
COKE, Mary, consort Richard COKE, of Williamsburg, Va., died there Oct. 7 in the 32nd year of her age.  She leaves a husband and child.
Dated: May 31, 1831
COLE,, William T., of Middleburg, Loudoun Co., Va., and Mary E. TALIFFERO, of Culpeper Co., Va., were married May 26 by the Rev. Mr. Dorsey. 
Dated: Sept. 20, 1831
COLEMAN, James, died Sept. 9, in Lancaster Co., Pa., age 47
Dated: July 7, 1831
COLLINETT, Thomas, was executed at Boston July 1.
Dated: Aug. 30, 1831
COLLINS, Rev. Benjamin, minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, died in Hunterdon Co., N. J., Aug. 14, after falling over a precipice.
Dated: Dec. 2, 1831
COLSTON, Joseph, a colored man, died in this city Nov. 30, age 72 yrs.
Dated: Oct. 12, 1831
COLVARD, Asa, died a few days ago in Rensselaerville, Albany, N. Y., age 64.
Dated: April 15, 1831
CONNELL, Gen. John, died March 28 in the 71st year of his age.  He was a native of Ireland, and came to this country when about 17 yrs. of age.  During the Revolution he served as a common soldier; also served 2 years in the Va. Legislature and was clerk of Brooke Co.  In the last war, he commanded a Regiment of Va. Militia under Gen. Harrison in the Northwestern Army.  Shortly afterwards, he received the appointment of Brigadier General.
Dated: Oct. 19, 1831
CONTEE, Mary, eldest daughter of John CONTEE, died Oct. 14, at Pleasant Prospect, Prince George's Co., Md., in the 17th year of her age.
Dated: Feb. 4, 1831
CONWAY, Capt. Joseph, died at Bonhomme, St. Louis Co., Mo., in the 69th year of his age.  He was a native of Virginia, and in early youth came to Ky., where he took an active part in the Indian Wars.  In 1793 he removed to Mo.
Dated: Apr. 2, 1831.
COONES, Frederick, age 75, a native of Pa., but for the past 25 years a resident of this city, died March 31.
Dated: Dec. 24, 1831
COOPER, Elizabeth, consort of Joseph COOPER, died Dec. 22, in the 55th year of her age.
Dated: Oct. 25, 1831
COOPER, John Mason, son of Lt. COOPER, of the Army, died Oct. 24, age 1 yr., 14 days.
Dated: Sept. 22, 1831
COPPUCK, Daniel, died at Mt. Holly, N. J., Sept. 17.
Dated: July 16, 1831
CORVELL, Cornelius, died on Great Hill, near Lambertsville, Pa., July 6.  He was born June 27, 1733, and was an ardent Whig of the Revolution.
Dated: Nov. 1, 1831
COSTIN, Louisa Park, eldest daughter of William COSTIN, died in this city Oct. 31, age 27.
Dated: Dec. 15, 1831
COSTIN, Philadelphia, consort of William COSTIN, died in this city Dec. 13, in the 52nd year of her age.  She was born at Mt. Vernon, Va.  She leaves a husband and 7 children.
Dated: Aug. 12, 1831
COX, Henry Hunt, son of William COX, died Aug. 11, age 3 yrs. 8 mos.
Dated: Oct. 22, 1831
Dr. William R., died at Natchez, Miss., Sept. 27.
Dated: Oct. 15, 1831
COXE, Richard, son of R. S. COXE, died Oct. 14, age about 3 yrs.
Dated: March 8, 1831
COXE, William, died Feb. 26 near Burlington, N. J., in the 70th year of his age.
Dated: Sept. 30, 1831
COYLE, Capt. John, died Sept. 29, in the 67th year of his age.
Dated: Sept. 21, 1831
CRAIN, Mary, consort of Alexander CRAIN, died in Charles Co., Md., Sept. 11, in the 44th year of her age.
Dated: March 7, 1831
CRAVENS, Jeremiah, age about 50, a citizen of Pope Co., was accidentally killed Feb. 18, when a cart upset.
Dated: July 22, 1831
CREIGHTON, Betsey Mead, 3rd daughter of William CREIGHTON, Jr., died in Chilicothe, Ohio, July 5, in the 17th year of her age.
Dated: March 2, 1831
CROTHERS, Robert, age 103, died Dec. 26, 1830, at Caledon.  He married twice, the last time at 85; had 8 children, by the last wife.
Dated: Dec. 3, 1831
CROWELL, Thomas of Yarmouth, was killed Nov. 22 by lightning.
Dated: July 1, 1831
CULL, James, and Sarah A. FOSTER, both of this city, were married June 29, by the Rev. Mr. Post.
Dated: Aug. 16, 1831
CULLIES, Richard, was accidentally killed at Norristown, Aug. 3.  He was a native of Gloucestershire, England, and had been in this country about 14 mos.  He leaves a wife and 6 children in England.
Dated: July 30, 1831
CUMMINS, Henrietta Maria, daughter of E. H. CUMMINS, died in this city July 28.
