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Ashland County, Ohio
History & Genealogy

WAR OF 1861 - 1865



Source: History of Ashland Co., OH, Publ. 1880
(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)

     This regiment was composed of twelve batteries, and mustered into service for three years, September 3, 1861.  It was commanded by Colonel James Barnett.  The command was organized and equipped at Camp Dennison and sent to the field.  Battery D was principally raised in Ashland county.  Its officers were:



     Captain Andrew Conkle
     Senior First Lieutenant Paul H. Rohrbocher, resigned January 1, 1862.
     Junior First Lieutenant Lemuel P. Porter, promoted First Senior Lieutenant January 1, 1862.
     Senior Second Lieutenant William H. Pease, promoted junior first lieutenant January 1, 1862.
     Junior Second Lieutenant Henry C. L. Lloyd, promoted senior second lieutenant January, 1862.


     First Sergeant Nathaniel N. Newell, promoted second junior lieutenant January 1, 1862.
     Second Sergeant William O. Beebe, quartermaster sergeant.
     Third Sergeant Edward T. Pritchard, secretary.
     Fourth Sergeant Joseph B. Charles, promoted captain in 1864 and resigned.
     Fifth Sergeant Henry C. Grant.
     Sixth Sergeant William J. Patterson.
     Seventh Sergeant Josiah Brown.
     Eighth Sergeant Moses Y. Ransom, promoted first sergeant January 1, 1862.
     Ninth Sergeant William Zimmerman
     First Corporal George B. Newberry.
     Second Corporal Joseph L. McLeaf.
     Third Corporal John Patterson.
     Fourth Corporal Cornelius Linehan, promoted to sergeant November 1, 1862.
     Fifth Corporal Henry Farnsworth, promoted sergeant January 1, 1862.
     Sixth Corporal Martin J. Bender.
     Seventh Corporal Samuel C. Fry
     Eighth Corporal Gates P. Carny.
     Ninth Corporal Frederick Heitz.
     Tenth Corporal John Starrett
     Eleventh Corporal Edgar M. Baird.
     Twelfth Corporal John B. Deshong.
     Musicians Addison D. White and Frederick Neff.
     Bugler John Brestel.
     Wagon Artificers Charles Houp, John B. Lyons, and Adam Taggart.


Daniel Ackerman,
Thomas C. Atwater,
Justus Angel,
John F. Adams,
George H. Brown,
Frederick W. Boon,
Thomas B. Blackburn,
Hezekiah Brown,
James Budd,
John Budd,
John R. Bennighoff,
David R. Buck,
Jacob Beaule,
Cyrus Benjamin,
Alexander H. Baldwin,
James L. Baker,
Henry A. Baker,
Orrin C. Baker,
Russell J. Butler,
George Blakeslee,
William Boyd, Jr.
James H. Bateman,
Henry E. Butler,
Edward Crane,
James E. Chapman,
Peter G. Clark,
John Condon,
John L. Campbell,
Jacob A. Campbell,
John F. Cordell,
William Cosgrove,
Chauncey Crow,
William E. Chamberlain,
George Chart,
Dennis Condon,
Albert Clark,
George W. Curtiss,
Charles E. Curtiss,
George W. Cover,
Adam Cover,
Joseph Color,
Anthony Color,
Frederick T. Coffin,
Jerome Coon,
Charles C. Carson,
Lawrence O. Craig,
Charles Costello,
Peter Caviner,
William D. Cumberworth,
Jacob Dunterman,
William Daniels,
Asa Daniels,
Franklin A. Daniels,
Thomas Dixon,
John Davis,
William Delong,
John H. Eldridge,
Joseph Elmrick,
William Everett,
Thomas Fisher,
Jacob Fulker,
William Fink,
Edwin Fuller, Jr.,
Samuel Gaylord,
Edward Gevehard,
Christian Groff,
Joseph H. Gould,
William N. Gaylord,
Amos E. Griffith,
Warren H. Goss,
Martin Gale, jr.,
Hiram T. Gilbert,
Aaron J. Hart,
William Hails,
George Huber,
Ambrose Hind,
Asa D. Hatch,
Edward G. Hinman,
Thomas Hadfield,
Andrew W. Hall,
Jacob L. Hagenbuch,
John Hyman,
Charles Herberth,
Franklin H. Hitchcock,
Wayland S. Hough,
Michael Honodale,
Harvey Hull,
Rufus M. Hinman,
Thomas Holness,
Burton J. Hoadley,
Joshua Haldeman,
Delos Hartson,
George A. James,
Hermann Koch,
Samuel Kelso,
Josiah A. Kellogg,
William Killop,
Michael Kenny,
John G. King,
Chester King,
Jared V. Kidney,
Charles E. Lewis,
William B. Lowery,
Lucius Lyons,
George Lovell,
Horace Loomis,
James Mackin,
Michael Merkle,
William Murphy,
William R. Mooney,
Zebulon McAlpine,
Lewis Mack,
William Matthews,
Daniel Mooney,
John McNarney,
Frederick Moe,
James R. Neeley,
Zetus L. Numbers,
Christian Owen,
Christopher Post,
Henry Patterson,
Edward T. Pritchard,
Levi D. Post,
Jesse A. Post,
Andrew Poe,
Gustavus Russert,
Wilber F. Robinson,
John B. Rinear,
John F. Remmy,
Ashbel Root,
Addison H. Richardson,
Martin Sefling,
Timothy R. Sanford,
Jacob Senn,,
Alfred Sperry,
Henry Stackhorn,
Leonard F. Sisenger,
John Scutchell,
St. Clair Steel,
George Smith,
Stair, Charles
Schrady, Martin,
Daniel Stair,
Henry J. Slitt,
James Sangster,
James Southwood,
Albert Smith,
Charles H. Stearns,
Henry F. Steward,
James R. St. Clair,
Sylvester Silsby,
Henry A. Thompson,
Harrison Thomson,
Martin A. Terrell,
Wentzel Threedollar,
Luke Usher,
Chauncey C. Vermilyn,
Henry Victor,
Henry Vanheising,
Wesley A. Wells,
Willibald Wagner,
William P. Wright,
David R. Watson,
James W. Whiting,
John H. Webster,
Fulton Wait,
Philip Young,
George Yanders,
George W. Yanders,
Eli Yarrian,
Benjamin Yarrian.

