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A Biographical History of Darke County, Ohio

Compendium of National Biography
Chicago:  The Lewis Publishing Company



AARON IRELAN.  It is now our privilege to enter a brief review of the career of one of the venerable and honored pioneer citizens of Darke county, and the province of a compilation of this nature is most perfectly realized in offering a resume of such character.  Aaron Abel Irelan, who is a resident of Hollansburg, Harrison township, is a native son of the Buckeye state, having been born in Monroe township, Preble county, on the 12th of September, 1818, the son of Moses Irelan, who removed from Cincinnati to Preble county about 1816.  He was born in Pennsylvania, Sept. 15, 1790, and his death occurred Nov. 22, 1872.  His father was Aaron Irelan, of an old and long-lived Pennsylvania family.  All of his brothers and sisters except one lived to advanced age, his death being the result of an accident, as he was killed by a horse, when about fifty years of age.  Grandfather Irelan removed from New Jersey to Pennsylvania and thence to Cincinnati, and he died in Coleraine township.  His widow subsequently married a man named Robinson, and she died of paralysis, at the age of eighty years.
     Moses Irelan married Hester Abel, who accompanied a family named Beten from New Jersey to Ohio when a child of seven years, in 1808.  She was born in 1799 and her marriage to Mr. Irelan was consummated when she was sixteen years of age.  Of their ten children we make record as follows:  Polly, wife of George Painter, died leaving five children; Aaron A. is the subject of this sketch; Dorcas was three times married and she died at the age of seventy-two, leaving three children; Ephraim died young; Hettie and Jane have both passed away, each leaving children; and the three others of the family died in infancy.  The mother died in 1837, and the father was again married, one child being the issue of this union.  He died Nov. 22, 1872, as before noted.
     Aaron A. Ireland was reared in the forests of the pioneer farm and he early became inured to hard work, aiding in the reclaiming and cultivation of the old homestead.  He remained with his parents until he had reached the age of twenty-five years, after which he engaged in huxtering for four years, beginning his independent career without cash or credit.  In 1845 he engaged in the general merchandise trade in Hollansburg, continuing this enterprise until 1852, when he determined to resume the pursuits to which he has bee very successful in his farming operations, having owned at one time six hundred and seventy-five acres, of which he still retains two hundred and forty acres of the most desirable and bet cultivated land in the county.  Though he has operated so extensively in the agricultural line he has continued to hold his mercantile interests until quite recently, when he disposed of the same. 
     On the 18th of October, 1841, Mr. Irelan was united in marriage to Miss Phoebe Tillson, and they have had nine children, namely:  The first born was a son, who died in infancy; Josephine died at the age of five years; Norman Tillson is engaged extensively in farming and stock-raising, utilizing his father's farm and also his own place, of one hundred and sixty acres; he is married and has seven children; James died young; Isaiah died at the age of twelve years and George at the age of five; William A., a successful teacher, died in April, 1900, at the age of thirty-nine years, leaving a wife and three children; Cora Belle is the wife of Samuel Williams, of Greenville, and has four sons; and Leona is the wife of O. S. Downing and has five children.  The Tillson family is of good old New England stock, the original representatives having come to America in the Mayflower.  Aaron Irelan, grandfather of our subject, was a son of Dayton Irelan, who came to America from England prior to the Revolution, and his brother, who came with him, was taken prisoner and taken back to England, returning to the United States after the close of the war.  Dayton Irelan married Dorcus Buck, of New Jersey, and they have five sons and five daughters, all of whom attained adult age and were married in Ohio.  The present generation of the Irelan family is the eighth in line from the original American progenitor.
     Mr. Irelan is a Master Mason, having been identified with this time-honored fraternity for many years, and in politics he renders allegiance to the Democratic party, having served as township trustee for the long term of fifteen years and having also held the office of justice of the peace for a similar period.  Mrs. Irelan is a member of the Christian church.
     Rev. Hosea Tillson, an uncle of Mrs. Irelan, was born Nov. 24, 1810, and is still living, being a resident of Bethel, Indiana.  He is the tenth child of Luther and Mehitable Tillson, who removed from Woodstock, Connecticut, to Cincinnati, in 1802, and later to Butler county, Ohio, near the present site of Somerville, and their Hosea was born.  In 1817 the family removed to Darke county, near the Indiana line, and here, amid the perils and vicissitudes of pioneer life, he grew to manhood.  At the age of twenty-one years he married Jane A. Anderson, of Bethel, with whom he lived twenty-three years.  They reared one son, Reuben, who was a merchant, and at present postmaster of Hollansburg.  After the death of his first wife Mr. Tillson married Margaret Harlan, of Bethel, and their married life has extended over a period of forty years.  They are the parents of three daughters.  The Rev. Mr. Tillson is a sound Bible student and an unswerving advocate of truth and virtue.  In his patriarchal age he has the veneration of all who know him.  His father was for six years a sailor on the ocean and related many interesting tales of adventure and peril.  Rev. Mr. Tillson has been a licensed preacher in the Christian church for sixty-two years.  He settled in Bethel in 1866 and was an elder in the church for thirty-six years.  He lived close to the Indiana line and became very popular as "the marrying parson."
     Though for many years, Mr. Irelan has been in somewhat impaired health, he has nevertheless been a most active and energetic business man, having shown a mature judgment and due conservatism in the conduct of his large interests.  He is animated by the most absolute integrity of purpose and despises intrigue and dishonesty in every form.  His vigorous intellect would have insured him success in any field of endeavor, and though now an octogenarian he has more the appearance of a man of sixty.  He is recognized as the leading citizen of Hollansburg, and his friends are in number as his acquaintances.