Dated: June 3, 1831
CUSHING, Thomas P., and Mrs. Martha Ann SIGOURNEY, daughter of John CARGILL, of Sussex Co., Va., were married in Boston May 24 by the Rev. Mr. Parkman.
Dated: Feb. 4, 1831
CUTTING, Dr. John Browne, died Feb. 3, age 76 years.  He was a native of Boston and during the Revolution, filled the station of Asst. Apothecary General.
Dated: Oct. 25, 1831
DAINGERFIELD, Edward, and Margaret B. VOWELL, daughter of John C. VOWELL, all of Alexandria, were married Oct. 20, by the Rev. Mr. Jackson.
Dated: Aug. 10, 1831
DALLAS, Henrietta M., consort of Alexander J. DALLAS, commandant of the U. S. Navy Yard at Pensacola, Fla., and daughter of the late Richard W. MEADE, formerly of Philadelphia, but late of this city, died in Pensacola, Fla., July 22.
Dated: March 7, 1831
DAVEZAC, Jules, died in New Orleans, La., Feb. 7.  He was formerly President of the Orleans College.
Dated: May 31, 1831
DAVIS, Cornelius, age 71, died in N. Y., April 29.
Dated: April 1, 1831
DAVIS, Elizabeth, wife of William A. DAVIS, died March 30, in the 52 year of her age.
Dated: Jan. 28, 1831
DAVIS, George M., and Georgiana REINAGLE, both of this city, were married Jan. 25 by the Rev. Mr. Matthews.
Dated: Apr. 30, 1831
DAVIS, Richard, Jr., died in Georgetown, April 26, in the 22nd year of his age.
Dated: Sept. 21, 1831
DAWES, Richard, died in Baltimore Sept. 15, age 16 years.
Dated: March 22, 1831
DEAN, Benjamin C., of Orange Co., N. Y., was burned to death recently.
Dated: April 5, 1831
DEBUTTS, Dr., professor of Chemistry at the University of Md., died April 3.
Dated: May 14, 1831
DELANEY, Daniel, age 14, was shot and killed May 8 at Troy, N. Y.
Dated: July 8, 1831
DELANY, Patrick, died in this city July 8, in the 40th year of his age.
Dated: June 10, 1831
DEMENT, Sarah, wife of Richard DEMENT, died June 8.
Dated: Nov. 1, 1831
DENLO, Mansel, died at Greenfield, Mass., age 25.
Dated: Sept. 10, 1831
DENNISON, George, died at Wilkesbarre, Pa., Aug. 21, in the 42nd year of his age.  He was appointed Register and Recorder of this county; was thereafter called to a seat in the State Legislature, and represented that Dist. in Congress.
Dated: Jan.27, 1831
DENT, Ellen Matilda, died at Lawnvale, Prince William, Co., Va., Jan. 22, in the 27th year of her age.
Dated: April 25, 1831
DES COMBES, Benjamin Jacob, a native of Switzerland, died April 22, in the 31st year of his age.
Dated: March 7, 1831
DESDUNES, Madame, was assassinated in New Orleans, Feb. 7.
Dated: March 22, 1831
DEVANY, Mrs. Amey, late of Philadelphia, died in Monrovia, West Africa, Dec. 13, 1830, in the 75th year of her age.  She was born in Charleston, S. C., where she lived for many years, and witnessed the surrender to the British in May, 1780.
Dated: Aug. 9, 1831
DICK, John H., of Pittstown, was killed accidentally Aug. 8 when a scythe cut his foot.  He was about 30 years of age and leaves a wife and one child.
Dated: June 20, 1831
DICKINSON, Col. John, of Bath Co., was murdered June 13.
Dated: Oct. 15, 1831
DICKINSON, William R., late of Steubenville, Ohio, died in Austin, Texas, Aug. 27.
Dated: June 4, 1831
DICKSON, George, died in N. Y., May 31.
Dated: March 24, 1831
DIER, William of Va., and Mary SKINNER, of Alexandria, were married March 17 by the Rev. Mr. Robbins.
Dated Oct. 29, 1831
DODD, Morris, died in Newark, N. J., Oct. 24
Dated: Sept. 21, 1831
DONNELL, Margaret, consort of John R. DONNELL, and only daughter of the late Governor SPAIGHT, died in Newbern, N. C., in the 32nd year of her age.
Dated: June 8, 1831
DOUGLASS, George L., of this city, and Drusilla Ann RUTHERFORD, daughter of the late Col. V. RUTHERFORD, of Shepherdstown, Va., were marred at Shepherdstown, May 25, by the Rev. Mr. HUTCHINSON.
Dated: June 21, 1831
DOUGLASS, Rev. Sutherland, died in London May 6.  He was formerly Rector of St. John's Church in Georgetown, and had gone to England for his health.
Dated: April 1, 1831
DOW, Elijah, of Mass., was drowned in N. Y., March 27.
Dated: June 29, 1831
DOW, Stephen P., age 19, was killed at Meredith, N. H., when he became caught in machinery.
Dated: Jan. 5, 1831
DRANE, Anthony, Sr., age 77, died Jan. 3, in Prince George's Co., Md.  He served in the Revolution and was present at some of the hardest fought battles.
