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Published in Washington D. C.
(News is for no specific county or state as it contains facts from all over the country)

1828 -1830 - 1831 -1833 - 1861

Date: Tuesday - Jan. 1, 1861
Senate: 1 - Memorial from Orlando B. GRIFFITH: asking the pension that he now receives may be made to date back to the time of his disability.  2 - Memorial from Wm. HARLOW, adm. of an ofcr of the Rev. army: asking to be allowed commutation pay. 3 - Memorial of Albert GREENLEAF: asking compensation for extra svcs as Navy agent.  4 - Memorial from Wm. & John TURVIN: asking an amendment to the laws passed for their relief.

Orphans of Crt. of Wash. Co., D. C.: in the case of Asbury LLOYD, adm. of Eliz. FORD, dec'd. Jan. 12, next appointed for final settlement & distrubution of estate of said dec'd. - Ed N. ROACH, Reg./o wills.

Bank of Commerce, Gtwn, D.C.  Partnership for carrying out the business of banking between Chas. E. RITTENHOUSE, Hugh B. SWEENY, Hamilton G. FANT, SAml. FOWLER, John L. DUFIEF, Wm. T. HERRON, Richd. PETTIT, Richd. M. BOYER, Mrs. Susan IRELAND, Hugh B. SWEENY, exc. & Ann R. O'NEALE, excx. of Timothy O'NEALE, dec'd., until Jan. 1, 1861.  Richd M. Boyer has died.  Partnership is now held by: RITTENHOUSE, SWEENY, FANT, FOWLER, DUFIEF, HERRON, PETTIT, & Mrs. Susan IRELAND - C. E. RITTENHOUSE, Pres.

Munich letter of Nov. 25: Duke Paul WILLIAM, of Wurtemburg, died at his chateau of Nergenstheim, suddenly of apoplexy, in the 64th year of his age.

WALL & BARNARD auctioneers: bailiff's sale of household furniture in front of the Auction store. - J. H. WISE, blf.

Trustee's sale of fine groceries, wines, etc., the remaining of S. T. DRURY. - T. DRURY, trustee - WALL & BARNARD aucts.

Trustee's sale of valuable lot, deed of trust dated Sep. 20, 1856, recorded in Liber J. A. S. #121 folios 4 thru 6, one of the land records for Wash. Co., D. C.  Sale of lots #5 thru 6, in Davidson's subdivision of sq. 281, fronting each 24 ft. 3 inches on north M st., corner of 13th st. west & running back 120 ft. to an alley - Geo. T. Langley trustee - J. C. McGuire & Co. aucts.

F. PERIN, of New Orleans, Atty at Law, will after Dec. 1, 1860, attend causes before the Supreme crt & Crt of Claims of the U. S. & to claims before Congress, etc.  Address: 4 1/2 st.

Date: Wednesday, Jan. 2, 1861
Mrd: at Phil., on Dec. 27, by Rev. C. W. SHIELDS, Adfred D. BERGHMANS, of Belgian Legation, to Lily LYTLE, d/o Chas. Macalester, of Phil.

Orphans Crt. of Wash. Co., D.C.: letters of adm. on the prntl. estate of Pringle SLIGHT, late of said county, dec'd - Cath. SLIGHT, excx.

Died in Baltmore, Md., Dec. 30th, Wm. R. LOVEGROVE, in his 38th year, formerly a resident of Washington City.

Notice to our friends & customers: we have had their bills all made off, & those who prefer calling at our desk for them will please do so - J. W. COLLEY & Co., 523 7th st., above Pa. Ave.

The 6 year old son of Mr. Jas. CROFTON, a respectable citizen of New Orleans, accidentally shot and killed his son because he thought the gun he was handling was  unloaded.  An older brother & younger sister were int he room when it happened.

The President has appointed the following gentlemen as commissioners to the slaveholding states: 
Miss: M. I. BONHAM
Ga. & Texas were not mentioned
Ark.: A. C. SPAIN

Date: Thursday, Jan. 3, 1861
Fire on Jan. 2 destroyed the bldg. owned by Mr. W. H. Philip and occupied by a grocery store by Mr. Henry C. PURDY, Pa. av. between 4 1/2 & 6th sts.   Flames spread into the house of Mr. M. G> EMERY, occupied by Mr. E. Z. STEVER, plumber & gas-fitter & adjoining house owned by estate of Raphael SEMMES, occupied as a grocery store and dwelling by Mr. Wm. C. HARPER.  Spread to the house owned by Mr. John M. YOUNG, coach-maker, the adjoining coach factory by Mr. Thos. YOUNG was slightly damaged, adjoins HARPER's store, building owned by Mr. John P. INGLE and occupied by Mr. John F. BRIDGETT, coach-maker, was considerably damaged.  Local Matter

DIED: On Jan. 2, Emma J. LYNCH, aged 14 months and 6 days, only daughter of James & Jane Lynch.  Funeral on Thursday, from the residence of her parents, 25 East Capitol Street.

A GREEN has associated himself with Mr. Wash. B. WILLIAMS in the auction and commission furniture business.  _Local Notice.