A biographical history of Darke County, Ohio - Evansville, Ind. 1900 - Page 320
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(1 Found Aaron Ireland in 1900 Census - Harrison Twp., Darke Co. ,Ohio on 22nd day of June 1900. 
NARA Film Series: T623  Sheet 21B
Dwelling 497  Family 507
Irelan, Aaron A.  Head, W M Sept. 1818 ae. 81 yrs. Md 33 yrs.  b. Ohio   Fath. b. New Jersey  Moth. b. New Jersey
-- , Phoebe  Wife, W F Apr. 1830 ae 70 yrs.  Md. 33 yrs.  9 children 3 children living  b. Ohio  Fath. b. Vermont  Moth. b. Ohio
Living at Dwelling 496 Family506
Ireland, Norman L.  Head W M Dec. 1851 ae 48 yrs. Md. 25 yrs.  b. OH  Fath. b. OH  Moth. b. OH
-- , Clara M.  Wife  W F Jan. 1866 ae 44 yrs Md. 25 yrs.  8 children 7 children living  b. IND  Fath. b. IND  Moth. b. IND
-- , Nora        Dau. W F June 1879  ae 21 S  b. OH  Fath b. OH  Moth b. IND
-- , Rose Ona  Dau. W F Sep. 1880 ae 19 yrs. S  b. OH  Fath. b. OH  Moth. b. IND
-- , George A.  Son W M Aug. 1882  ae 17 yrs.  S  b. OH  Fath. b. OH  Moth. b. IND
-- , Charley L.(T?)  Son W M Dec. 1883 ae 16 yrs.  S   b. OH  Fath. b. OH  Moth. b. IND
-- , Ora G.        Son W M Oct. 1887  ae 12 yrs. S  b. OH  Fath. b. OH  Moth. b. IND
-- , Izetta G.    Dau W F Feb. 1891 ae 9 yrs.  S   b. OH  Fath. b. OH  Moth. b. IND
Found in 1910 Census - Harrison Twp., Darke Co., OH on 28th & 29th day of Apr. 1910
NARA Film Series T1283  Sheet 4A
Bethel Road
Dwelling  71  Family 75
Irelan, Aaron     Head  M W ae 91 yrs. M1 63 yrs.  b. OH  Fath. b. PA  Moth. b. NJ
-- Phebe             Wife  F W ae 80 yrs.  M1  63 yrs.  b. OH  Fath. b. VT  Moth. b. OH


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