Dated: July 7, 1831
DRIFFEL, William, was killed June 25 in Colleton Dist. S. C.
Dated: May 6, 1831
DUFF, John, for many years attached to the Theatrical Corps, in various parts of the U. S., died April 28, in Philadelphia.
Dated: Aug. 11, 1831
DUFFEY, John H., died Aug. 10, in the 33rd year of his age.
Dated Feb. 7, 1831
DUGGAN, Michael, was burned to death in a building.
Dated: Nov. 22, 1831
DUMESTE, Lt. James H., died in Baltimore Oct. 16.  He entered the military academy in 1814, and was commissioned in the U. S. Army.
Dated: Nov. 15, 1831
DUNLAP, Col. James A., U. S. Attorney for the Middle Dist. of Fla., died in N. Y., Oct. 6.
Dated: Feb. 10, 1831
DUVAL, Col. Edmund B., of Md., only son of Judge DUVAL, died in Philadelphia Feb. 5, in the 42nd year of his age.  He had gone to Philadelphia for his health.  He leaves a wife and 3 small children
Dated July 25, 1831
DUVALL, John and Sarah Ann CLAGGETT, youngest daughter of the late Charles CLAGETT, all of Prince George's Co., Md., were married July 10 by the Rev. Mr. Makelheimer.
Dated: Oct. 3, 1831
DWYER, William, committed suicide in N. Y., Sept. 23.
Dated: Feb. 14, 1831
DYER, Mary, eldest daughter of Aaron DYER, formerly of Montgomery Co., Md., deceased, died Feb. 4, in the 48th year of her age.
Dated: Oct. 5, 1831.
DYER, Sophia, wife of Edward DYER, died Oct. 2.  She leaves a husband and 3 children.
Dated: July 29, 1831
EARL, William, died May 26 in London, in the 74th year of his age.  He was the last surviving Admiral who with Lords Nelson & Collingswood commanded at the victory of Trafalgar.
Dated: June 6, 1831
EATON, Elizabeth, age 65, widow of the late Gen. William EATON, died at Auburn, N. Y., May 20.
Dated: July 15, 1831
ECHOLS, Philip Henry, of Monticello, Ga., and Margaret L. M. BERRIEN, daughter of John MacPherson BERRIEN, of Ga., were married July 13 by the Rev. Mr. Johns.
Dated: Dec. 14, 1831
EDDS, John, died in this city Dec. 12, age 47.
Dated: Sept. 15, 1831
ELIASON, Maria, eldest daughter of John ELIASON, died at Spring Hill, near Georgetown, Sept. 12.
Date: Feb. 7, 1831
ELLIOT, Horace, son of William G. ELLIOT, of this city, died Feb. 5, age 3 yrs.
Date: Sept. 24, 1831
ELLIOT, Robert, age nearly 5 yrs., youngest son of Jonathan ELLIOT, died Sept. 23.
Date: Sept. 23, 1831
ELLIOT, Sarah, wife of Jonathan ELLIOT, died Sept. 22, age 42.
Date: Oct. 15, 1831
ELLIS, Col. John Sigtreaves, died at Newbern, N. C., Sept. 21, in the 32nd year of his age.
Date: March 2, 1831
ELLIS, Powhatan, Senator in Congress from Miss., and Eliza WINN, daughter of Timothy WINN, of this city, were married Feb. 28.
Date: Jan. 8, 1831
EMACK, William, died Jan. 6, in the 60th year of his age.
Date: June. 29, 1831
EMERSON, Charles, age 83, a Revolutionary soldier, died in Croydon.  He served under Gen. Stark, and was in the battles of Bunker Hill and Trenton.
Date: Nov. 15, 1831
EMERSON, Mrs. Mary J., daughter of A. CLAPP, and sister-in-law of the Secretary of the Navy, died at Portland, Maine.
Dated: May 20, 1831
ENGLISH, John Craig, and Adelina Ann MORGAN, all of this city, were married May 18 by the Rev. Mr. HILT.
Dated: March 19, 1831
ESSEX, Josiah, of this city, and Ruth FLOYD, of Georgetown, were married March 10.
Dated: March 11, 1831
ETTER, Ann, relict of the late Joseph ETTER, of this city, died March 10, age 43.
Dated: Sept. 3, 1831
EVANS, Mary, youngest daughter of Etwick EVANS, died in this city, Sept. 2, age 16 mos.
Dated: May 23, 1831
EVARTS, Jeremiah, late Secretary of the American Board of Commissioners for foreign missions, died May 10, at Charleston, S. C.  He was the author of Letters of William Penn.
Dated: April 2, 1831
EWELL, Paul H., died March 26, in Prince William Co., Va., in the 20th year of his age.
Dated: Feb. 23, 1831
EWING, Jane, widow of the late Maskell EWING, of Delaware Co., Pa., died Feb. 10.
Dated: March 10, 1831
FARLEY, Capt. John, late of the U. S. Army, died at New Castle, Delaware, March 5, in the 50th year of his age.  He entered the army as a Lt. of Artillery.  Upon the declaration of War in 1812 he was one who defended Sackett's Harbor in 1813.
