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(Source:  History of Shelby County, Ohio and Representative Citizens.
Evansville, Ind. - A. B. C. Hitchcock - 1913 - 913 pgs)
(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)

(Shelby Co., Ohio, Military Index)



    This regiment was organized at Camp Jackson, near Columbus, O., May 4, 1861, but a few days later moved to Camp Goddard at Zanesville, where preparations were made for field service.  It was then ordered into West Virginia on guard duty on the Baltimore & Ohio Railway, and advanced as far as Grafton.  It took part in the engagements at Philippi, Lurel Hill, and Garrick's Ford, and at the expiration of the term of enlistment was discharged about the 1st of August, 1861.
     The next call of the president was for three hundred thousand men for three years, and the old Fifteenth responded almost unanimously.  It was then reorganized at Camp Modecai Bartley, near Mansfield, and moved to Camp Dennison, Sep. 26, 1861.  On the 4th of October the regiment went to Lexington, Ky., but eight days later moved to Camp Nevin, near Nolin's Station, by way of Louisville.  It was here assigned to the Sixth Brigade, commanded by Gen. R. W. Johnston, of the Second Diision, under command of Gen. A. McD. McCook of the Army of Ohio, then under General Sherman.  On the 9th of Dec., 1861, the division moved out to Bacon Creek, and the next day the brigade occupied Mumfordsville.  On the 14th of the month the division brook camp to move against Fort Donelson, but learning of the fall of that fort, a march was made to Bowling Green, and Nashville was finally reached on the 2d of March.  Here a camp was formed, but on the 16th the march to Savannah began, that place being reached on the night of April 6.  The next morning the Fifteenth marched to the battle ground, and remained in the engagement the regiment lost six men killed and sixty-two wounded.
     On the 24th of July, 1863, an advance was made on Tullahoma and Shelbyville, and in the engagements which followed this regiment took a very prominent part.  The division afterward moved to Bellefonte, Ala., which place was reached Aug. 22, and on the 2d of September the march was continued in the direction of Rome, and on the 11th the division took position with the main army in Lookout Valley.  Here the regiment occupied the extreme right flank until the morning of the 19th, when it marched for the battlefield of Chickamauga, and was engaged immediately upon its arrival.
     It then took part in the siege of Chattanooga and the assault on Mission Ridge.  We next find it with the First Brigade, Third Division, Fourth Army Corps, marching to the relief of Knoxville, Tenn., where it arrived on the 8th of December, and on the 20th the command moved to Strawberry Plains.  In Jan., 1864, the greater portion of the regiment re-enlisted and started to Columbus, O., via Chattanooga, to receive furloughs.  On the 10th of February the regiment reached Columbus three hundred and fifty veterans strong, and on the 12th the whole regiment was furloughed.
     They next appear at Camp Chase on the 4th of March recruited to the strength of nearly nine hundred men.  The regiment reached Nashville in March and Chattanooga on the 5th of April.  On the 8th it went to Cleveland, Tenn., and to McDonald's Station on the 20th, where it remained until the spring campaign.  On the 3d of May camp was broken and the regiment joined the army of Sherman at Tunnel Hill.  The regiment afterward participated in the battle of Resaca, and again in that of Dallas, in which it lost nineteen men killed, three officers, and sixty-one privates wounded and nineteen missing who were supposed to be killed or desperately wounded.  The color guard, with the exception of one corporal, were all killed or wounded, but one corporal, David Hart, of Company I, brought the colors safely from the field.  The army next moved to Kenesaw Mountain, and on the 14th of June the regiment lost one man killed and five wounded from Company A.
     The regiment next crossed the Chattahoochee and finally appeared before Atlanta.  After operating on the rear of Atlanta the regiment was marched to the relief of Resaca, and finally to Columbia.  At Nashville the regiment formed the extreme left of the army.  It next moved against the enemy's position on the Franklin Pike.  After following the enemy to Lexington, Ala., it went into camp at Bird Springs.  It next moved to New Market, Tenn., in March, and then to Greenville to guard against the escape of Lee and Johnston, who were being pressed by Grant and Sherman.  In April it was ordered back to Nashville, which place was reached about the 1st of May, 1865.  Here the regiment lay in camp until the 16th of June, when it was ordered to Texas.  On the 9th of July it reached Indianola, Texas, and the same night marched to Green Lake.  Here the regiment lay until about the 10th of August, when it marched toward San Antonio.  On the 21st it reached the Salado, near San Antonio, where it lay until October 20, when it entered upon post duty in the city.  Here the regiment remained until the 21st of November, when it was mustered out and ordered to Columbus, O., for final discharge.  Leaving San Antonio on the 24th of November the regiment reached Columbus, Dec. 25, and was discharged on the 27th after a period of four years and eight months service.


Name Rank Remarks
Anderson, Alva   taken prisoner at Stone River Sept., 1863
Ash, William   wounded at Chickamauga July, 1864
Baldwin, Charles   May 17, 1862, Shiloh
Borer, Lucas   killed Dec. 31, 1862 at Stone River
Clearity, John W.   killed at Stone River
Couter, Samuel   taken prisoner at Stone River, Sept. 20, 1864
Delancy, James C.   taken prisoner at Stone River, June 1865
Fire, F.   Nov., 1861
Fletcher, David   May 5, 1863
Fletcher, Henry    
Fletcher, Samuel    
Gallatine, Benj.   wounded at Pickett's Mills, May, 1864
Guthrie, James   taken prisoner at Stone River, Sept., 1864
Hart, Thomas S.   May, 1865
Hersluser, George L.   taken prisoner at Chicamauga, Sept., 1863
Hoadley, S. B.   Feb., 1863
Howver, Martin   Sept., 1864
Kerkendall, L. F. Corporal  
Larick, Andrew   Sept., 1864
Lathrops, Wellington   Sept., 1862
Meek, Joseph E.   wounded and taken prisoner at Stone River, Sept., 1864
Mellard, Irvin I.   Nov., 1861
Mortimore, Joseph   Apr., 1863
Morton, William   wounded at Stone River Sept., 1864
Myers, Isaac A.   Feb., 1863
Price, Willialm Wagoner Feb. 1863
Rambo, Aaron Sergeant Discharged 1865
Riggs, Frank H.   discharged Sep. 13, 1863
Rockwell, George W.   taken prisoner at Stone River Sept., 1864
Sawyer, Gardner   taken prisoner at Stone River Sept., 1864
Seiter, John H. Corporal Nov. 1862
Seiters, Henry   discharged Aug. 1862
Summers, George F.   taken prisoner at Stone River June, 1863
White, John A.   May 1862
White, John F.   taken prisoner at Stone River Sept., 1864
White, Winfield G.   wounded at Stone River Sept., 1864
Winton, William   March, 1863


Shelby County, Ohio Military
Company I, 15th Regiment O. V. I.
Company I, 20th O. V. I.
50th O. V. I.
99th O. V. I.
118th O. V. I.
Battery M - 1st Ohio Light Artillery
Neal Post
Monumental Building
Tablet Roster - At Rest
Spanish-American War - Co. L

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