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A Standard History of Allen County, Ohio
Vol. II

by Wm. Rusler - Publ.



  FRANK EDWARD KELLEY.  In all that constitutes true manhood and good citizenship Frank E. Kelley, one of the enterprising business men of Lima, is a notable example and none stands higher in the esteem and confidence of the community honored by his citizenship.  His career has been characterized by industry, thrift and wisely directed efforts, for he has worked hard for that which he now possesses and he knows how to appreciate the true dignity of labor and to place to a correct estimate upon the value of money.  He has played well his part in the affairs of the community, ever standing ready to support with his influence and means all measures for the public welfare.
     Frank E. Kelley was born at Mowrystown, Highland county, Ohio, and is the son of Lewis Henry and Louise Mary (Tissot) Kelley.  The family is of French origin, the name having formerly been spelled "Quellete," the progenitors of the family having come from Strassburg, Alsace-Lorraine, Frank E. Kelley attended the public schools at Mowrystown until eighteen years of age, his studies including one year in the high school.  In 1912 he came to Lima and entered the employ of G. A. Herrett, who operated a grocery store where Mr. Kelley is now located.  His first work was as a delivery boy, from which he advanced to salesman and finally became manager of the store, retaining that position until November, 1919, when he bought his employer's stock and good will and has since conducted the business himself.  By close devotion to business and careful attention to the wants and tastes of his customers he steadily increased the volume of his business and is now enjoying one of the best grocery trades in his section of the city.
     In 1916 Mr. Kelley was married to Myrtle M. King, the daughter of B. D. and Sarah Ann (Hole) King, of Lima, and they are the parents of two sons, George King and Harold Edward.  Politically Mr. Kelley is an independent Democrat.  Fraternally he is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, while his religious faith is that of the Presbyterian Church, to which he and his wife belong.  He is a member of the Merchants Association and takes a commendable interest in the advancement of the commercial interests of the city.  A man of gentlemanly demeanor and excellent personal qualities, he enjoys to a marked degree the esteem and good will of all who know him.
Source:  A Standard History of Allen County, Ohio - Vol. II - Publ. Chicago: Warner i.e. Warner, Beers & Co., 1921 - Page 108
  JAMES CHRISTOPHER KELLEY, sole proprietor of Kelley's grocery at Jackson and McKibben streets, is one of the representative business men of Lima, and one who has traveled far on the road to success.  He was born in White Oak, township, Highland county, Ohio, in 1863, a son of James Christopher and Adaline (Gaymon) Kelley.  The grandfather, Daniel Quellet, came from Alsace-Lorraine, France, to the United States, bringing his wife and six children with him, the elder James Christopher Kelley then being about fourteen years of age.  After the family had located near Niagara Falls, New York, and begun farming the name of Americanized to Kelley, and has since been spelled that way. The grandfather with the help of his children cleared the land which they had secured from the Government, cutting and making shingles by hand and hauling them to Buffalo, New York, for three years.  These people were primarily pioneers, and once they had made some improvements they were ready to sell and move on further westward.  Therefore they packed their household possessions in a wagon and traveled in it and by boat to Ripley, Brown county, Ohio, and thence to Highland county, where settlement was made in White Oak township, and there the grandfather died in 1850, the grandmother having passed away some years previously.  Of their six children James Christopher Kelley, the elder was the first born.  He was a cooper and farmer, and followed both callings all his life, which was terminated in 1888, although his widow lived until Jan. 18, 1920, when she passed away at the age of eighty-five years.
     Of the six children of his parents James Christopher Kelley, the younger, was the fifth in order of birth, and he was brought up to hard work.  His educational opportunities were limited and confined to those offered during the winter months by the district school.  He continued to be a farmer until he was thirty-one years of age, and then for three years was engaged in a furniture business at Marytown, Highland county, Ohio.  Selling that concern he came to Lima in 1897 and opened his grocery business at the corner of Vine and Saint John streets, where he remained until 1918, when he moved to his present location.  A reliable man of affairs, he has built up a very dependable trade, and is rightfully regarded as one of the leading grocers of the city.  He also owns stock in F. J. Banta & Son Company.
     In 1885 Mr. Kelley was married to Emily Francis Fenwick, a daughter of Gideon and Luella (Kay) Fenwick, of Highland county, Ohio.  Mr. and Mrs. Kelley became the parents of the following children:  Bert LeRoy, who lives at Oxford, Ohio; Harriet Luella, who enlisted in the Salvation Army in 1919 to work for the American soldiers at Coblentz, Germany, where she is still stationed; Marie Margarite, who is the third; and James Fenwick, who is the youngest.  Miss Kelley is very highly valued by her organization and is a lady of great strength of character and kindness of disposition.  She tried to get to France during the great war, but failed of attaining her object.  She was affianced to Captain Bert Peart, who was killed the day before the signing of the armistice.
     Mr. Kelley is a Republican in his political faith.  He belongs to Olivet Presbyterian Church, and carried his religion into his everyday life.  A man with an intense love for his home and community, he is interested in everything which looks toward the improvement of local conditions, and is glad to do all that lies in his power to bring about needed reforms.
Source:  A Standard History of Allen County, Ohio - Vol. II - Publ. Chicago: Warner i.e. Warner, Beers & Co., 1921 - Page 97
  JOSEPH J. KILL.  For a number of years the name of Joseph J. Kill has been increasingly identified with the best tenets of agricultural science in Allen County, where he is the owner of a well-cultivated and productive farm in section 22, Spencer Township, located five miles north and one mile west of Spencerville.  Mr. Kill was born on this property Feb. 23, 1865, a son of Nicholas and Elizabeth (Ruhrig) Kill.