Dated Sept. 12, 1831
FEATHERSTONHAUGH, George William, late of Duanisburg, N. Y., and Charlotte Williams CARTER, youngest daughter of Bernard M. CARTER, of Va., were married in Philadelphia Jan. 28 by the Rev. Mr. Abercrombie.
Dated: Nov. 21, 1831
FELL, Frederick S., editor of the Savannah Republican, died at Savannah Nov. 10.
Dated: Oct. 5, 1831
FENNER, John, died in Philadelphia, Oct. 2 from poison.
Dated: Oct. 14, 1831
FERGUSON, Capt. John, Sr., died in Cecil Co., Md., Oct. 10, age 58 yrs.
Dated: March 14, 1831
FERGUSON, Mr., 2nd officer of the ship Tybee, was drowned March 8, when he slipped in getting on his boat lying in the North River.
Dated: June 13, 1831
FIDLAR, Ann, died in Licking Co., Ohio, in the 86th year of her age.  She was born in Princeton, N. J. and had 11 children, 61 grandchildren, 63 great-grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild.
Dated: Oct. 15, 1831
FISHER, Mary Ann, wife of George T. FISHER, and sister of John M. CLAYTON, died at Dover, Delaware, Oct. 9, in the 28th year of her age.
Dated: March 26, 1831
FISK, Rev. Harvey, a native of Vt., died in N. Y. City March 15, in the 32nd year of his age.  He was principal of the grammar school of Woodbridge, N. J., Princeton, N. J.
Dated: July 8, 1831
FITZHUGH, William W., age 45, formerly of Alexandria, died in Frederick, Va., June 26.
Dated: July 14, 1831
FORCE, Nathaniel Ellicott, was killed accidently at Doylestown, Pa., June 25, by the discharge of a gun.
Dated: April 20, 1831
FORD, Stephen C., merchant of Philadelphia, formerly of Georgetown, and Ann R. HOBAN, daughter of Capt. James HOBAN, of this city, were married in this city April 12, by the Rev. Mr. Matthews.
Dated: April 20, 1831
FORREST, French, of the U. S. Navy, and Emily D. SIMMS, of the city, were married April 18 by the Rev. Mr. HAWLEY.
Dated: Nov. 17, 1831
FOWKE, Mary, consort of Chandler FOWKE, and youngest daughter of Col. Benjamin HARRISON, died Oct. 27, in King George Co., Va., age 93 years.
Dated: FOWLE, Maj. John, of the U. S. Army, and Paulina CAZENOVE, daughter of A. C. CAZENOVE, were married May 26, in Alexandria, D. C., by the Rev. Mr. HARRISON.
Dated: Aug. 17, 1831
FOWLE, William H., and Eliza Thacker HOOE, daughter of the late James H. HOOE, all of Alexandria, were married at Alexandria, Aug. 14, by the Rev. Mr. MANN.
Dated: July 25, 1831
FRANKLIN, Samuel, only son of the late Dr. Samuel FRANKLIN, of Prince George's Co., Md., was drowned near Annapolis July 21, age about 13 years.
Dated: April 6, 1831
FREELAND, Sarah, relict of the late James FREELAND, of Petersburg, Va., died at Montanverd, the residence of her son-in-law, Major George PETER, of Montgomery Co., Md., April 3, in the 54th year of her age.
Dated: Jan. 31, 1831
FREEMAN, Martha, died at Orange, N. J., Jan. 6, in the 100th year of her age.  She was born there Oct. 17, 1731, the daughter of Samuel CONDICT, Sr., who died in 1777, at the age of 81, and great granddaughter of John CONDICT, who died in 1711.  The latter emigrated from Wales about 1686; first settled in Newark, and then to Orange.
Dated: Dec. 23, 1831
FRENCH, Lt. Edmund, of the U. S. Army, and Louisa BEALL, daughter of the late Maj. Lloyd BEALL, of the U. S. Army, were married in Georgetown Dec. 21, by the Rev. Mr. BROOKE.
Dated: June 6, 1831
FUGETT, Silas, age about 9 years, was drowned May 31, near Fredericksburg.
Dated: May 24, 1831
GADSBY, Indiana, daughter of James GADSBY, died May 24, age 6 yrs., 6 mos.
Dated: July 22, 1831
GAITHER, Georgiana, daughter of George R. GAITHER, died in Montgomery Co., Md., July 20, in the 3rd year of her age.
Dated: Aug. 23, 1831
GALLOWAY, Benjamin, died at Hagerstown, Aug. 18, at an advanced age.  He was educated for the bar in England, at the Temple, and was the first Attorney General of Md.
Dated: Jan. 27, 1831
GANTT, Harriet R., died Jan. 20
Dated: Sept. 28, 1831
GARDINER, James, Jr., died at Benedict, Charles Co., Md., Sept. 7, in the 21st year of his age.
Dated: Jan. 21, 1831
GARDINER, William, and Mary C. DIDENHOVER, both of Georgetown, were married Jan. 16, by the Rev. John S. AMISS.
Dated: July 19, 1831
GARDNER, Charles, committed suicide in Boston.