1 - Memorial from Dr. Isaac J. HAYES, now on a voyage of discovery in teh arctic seas asking to have the name of his vessel Spring Hill changed to United States.  [The Doctor gives as a reason for desiring the change that the vessel, with her whole outfit, was the spontaneous gift of citizens of Boston, N. Y. and of his native city, Phil, for scientific purposes and hence should bear a name in accordance with the patriotic sentiment that prompted the aforesaid contributions.] 
1 - Cmte on Military Affairs: referred the memorial of Wm. L. S. DEARING, asking payment for furnishing horses and equipage for a company of Tennessee volunteers for the Florida war., asked to be discharged from the further consideration of the same, on the ground that the Cmte. of Claims had already report on the subject; which was agreed to.
3 - Cmte of Claims: to which was referred the papers in the case of Saml. ORRIS, reported adversely on by the Court of Claims, asked to be discharged from further consideration and that it be referred to the Cmte on Indian Affairs, on the ground that said cmte was the appropriate one: which was agreed to.
4 - Mr. CRITTENDEN asked to be excused from serving on the Cmte on Rev. Claims: which was agreed on.

Supreme Court of the U. S., Jan. 2.  Admited as attorney and conselor of this court: B. HEISKELL, of Tenn.; G. PUTNAM, Jr., of Mass.; E. McLAUGHLIN, of Md.  [E. is first choice for this letter on folded paper - could be B.]

Headquarters, Charleston, Dec. 31, 1860.  Following gentlemen have been appointed aids-de-camp to his Excellency, Commander-in-Chief, with the rank of Lt. Col. and will be obeyed and respected accordingly, John S. GREEN.  By order, R. G. M. DUNNOVANT, Adj. and Inspector Gen.

DIED: On Jan. 2, Williard B., son of Hon. Wm. VANDEVER, aged 1 year & 11 monts.

Washington Rumors:  The following army officers have resigned from S. C.: Brevt. Maj. Wm. H. WALKER and Brvt. Maj. H. C. WAYNE, of Ga.; Col. A. C. MYERS, Capt. John DONNOVANT and Brvt 2nd Lt. W. H. GIBBES.  The following naval officers from S. C. ahve resigned: Lts. A. F. WARLEY, John R. HAMILTON, Robt. SELDEN and W. John GRIMBALL, & Wm. H. WILKINSON.

On Wednesday the barn of Mr. W. J. STONE, Sr., on 14th St., near Columbian College, was discovered to be on fire and in a short time totally consumed.  The fire was the work of an incendiary.

For Havanna, via Key West, U. S. Mail. Isabel LINE.  The steamship Isabel, W. ROLLINS, Commander , will leave Charleston on the 10th and 25th of each month returning on the 1st and 16th.  For information apply to T. BARNARD, 1 Todd's Buildings, Wash. or MORDECAI & Co., at Bay, Charleston.

Washington Corp:
1 - Nomination of R. L. MASTIN for police constable on the 1st ward, v. J. F. Edwards, transferred to the Cmte of Police and confirmed
2 - Thos. W. MILLER's contract for the erection of fire-plugs: referred to the Cmte on Drainage.
3 - R. A. WATERS praying compensation for certain printing authorized by the Board of Commissioners for the erection of a new Centre Market house: referred to the Cmte on Finance.
4 - Claim of W. D. WALLACH for certain advertising in the Star: referred to the Cmte on Finance.
5. Petition of Chas. RAUTERBERG, for the remission of taxes on a certain bldg. occupied by him as a school house: referred to the Cmte on Fiannce.
6 - Petition of F. BRANDNER, for remission of a fine: referred to the Cmte of Claims.
7 - Cmte of Claims: referred the petition of Moses MINSTER and John WALSH for the remission of fines, reported the same back and asked to be discharged from the further consideration thereof: so ordered
8 - Petition from Saml. KING, referred to the Cmte on Police
9 - Petition from G. KEATING and others in relation to the Northern market house; referred to the Cmte on Police.
10 - Mr. JONES introduced a joint resolution in relation to observing Friday next as a Day of Fasting and Prayer: which was read 3 times and passed.
11 - Petition from Wm. Van RESWICK and others, praying that First St. east, from M. to N. St. south, may be grad3ed and paved: referred to the Cmte on Improvements.
12 - Petition from John H. SNYDER & other butchers, praying a reduction in the present rate of prices for stalls: referred to the Cmte on Police.

Dated: Monday, Jan. 7, 1861
MARRIED in Washington, D. C. on Jan. 2 by Rev. E. C. BITTINGER, U. S. Navy, Mr. Thos. H. ELLISON to Miss Martha C., daughter of Mr. M. STEVENSON.

DIED: on Jan. 6, in the 77th year of her age, Mrs. Mildred M. RHODES, after a lingering sickness.  Requiem mass at St. Aloysius Church on Tuesday.  Burial in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

DIED: at Springbore?, Warren Co., Ohio, on Dec. 24, Mrs. Eliz. TIMMS, formerly of Washington City, D. C., aged 78 years.

