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A Standard History of Allen County, Ohio
Vol. II

by Wm. Rusler - Publ.

  GEORGE HENRY ALLEMEIER, owner of a sixty-acres farm in American Township, is one of the prosperous agriculturalists of Allen county, and a man who stands well in public esteem.  He was born in Jackson township, Putnam county, Ohio, Apr. 30, 1871, a son of Frederick and Elizabeth (Seiglar) Alemeier and grandson of Henry Allemeier, both of whom were born in Germany, from whence they came to the United States and settled in Jackson township of Putnam county, Ohio, on land which was unbroken.  They cleared a valuable farm, and worked on the Cincinnati and Toledo canal, in this way making some money.  Both grandparents died in Putnam county.  Frederick Allemeier also died on the old Putnam county farm, but his wife died in Allen county.  They had seven children, of whom George Henry was the second in order of birth.
     Up to the time he was thirteen years old George Henry Allemeier attended the country schools a few months during the winter, but after that had to put in all of his time on the farm.  He remained at home until he was twenty-three years old, and then, in 1894 he was married to Mary Blunk, a daughter of Frederic and Katherine (Ulrich) Blunk, of Putnam county, and they became the parents of five children, namely:  Norman F., Arnold John; Pearl Catherine, now Mrs. Carl Klingler, of Allen county, and has a daughter, Catherine; and Lucinda Henrietta and Lola Marie, both of whom are at home.
     After his marriage Mr. Allemeier rented the home farm of 120 acres for three years, when he bought sixty acres of woodland in Washington township, cleared it and lived on it for nine years.  He then sold his farm and moved to Putnam county where he bought seventy-nine and one-half acres and farmed it for seven years.  Once more he sold, and then, coming to Allen county, bought his present farm in American township, where he has since been engaged in general farming.  On account of ill health he has turned the responsibility of management over to others, but keeps himself occupied.  He is a stockholder of the Equity Exchange Elevator of Elida, Ohio, and also of the Co-operative East Town Threshing Company.  Mr. Allemeier is independent in his political views.  The Zion Lutheran Church of Lima holds his membership and receives his contributions.  All his life he has been a hard worker, and has known how to make his efforts count for much, so that today he is a man of ample means.  At the same time he has gained the respect of his associates, and stands exceedingly well in his neighborhood.
Source:  A Standard History of Allen County, Ohio - Vol. II - Publ. Chicago: Warner i.e. Warner, Beers & Co., 1921 - Page 168
  HERBERT L. ARMSTRONG, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Lima, was a lieutenant in the Officers Reserve Corps during the World war, and has a wide experience in the Government service and in private practice of his profession.
     Dr. Armstrong was born on a farm near Jeffersonville, Fayette county, Ohio, and livedin a country district of that county to the age of fourteen.  He is a son of Albert and Alice (Underwood) Armstrong.  He acquired his early education in the Jefferson High School, and in 1915 graduated with the degree D. V. M. from the Ohio State University.  For a year and a half he practiced at Sabina, Ohio, and then became a veterinary inspector for the Government in December, 1916.  His duties for nine months were in the plants of Armour & Company in Chicago, after which for a year he was at Dayton, Ohio, in the plant of the Henry Burkhardt Packing Company.  July 16, 1819, he enlisted in the Veterinary Corps of the United States Army at Columbus, receiving the rank of second lieutenant in the Officers' Reserve Corps.  He was on duty at Camp Sherman for eleven months and one day, getting his honorable discharge June 17, 1917.  He then re-entered Government service as field inspector for the Bureau of Animal Industry at Charleston, West Virginia, holding that post from June 23, 1919, to Apr. 1, 1920.  Since then he has been at Lima engaged in general veterinary practice and also as field veterinarian for the Smylie Serum Company of Omaha, the largest manufacturers in the United States of antihog cholera serum.
     Dr. Armstrong married Miss Bessie Stout, of Piqua, Ohio.  He is a Democrat in politics, is a thirty-second degree Scottish Rite Mason, a member of the Lodge at Sabina, and belongs to the Indiana Consistory.  He is a member of Alpha Psi veterinary fraternity at the Ohio State University, and a member of the Ohio State Veterinary Medical Association.  He has a five year commission as first lieutenant in the Officers' Reserve Corps.
Source:  A Standard History of Allen County, Ohio - Vol. II - Publ. Chicago: Warner i.e. Warner, Beers & Co., 1921 - Page 93
  RALPH F. ARMSTRONG.  Within recent years the handling of automobiles and their accessories, together with the carrying on of a general repair business, have assumed large proportions and are attracting the attention and enlisting the capabilities of some of the most alert young men of the country, especially those who have had a practical training as machinists, and among them is the firm of Armstrong Brothers.  Ralph F. Armstrong, who was the senior member of this firm until his death Oct. 21, 1920, was born at Lima, Ohio, July 13, 1887, a son of W. W. and Josephine (Makley) Armstrong.  The Armstrongs are of English stock, the originators of the family in the New World settling in New England, from whence they later spread to other parts of the country.  The grandfather established the family in Ohio, and at Fort Wayne, at a time when that present flourishing city was only a railroad crossing.  During the war between the states he gave his sympathies and services to the Union.  He and his wife became toe parents of eighteen children, and W. W. Armstrong was one of the younger members of the family.  All of his life a railroad man, W. W. Armstrong met his death in an accident at Ellwood, Indiana, while he was working for the Lake Erie Railroad.  At that time his son Ralph F. was only sixteen years old.  His widow survives himand is making her home at lima.  She and her husband had four children, of whom Ralph F. Armstrong was the second in order of birth.
     At the time of his father's death Ralph F. Armstrong  was attending the public schools of Lima, but his mother then eeding his assistance, he relinquished his ambition of securing further educational training and became a delivery boy for a grocery store at Lima, and worked as such until the opportunity arose for his beginning an apprenticeship to the trade of a machinist with the C. M. & D. Railroad Shops, and he remained in them for five years, and for the last two years he was a journeyman machinist.  For the subsequent two and one-half years he worked for O. L. De Weese, of Lima, as auto mechanic.  It was then that he and his brother Clyde L. Armstrong founded the Armstrong Garage Company on North Main street, but six months later they came to the present address 112-114 North Elizabeth street, right downtown in the best business district.  Here these young men and the firm is recognized as being one of the leading concerns of this kind in the country.  A general repair business in automobiles is carried on, and a full and varied stock of supplies of all kinds is on hand.
     In 1910 Ralph F. Armstrong was married to Miss Mabel Johnson, a daughter of Shaw and Viola (Wood) Johnson, of Lima, Ohio.  There is one daughter, Marcile Pearl.  In his political convictions Mr. Armstrong was a Republican.  Both the Elks and Moose had in him an enthusiastic member.  Cavalry Reformed Church afforded him a medium for the expression of his religious faith.  As a skilled mechanic Mr. Armstrong had few equals.  As a citizen he proved his worth to Lima, and as this city was the city of his nativity  he was naturally especially interested in its advancement along all lines, and ready and willing to do his share to bring all of this about.
Source:  A Standard History of Allen County, Ohio - Vol. II - Publ. Chicago: Warner i.e. Warner, Beers & Co., 1921 - Page 169



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