Dated: Feb. 7, 1831
GARNETT, Robert, died in Cumberland Co., Ky., Dec. 31, 1830, age 94 years.  He was a native of Culpeper Co., Va.
Dated: Aug. 1, 1831
GARY, Capt. James, died July 22, near Centreville, Fairfax Co., Va., in the 67th year of his age.  At the age of 16 he enrolled as a volunteer and served in the Revolution.  He afterwards went to London, where he entered the British service and served until 1812, when he resigned his commission and returned to the U. S., where he obtained a commission and served until the end of the War of 1812.
Dated: April 22, 1831
GATES, William M., 2nd son of Maj. William GATES, of the U. S. Army, station at St. Augustine, Fla., died at that place March 25.
Dated: July 7, 1831
GAUDETT, Joseph, was executed at Boston, July 1.
Dated: April 8, 1831
GHOLSON, Major William died in Brunswick Co., Va., March 24, age about 50.  He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
Dated: June 14, 1831
GIBERSON, G. L., attorney at law, and Mrs. Eliza THOMSON, all of the Washington Co., were married June 12, by the Rev. Mr. TILT.
Dated: May 5, 1831
GIBSON, Eliza Jane, age 26, wife of David GIBSON, died in Romney, Va., April 30, age 26 yrs.  She was the daughter of William ARMSTRONG and leaves 4 girls.
Dated: Sept. 7, 1831
GIBSON, Patrick, died July 1, at Chelsea, England, age 111.
Dated: Oct. 11, 1831
GILLISS, Ellen G., wife of Thomas H. GILLISS, died Oct. 10, in the 54th year of her age.
Dated: Dec. 29, 1831
GIRARD, Stephen, died Dec. 26.  He was a native of Bordeaux, France, and came to this country prior to the Revolution.
Dated: Dec. 29, 1831
GIVEN, Elizabeth B., died Dec. 28, in the 36th year of her age.  She leaves a husband and 6 children.
Dated: July 21, 1831
GLYNN, Antonia Elizabeth, infant daughter of Maj. A. G. GLYNN, of the War Dept., died July 20.
Dated: Apr. 5, 1831
GOLDIN, Mrs. Eleanor, died April 4, in the 68th year of her age.
Dated: May 31, 1831
GOLDSBOROUGH, Brice I., of Cambridge, formerly a member of the Legislature of Md., and Leah GOLDSBOROUGH, daughter of the late James GOLDSBOROUGH, were married May 1, in Talbot Co., Md., by the Rev. Mr. BAYNE.
Dated: Nov. 4, 1831
GOLDSBOROUGH, Lewis M., of the U. S. Navy, and Elizabeth Gamble WIRT, 2nd daughter of William WIRT, were married at Baltimore Nov. 1, by the Rev. Mr. NEVINS.
Dated: Aug. 26, 1831
GONZALOS, Antonio, died in New Orleans, age 84.
Dated: Sep. 8, 1831
GOODRICH, Col. A. W., and Eliza Jane THAW, were married Sept. 6, by the Rev. Mr. BROWN.
Dated: April 25, 1831
GORDON, Sarah, daughter of John D. GORDON, died in Norfolk from poison, age about 4 yrs.
Dated: Dec. 12, 1831
GORE, Samuel, died in Boston Nov. 30, age 80.  He was one who on Dec. 16, 1773, helped destroy the tea in Boston Harbor.
Dated: May 11, 1831
GOTT, Richard, and Ann E. GORDON, daughter of William GORDON, all of this city, were married May 4, by the Rev. Mr. HAWLEY.
Dated: Nov. 15, 1831
GOUGH, S. H., and Jane DUNKINSON, all of St. Mary's Co., were married there Oct. 25 by the Rev. Mr. CARBERY.
Dated: Nov. 2, 1831
GRADY, Sally Ann, daughter of Dr. Edward B. GRADY, of Loudoun Co., died at Upperville, Va., Oct. 26, in the 10th year of her age.
Dated: May 28, 1831
GRAHAM, Catherine Ann, wife of John H. GRAHAM, of the U. S. Navy, and the eldest daughter of the late Isaac CLASON, died at N. Y., may 24.
Dated: Sept. 26, 1831
GRAHAM, Charles and Mrs. Elizabeth KEEFE, all of Alexandria, were married there Sept. 23, by the Rev. Mr. SMITH.
Dated: Feb. 9, 1831
GRAMMER, Andrew Weems, son of G. C. GRAMMER, died Feb. 8, age 5 yrs.
Dated: April 12, 1831
GRANT, Israel B., Jr., and Mary Taylor WARREN, all of Callaway Co., Mo., were married in that county by the Rev. Mr. BULWARE.
Dated: Sept. 14, 1831
GRAYSON, Letitia Breckenridge Porter, only child of Lt. J. B. GRAYSON, of the U. S. Army, formerly of Georgetown, died in Weymouth, Mass., Sept. 4, age 11 mos. 21 days.
Dated: Jan. 20, 1831
GRAYSON, Spence Monroe, attorney at law of Natchez, Miss., and Sarah R. CHEW, only daughter of William L. CHEW, of the same place, were married July 8, 1830.