The Marquis of Dalhousie at Dalhousie Castle, Midlothian, Scotland, on Dec. 19, in the 48th year of his age.  His wife died in 1853.

Orphans Court of Washington D. C. -
1 - Personal estate of Chas. L. COLTMAN, late of said county, deceased. - Jas. ADAMS, Robt. COLTMAN, executors
2 - Personal estate of John T. KILLMON, late of same, dec'd - Mary Jane KILLMON, admx.

Fatal affray at New Orleans, on Dec. 31, between Mr. Victor MAROT and Mr. John FLATHERS left Mr. MAROT dead.  FLATHERS' injuries were to his thumb.

Alfred HUGER, in reply to a letter from the Postmaster Gen., states that he still considers himself as holding his office under the Government of the U. S. and shall account to the U. S. for all moneys coming into his hands as Postmaster.

Redemption of $237,737.31 of Va. 5% and 6% debt.  Holders of the following certificates of debt issued by the state of Va. will take notice that the Com'rs of the Sinking Fund, calling in the certificates of debt in the order in which they are authorized to be redeemed, will proceed on Dec. 31, 1860, to redeem same at the Treas. of the Commonwealth.  Under an act to provide for the construction of a turnpike road from Staunton to Parkersburg, passed Mar. 16, 1838, as amended under the 3rd section of an act to provide for raising loans to certain railroad companies, and for other purposes passed May 21, 1839:
1841, Jos. SMITH, of Augusta co. $300
1841, Thos. STEVENSON, of Richmond, $200
1842, Jas. HASKINS, cmte of Jno. HASKINS, Sr. $845
1842, Sam. HANNAH, of Charleston, Kanawha, $600
1843, Johanna SHAER, of Germany, $400
1844, Norman STEWART, of Richmond, $200
1846, Wm. M. JACKSON, of Winchester, $200
1847, Archibald ATKINSON, $1,200
1847, Littl'n W. TAZEWELL, of Norfolk, $1,000
1848, Washington College, $100
1849, Pres. and Trustees of Hampden Sidney College, $500
1849, Wm. RADFORD, Executor of R. WALKER, $400
1849, P. St. Geo. AMBLER, trustee for Mrs. G. B. BROOKE, $100
1849, D. H. GORDON, trustee for Children of B. B. GORDON, $500
1849, Eliz. BERNARD, of Fredericksburg, $1,000
1851, Wm. Wirt CABELL, $200
1851, Robt. KING, $200
1852, Robt. KING, of Orange, $300 and $300
1853, Thos. J. RANDOLPH, of Albermarle, $400
1853, MErchants Bank of Va., $1,000
1853, Jas. M. PERDUE, Commissioner, etc. $500 (etc: as copied)
1853, Lawson NUNNALLY, truestee of Cath. H. FRIEND, $500
1853, Eliz. A. Fitzgerald, $300
1854, Va TAYLOR, of Norfolk, $100
1854, John W. TONEY, $1,000
1854, R. G. MORRIS, guardian, etc. $300 [etc: as copied]
1854, C. J. Beirne, $500
1854, Eliza A. DAVENPORT, $600
1856, R. G. MORRIS, trustee under the will of C. S. MORRISS, dec'd, $2,000
1856, Cyrus W. GRANBY, of Norfolk, $800 & $100
1856, Sarach C. COOKE, of Norfolk, $200
1845, Wm. E. JACKSON, one of the surviving children, etc., $1,900 [etc. as copied}
1857, John STUART, trustee for Matilda HILL, $62.31
1857, Sally B. SHIP, $100
1858, L. DELARUE, an infant, $450
1858, MAry and Eliz. D. VASS, $100
1858, Addison A. JONES, $500
1858, Benj. WATERS, $100
1859, Thos. W. DOSWELL, trustee, $180
1859, Martin JAMES, of Goochland, $200
1859, G. W. LEWIS, $300
1859, Richd, WHITFIELD, $400
1860, Wm. H. ALLISON, $500
1860, C. C. ARMSTRONG, trustee of the children of W. J. ARMSTRONG, $1,100
1860, L. B. CONWAY, $450 & 300
2 - Under act to increase the capital stock of thePortsmouth & Roanoke Railroad Co. and to authorize a subscription thereto on behalf of thestate, passed Jan. 20, 1834, 5%
1838, Frechville Lawson Ballantyne DYKES, of Dovenby Hall, Cumberland, Jas. Garth MARSHALL, merchant of Leeds & Henry Cowper Marshall, of Leeds, merchant; trustees under the will of John J. MARSHALL, Jr., dec'd, 15 @ $5,000 each.
1844, Richd. THORTON, of Old Swan Wharf, upper Thames St., London, $4,000 & $2,000
1849, Baroness Johanna Albertina Adelaide de BERLICHIGEN, wife of Baron Frederick de BERLICHINGEN, of Stuttgart, $3,000
1850, David Barclay CHAPMAN, of London, 4 @ $5,000 each.
3 - Under an act authorizing the Board of Public Works to subscribe, on behalf of the Commonwealth to the stock of the Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Rail Road Co., passed Jan. 23, 1835.


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