     Nicholas Kill
was born in Luxembourg, Germany, in 1835, and when he was twelve years of age, and the eldest in the family, his parents died and he was put out among strangers.  At the age of eighteen years he went to Paris, where he earned enough money to pay his fare to the United States, to which country he came in 1856, locating in Seneca County, Ohio.  There he secured employment at $8 per month for the first year, and while thus employed met and married Miss Ruhrig, who was employed at the same place.  They continued to work out for a time, but later came to Allen County, where the father purchased forty acres of land, going heavily into debt.  This indebtedness was largely paid off through Mr. Kill cutting wood on his property, which he sold to the canal company.  Later he bought eighty acres of land, located in the woods, to which he moved in 1865, and this land he cleared and cultivated.  As the years passed he continued to add from time to time to his holdings, and eventually became the possessor of 266 acres, all earned through his own industry and by honorable and straightforward methods.  Mr. Kill was a democrat in his political affiliation, and at one time served as a member of the Board of Trustees of Spencer Township.  He and his wife belonged to St. John's Catholic Church, in the faith of which he died in 1908.  There were nine children in the family, as follows:  Vincent, who is a resident of Oklahoma; Mary, deceased, who was married to D. M. Banifas; Joseph J., of this review; Theresa, the wife of J. J. Falter; Sylvester, a farmer and the owner of 160 acres of land in Oklahoma; Lewis, who resides at Toledo; Lucy, the wife William Holz, a farmer of Spencer Township; Elizabeth, the wife of Adolphus Davis; and Julia, the widow of Frank J. Pohlman.
     Joseph J. Kill
was reared on the farm which he now owns, and secured his education in the public schools, also spending two years at Ada.  Returning to Allen County, he began working in the oil fields, first as a roustabout, later as a pumper, and finally as a foreman for the Ohio Oil Company, with which he continued to be identified for a period of eleven years.  At the time of his father's retirement from active affairs Mr. Kill returned to the home place, and when the elder man died purchased the interest of the other heirs to the property, thereby becoming its owner.  He has since devoted himself energetically to the development and continued improvement of this land, which now comprises one of the fertile and modernly-improved estates of this part of Allen County.  Mr. Kill is one of the directors of the Spencer Stone Company, Incorporated, and has other interests.  He is a democrat in his political views, and he and the members of his family belong to the Catholic Church.
     In 1891 Mr. Kill was united in marriage with Miss Mary Vondram, who was born in Spencer Township, daughter of Michael Vondram.  To this union there have been born seven sons:  Albert, single and at home, who was in training for service in the World war at Camp Taylor when the armistice was signed; Richard, who is now married and engaged in farming; and Harold, William, Eugene, Linus and Luke, at home.
Source:  A Standard History of Allen County, Ohio - Vol. II - Publ. Chicago: Warner i.e. Warner, Beers & Co., 1921 - Page 336
  WILLIAM THOMAS KIMES.  The late William Thomas Kimes was one of the substantial agriculturists of Allen county for a number of years, and owned and improved the farm in Shawnee township now owned by his widow.  He was a man of kindly intent, hard-working and thrifty, and when he died his neighborhood lost one of its best citizens.  He was born in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, Nov. 16, 1841, a son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Spear) Kimes, natives of Adams and Franklin counties, Pennsylvania, respectively.  She was a daughter of Robert Spear, of Ireland.
     After the death of his mother, in 1847, William Thomas Kimes lived with her father, and was reared by him.  When the war broke out between the North and the South Mr. Kimes was one of the loyal young men of the country, and he enlisted in the Union army in August, 1862, in Company K, One Hundred and Twenty-sixth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, and served for nine months, participating in some of the hardest fought engagements of the war, including those of Shepherdsville, Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, and had a good fortune to escape injury.  In April, 1867, he came to Allen county and bought sixty-four acres of land in Shawnee township, and thoroughly improved the place, living on it until his death, which took place on Feb 20, 1911.  Mr. Kimes belonged to Mart Armstrong Post, G. A. R., of Lima, and was active in it.  For one term he served as township trustee, and while in office safeguarded the interests of the taxpayers.  For several years he was also a member of the Board of education.  Saint Paul's Lutheran Church held his membership, and his widow and children still belong to it.
     On Oct. 21, 1869, Mr. Kimes was united in marriage with Maria Mechling, who was born in Perry township Mar. 16, 1846, a daughter of Joshua and Sophia (Weimer) Mechling, natives of Pennsylvania, and granddaughter of William and Esther (Mechling) Mechling, natives of Pennsylvania, who in 1812 moved to Hopewell township, Perry county, Ohio.  He was twice married, first to Esther Mechling, by whom he had five children, namely: Joshua, William, Louisa, Jacob and Daniel; and, secondly, to Catherine Rice, whose maiden name was Saum, and they also had five children.  Mr. and Mrs. Kimes became the parents of the following children: Jennie R., married Albert E. Wolf, of Perry township; Sophia E., who lives with her mother; Frances Edna, who is Mrs. Thomas H. Graham, of Union township, Auglaize county, Ohio, and has six children, George, John, Esther, Mildred, Elizabeth and Earl; Walter A., who conducts the home farm for his mother; and Esther L., also at home with her mother; and William R., who was born Oct. 1, 1890, died Dec. 25, 1890.  The Kimes family is one of the most highly respected in Allen county, and Mrs. Kimes has every reason to be proud of her children, who are all doing exceptionally well and are a credit to her and her husband and the watchful care they exercised over their upbringing.
Source:  A Standard History of Allen County, Ohio - Vol. II - Publ. Chicago: Warner i.e. Warner, Beers & Co., 1921 - Page 69



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