Dated: Feb. 25, 1831
GREENE, Christopher, of Portsmouth, died Dec. 22, 1830, age 82 yrs. He was the last of the 5 brothers of Gen. N. GREENE. During the Revolution, he was a member of the Committee of Safety, a member of the State Convention which adopted the Constitution of the U. S., and a member of the General Assembly of R. I.  In 1774 he commanded the Kentish Guards.
Dated: Oct. 22, 1831
GRUBB, Samuel W., only son of Samuel GRUBB, of this city, died Oct. 19, in the 5th year of his age.
Dated: June 29, 1831
GUION, George J., and Caroline L. WINDER, daughter of Dr. Thomas J. WINDER, deceased, both of the Prish of Concordia, La., were married in Natchez, Miss., May 24, by the Rev. Mr. POTTS.
Dated: Feb. 7, 1831
GUPTAIN, Leonard, age about 17, died in Gardner, Maine, after becoming entangled in machinery.
Dated: April 18, 1831
HADEN, Harriett, daughter of James HADEN, of St. Mary's Co., Md., died April 13, in Georgetown.
Dated: Dec. 16, 1831
HALL, William, died in Philadelphia, Dec. 10, in the 80th year of his age.  He was the son of David HALL, a partner of Dr. Franklin, and was one of the members of the Old City Troop of Horse, commanded by Capt. Samuel Morris, and was at the battle of Trenton.  He also represented his city in the Legislature of the Commonwealth.
Dated: Nov. 15, 1831
HALLAM, Edward, died in Richmond, Va., Oct. 30, in the 61st year of his age.  He was a natiave of Conn.
Dated: Apr. 1, 1831
HALLECK, Luke, from Manchester, England, was drowned in N. Y., Mach 27.
Dated: Sept. 24, 1831
HAMILTON, Eleanor, daughter and only child of John HAMILTON of Charles Co., Md., died Sept. 17, age 6 yrs., 3 mos.
Dated: Dec. 26, 1831
HAMILTON, John W., of N. C., Delegate to the late Republican Convention, and Sarah Ann MONSARRAT, daughter of the late Capt. David MONSARRAT, of Baltimore, were married Dec. 23, by the Rev. Mr. HARGROVE.
Dated: March 4, 1831
HAMILTON, Capt. Capt. Pliny, died in Prince George's Co., Md., Feb. 28, in the 68th year of his age.
Dated: Sept. 22, 1831
HANKINS, Thomas, died at Snow's Point, Brunswick Co., Aug. 30, age 51 years.
Dated: Jan. 24, 1831
HANSON, Col. Samuel, of Samuel, died Dec. 15, 1830, in the 78th year of his age.  He was the father-in-law of the late Daniel SHEFFEY.  During the Revolution, he commanded a regiment of volunteer militia and marched from CHarles Co., and arrived, though late, for the battle of Germantown, but in time for succeeding warfare.  His father, Samuel HANSON, Sr., gave General Washington 800 lbs. sterling for the use of the American army during the Revolution.
Dated: June 18, 1831
HARFORD, Lt. William Henry, of the U. S. Topographical Engineers, and Maria M. BRYAN, daughter of Joseph BRYAN, were married in Hancock Co., Ga., May 30.
Dated: Nov. 15, 1831
HARPER, James, cashier of the U. S. Branch Bank, died at Lexington, Ky., Oct. 25.
Dated: Nov. 2, 1831
HARPER, William, Editor of the South Branch Intelligencer, and Nancy C. NEWMAN, daughter of Dr. Robert NEWMAN, all of Romney, Va., were married Oct. 20 by the Rev. Mr. COLLINS.
Dated: Aug. 9, 1831
HARRIS, Betsey, age about 22, died recently at Auburn, N. Y.
Dated: Nov. 17, 1831
HARRIS, Caroline, consort of William M. HARRIS, and daughter of James H. LYNCH, died in Richmond, Va., Nov. 14.
Dated: Nov. 1, 1831
HARRIS, Jane, daughter of Col. Joseph HARRIS, died in St. Mary's Co., Md., Oct. 21, age 17 yrs.
Dated: April 6, 1831
HARRIS, John, late of Annapolis, died March 18, at Mt. Tirza, Charles Co., Md., at the residence of his Uncle, Gwinn HARRIS, in the 35th year of hsi age.  He was the only child of the late Thomas HARRIS, of Annapolis
Dated: Aug. 3, 1831
HARRISON, Mrs. Catharine C., died in Georgetown, July 31, age 98 yrs.
Dated: Dec. 26, 1831
HARRISON, Samuel, of South River, Md., died after his right hand caught in machinery.
Dated: July 7, 1831
HASKINS, Malinda, was drowned recently in Upper Canada.
Dated: May 21, 1831
HATHORN, William, died in Putnam Co., Ga., April 28, age 110 yrs. He was a native of Ireland, and served in the Revolution under Braddock.
Dated: Dec. 3, 1831
HAUGHTON, Thomas B., of Chowan Co., N. C., was drowned Nov. 22.
Dated: March 26, 1831
HAVEN, Nathaniel A., age 69, father of the late N. A. HAVEN, Jr., died in Portsmouth, N. H., March 13.  He was a merchant, represented his town for many years in the State Legislature, and his State in the Congress of the U. S.