     The mortality list is as follows:

John Condon died Oct. 28, 1861
Chauncey Crow, June 12, 1862
Frederick T. Coffin was killed in battle at Stone River, Tennessee
William Delong died Jan. 17, 1863;
William Frink, died December 10, 1861;
Samuel Gaylord, died February 5, 1862;
Jacob L. Hagenbuch, died in hospital;
William R. Mooney, died January 14, 1862;
James R. Neely, died at Nashville, Tennessee;
Chauncey C. Vermilya, died June 18, 1862;
John Patterson, died March 11, 1862;
Gates P. Carney, was discharged and has since died.

     About one-half of the men in battery D were enlisted in Ashland county; hence the whole roll has been copied that the strength of the battery may be exhibited.  Corporal John B. Deshong was promoted to second lieutenant of battery D, and was transferred and promoted to first lieutenant in battery H; and Sergeant William Zimmerman was promoted to first lieutenant and transferred to battery G, of colored troops.  Sergeant Joseph B. Charles was promoted to captain, and took command of battery H, colored troops.
     Battery D left Camp Dennison in November, and reported to Brigadier General William Nelson, in Kentucky, and marched with his command up to Big Sandy to Piketon.  It returned to Louisville, and thence to Mumfordsville.  In February, 1862, the battery reported at Nashville and moved to Pittsburgh Landing, thence to Corinth, Mississippi, and to Athens, Alabama.  In September it returned to Mumfordsville, where it was captured by the Confederate forces, paroled and sent to Camp Chase, and exchanged in January, 1863.  The battery was reorganized at Columbus, Ohio, and joined the Third brigade at Lexington, Kentucky, in March.  In June, 1863, it went on a raid to East Tennessee, under Colonel Saunders and burned many bridges, a large amount of ordnance and commissary stores.  In July it marched with General Burnside to Cumberland Gap, which was captured.  In August and September the battery went on a raid into Kentucky and Tennessee, with Colonel Woolford's cavalry.  It next marched to Knoxville  and participated in the siege.  The battery re-enlisted and was sent on a thirty-days' veteran furlough to Ohio.  The ranks being recruited in January, 1864, it marched to Atlanta, Georgia, and joined the forces of General Sherman, and was in all the engagements of that campaign.  It was also in the battles of Franklin and Nashville, and went to Wilmington, North Carolina and was finally mustered out at Cleveland, Ohio, July 15, 1865.


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