Dated: Sept. 16, 1831
HAW, Jesse Brown, infant son of Dr. Henry HAW, and grandson of Jesse BROWN, died Sept. 15, age 11 mos. 15 days.
Dated: Sept. 9, 1831
HAWKINS, Alexander Thomas, only son of James L. HAWKINS, died at Baltimore Sept. 2, in the 27th year of his age.
Dated: July 25, 1831
HAWKINS, Edward and Elizabeth KELLY, were married July 21, by the Rev. Mr. DANFORTH.
Dated: May 31, 1831
HAYMAN, William, eldest son of Capt. Caspar HAYMAN, of Alexandria, died in N. Y.
Dated: Oct. 3, 1831
HAYNE, Lt. Paul H., of the Navy, died at the Naval Hospital, Pensacola, Sept. 14.
Dated: Oct. 22, 1831
HAYS, Col. Stokely D., Register of the land office at Clinton, Miss., died at Jackson, Tenn., Oct. 8.
Dated: April 7, 1831
HEATH, Eliza M., widow of the late D. C. HEATH, of the U. S. Navy, and daughter of Alexander McKIM, died April 4, age 45 yrs.
Dated: July 7, 1831
HEATH, Montgomery, age about 24 yrs. committed suicide June 6.
Dated: March 22, 1831
HEATON, Dr. Albert, died in Loudoun Co., Va., March 8, in the 29th year of his age.
Dated: Nov. 15, 1831
HEREFORD, Mary, wife of Robert HEREFORD, and sister of the late Dr. John BRONAUGH, of Dumfries, Va., died Nov. 2, in Mason Co., Ohio.  She was a native of Prince William Co., Va., and emigrated to Ohio in early Life.
Dated: June 4, 1831
HERRICK, Claudius, died in New Haven, Conn., age 56 yrs.
Dated: July 13, 1831
HERSANT, Alexander Esperance Andrew, age 4 yrs., son of M. E. HERSANT, Consul of France, died July 12.
Dated: April 13, 1831
HERTY, James, of this city, and Francis LAWLER, eldest daughter of William LAWLER, of Fauquier Co., Va., were married there March 23, by the Rev. Mr. OGLESBY.
Dated: July 20, 1831
HEWITT, Catharine Edmonds, youngest daughter of Thomas W. HEWITT, died at Clifton, Fairfax Co., Va., July 11, age 2 yrs., 7 mos.
Dated: July 20, 1831
HEWITT, Margaret Boyd, 2nd youngest daughter of Thoams W. HEWITT, died in Alexandria July 17, age 9 yrs., 11 mos.
Dated: Dec. 8, 1831
HEWITT, Robert, and Ruhamah COOMBE, youngest daughter of Griffith COOMBE, all of this city, were married Dec. 6, by the Rev. Mr. Hatch.
Dated: Feb. 15, 1831
HIGGINS, James, M. D., late of this place, and Margaret R. DAVIS, 2nd daughter of the late Isaac DAVIS, of Ohio, were married Jan. 25, in Bourbon Co., Ky., by the Rev. Mr. STRIBBLING.
START at Page 116 - Natl Inquirer 1831 - 1967 No. 2 Vol 55
Dated: March 21, 1831.
JOHNSON, William P. C., of Bristol, Pa., and Ann Eliza WASHINGTON, eldest daughter of Bushrod WASHINGTON, of Va., were married Mar. 15, by the Rev. Mr. Jackson
Dated: Sept. 30, 1831.
JOHNSTON, Thomas N., son of Richard JOHNSTON, of Fredericksburg, died Sept. 27, in the 28th year aof his age.  He leaves a wife and one child.
Dated: Nov. 17, 1831
JONES, Ann Maria, daughter of William S. JONES, died at Vaucluse, Frederick Co., Va., in the 10th year of her age.
Dated: Oct. 14, 1831.
JONES, Pamela H., 2nd daughter of Lt. Ezekiel JONES, died at Hampton, Va.; Sept. 21, in the 14th year of her age.
Dated: Apr. 2, 1831
JONES, Lt. Richard A., of U. S. Navy, and Emily PINKNEY, youngest daughter of the late William PINKNEY, were married in Baltimore Mar. 28, by the Rev. Mr. Burnap.
Dated: July 6, 1831
JONES, Thomas, son of Thomas JONES, was killed at Cambridge, Md., June 23.
Dated: Oct. 26, 1831
JONES, William, died at Bethlehem, Pa., Sept. 6, in the 70th year of his age.  He was a native of that city, and when about 16 years. old joined a volunteer Co., commanded by Capt. Fitzsimmons, and was present at the battles of Trenton, and Princeton, during the Revolution.  After the close of the war, he entered the merchant service until 1790, when he settled at Charleston, S. C., from whence he removed to Bethlehem in 1793.  He represented this city in Congress from 1802 to 1803.  He was Secretary of the Navy during Mr. Madison's administration and afterwards appointed President of the Bank of the U. S.  He had no children.
Dated: Oct. 15, 1831
JUSTICE, John, died at Newbern, N. C., a few days ago
Dated: Dec. 2, 1831
KAILOR, Adam, was accidentally killed Nov. 13, in Morgan Co., Va.
Dated: Aug. 24, 1831
KEAN, James Macomb, a son of Matthew KEAN, died at New Castle, De., Aug. 18, age 13 yrs.
Dated: Aug. 24, 1831
KEAN, Thomas, son of Matthew KEAN, died at New Castle, Del., Aug. 16, age 15 yrs.
Dated: Aug. 25, 1831
KEITH, Rev. Dr., principal of the Episcopal Theological Seminary in Fairfax Co., Va., and Elizabeth HIGGONSON, eldest daughter of Stephen HIGGINSON, of Boston, were married in Boston, last week.
Dated: Nov. 4, 1831
KELLAM, John H., of Va., and Ann Mary MORGAN, daughter of Oliver J. MORGAN, of Monroe, Ouachita, La., were married there Oct. 5.
Dated: Oct. 17, 1831
KELLY, Cyrus D., and Mary YOUNG, both of this city were married in Rock Creek Church Parish Oct. 13 by the Rev. Mr. Wiltberger.
Dated: May 24, 1831
KENT, Robert, son of Joseph KENT, late Governor of Md., died May 20 at Lancaster, Pa., in the 19th year of his age.
Dated: July 16, 1831
KEPPLER, Rev. Samuel, and Mary Jane WARING, daughter of Basil WARING, were married July 14, by the Rev. Mr. Hanson.
Dated: March 30, 1831
KERR, Sarah, consort of William KERR, Jr., formerly of Boston, Mass., died in this city March 27, in the 28th year of his age.
Dated: Jan. 3, 1831
KEY, Mary, wife of Philip B. KEY, and daughter of the late Robert SEWELL, of Poplar Hill, P. G. Co., Md., died Jan. 1, age 22 yrs., 3 mos.
Dated: March 25, 1831
KILBOURN, John, author of the Ohio Gazetteer, formerly a Representative in Congress from Ohio, died lately at Columbus, Ohio.
Dated: Oct. 15, 1831
KINCAID, George, formerly of Georgetown, died at Natchitoches, La., Sept. 13.
Dated: Aug. 26, 1831
KING, Mark, died in this city Aug. 24, age 31 yrs.
Dated: Feb. 2, 7, 1831
KING, Robert, died in this city Jan. 28, in the 56th year of his age.  He assisted in laying out the city; was afterwards city surveyor, and for the past 18 years was principal draftsman in the General Land Office.  HE was a native of England. 
Dated: June 28, 1831
KIRBY, Edmund, son of Maj. R. M. KIRBY, of the U. S. Army, died in this city, June 25, age 19 mos.
Dated: Dec. 28, 1831
KIRBY, Maj. Reynold M., of the U. S. Army, and Mary BARCLAY, eldest daughter of David BARCLAY, were married Dec. 22 at Richmond, Va., by the Rev. Mr. Taylor.
Dated: April 15, 1831
KLAPP, Dr. Harvey, of Philadelphia, and Anna P. McKNIGHT, daughter of the late Capt. James McKNIGHT, of the U. S. Marine Corps. were married in this city April 13, by the Rev. Mr. Hatch.
Dated: Oct. 25, 1831
KLEIBER, Catharine Ann, died Oct. 23, in the 13th year of her age.
Dated: Jan. 5, 1831
KNAPP, Joseph, J., Jr., was hanged at Salem, Dec. 31, 1830, for the murder of Capt. Joseph WHITE
Dated: April 30, 1831
KNOWLES, Catharine, wife of Henry KNOWLES, Sr., died April 20, in Georgetown, aged 66 yrs. 
Dated: July 22, 1831
KOALER, George and Mary RALTER, all of this place, were married July 19 by the Rev. Mr. Hawley
Dated: March 7, 1831
KRAVENER, Paul, committed suicide in New Orleans, Feb. 9.
Dated: Aug. 30, 1831
KROFFT, Laurence, age 22 yrs., 3 mos., died in this city Aug. 29.
Dated: May 31, 1831
KURTZ, John and Sarah BALTZER, were married in Georgetown May 26 by the Rev. Dr. Balch.
Dated: Aug. 22, 1831
LABILLE, Stephen, son of Louis LABILLE, formerly of this city, died Aug. 8, in Louisville, Ky., age 28 yrs.
Dated: July 16, 1831
LAKE, Adam, died in Philadelphia, from a snake bite.
Dated: Oct. 27, 1831
LAMBE, Elizabeth Honoria Frances, relict of the late Sgt. LAMBE, of the Artillery of the Island of St. Helena, died there in Sept., age 110 yrs., 4 mos.  She was 8 times married.
Dated: May 26, 1831
LAMBRECHT, Reinard, and Jane A. D. BEEVES, all of this city, were married Mary 24 by the Rev. Mr. Hawley.
Dated: Nov. 7, 1831
LANHAM, Sarah Bean, eldest daughter of Edward L. and Martha Ann LANHAM, died Oct. 31, age 4 yrs., 1 mo. 16 days.


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