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History of Logan County and Ohio
Chicago: O. L. Basking & Co., Historical Publishers
186 Dearborn Street
w/ some illustrations and portraits


Richland Twp. –
SAMUEL LAMBARD, former; P. O., Belle Centre.  This hardy pioneer was born in Augusta Co., Va., Aug. 18, 1804, and of eleven children is the only living representative of the family.  His parents were natives of Augusta Co., and were German descent; his fathers name was Abraham and his mother’s maiden name was Barbara Hamaker  His father was a farmer by occupation and manufactured his own implements of husbandry.  He emigrated to Ohio, in 1815, and settled in Ross Co., where he lived one year and then moved to Fayette Co., securing a farm in what was termed the “New Purchase;” this he cleared and improved till 1832, when he sold it and came to Logan Co.; he bought nearly 300 acres of new land, which he divided among his three children then living, letting each one clear and improve his own home.  Samuel has always been a farmer and commenced doing for himself as soon as married, although he never left his father’s farm.  He was married April 18, 1826, to Learna H., daughter of William and Rebecca Dickey; she was born Jan. 18, 1809, and lived in Fayette Co., when married.  Her father was a Presbyterian preacher; by this union eight children were born, only three of whom are living – James R., Rebecca J. and Mary E.; they are married, the eldest living on the old homestead, the second in Missouri and the daughter of Champaign Co.  His wife died July 13, 1846, and June 25, 1847, he was married to Ellen, widow of William Edmiston; she had two children – David and Mary, who are now married and living in Clinton, Ill., she was born June 15, 1812, in York Co., Penn.  To them three children have been born, one is living – John W., who is engineer on a railroad and lives at Grand Island, Neb.  The whole family belong to the Presbyterian Church.  He has always been a Democrat, and cast his first vote for Jackson.
(Source:  History of Logan County and Ohio - Chicago: O. L. Basking & Co., Historical Publishers, 186 Dearborn Street. - 1880 - w/ some illustrations and portraits ~ Page 806)
ARCHIBALD LAMENT, farmer; P. O., Rushsylvania.  Robert Lament was the descendant of a Covenanter, who left Scotland in consequence of the persecution, and settled in County Antrim, Ireland.  Robert Lament, second, was born in County Antrim, and married Nancy Creilman, and both died in Ireland.  Robert Lament, third, was born in County Antrim, and came to America in 1833, settling first in Washington Co., N. Y., and in 1838, removing to Fairfield Co., Ohio.  In December, 1845, he removed to Logan Co., and settled on the head-waters of the Miami River.  He married Mary McDaniel, a lady of Scotch descent; she was the daughter of Archibald and Jane McDaniel.  The family of Robert Lament, third, are Archibald, born April, 10, 1823, in County Antrim, Ireland, and who came to America in 1833 with his parents, and removed with them in all their changes, finally settling with them in Logan Co.  Archibald married Miss Amy Johnson, Nov. 27, 1847; she was the daughter of George and Mary Johnson, and her grandparents were William and Mary Johnson, uniting families whose origin was transatlantic, and whose systems of faith were impregnated with the Calvinism and rigid orthodoxy of the two countries, and so it comes on down as a hereditary but healthy system of religious sentiments, as strongly marked in the present as in the past generations, respecting the last parties above indicated.  William was Irish and Mary German by lineal descent.  Now Archibald Lament's family genealogy ends by giving the names and births of his children, the deaths and marriages, also.  First, we have Robert Fillis, born Oct. 11, 1848, married Sally Carter, and is now a resident of Hardin Co.; William Boyd, born Oct. 14, 1849, died July 25, 1850; William Boyd, second (named for his deceased brother), born Oct. 27, 1850, now in Pawnee City, Neb.; Euphemia Jane, born Mar. 10, 1852; Mary Ann, Mar. 12, 1854; John, Apr. 27, 1857, died Sept. 9, 1877; Sarah, born Aug. 21, 1860; George, May 15, 1862; Elizabeth, Aug. 16, 1864; James Wright, Feb. 8, 1867; Archibald Alexander, Sept. 6, 1869; Samuel Martin, Mar. 13, 1872.  Archibald Lament is a farmer by choice, and delights in agricultural pursuits.  Like many Hibernians of Protestant parentage he has received a liberal education, as well as Christian training, and received his catechism from his parents as regularly as his food and raiment.  A Covenanter then, he is one still, a deacon in the church, and with determined precision traveling on to Heaven in the way his fathers trod.  He is a natural-born mechanic, being a carpenter, a mason and plasterer of more than average proficiency.  Nothwithstanding he never served an apprenticeship to either trade.  He raises cattle, sheep, horses and hogs, and uses more care in their improvement than is usual with farmers in general.  He not only has a share in the Public Library, but subscribes for all good books, and, with true intellectual foresight, places himself in the list for his county's history, and thus sends the record and genealogy of Archibald Lament adown the lines of generations who are coming.
Source:  History of Logan County and Ohio - Chicago: O. L. Basking & Co., Historical Publishers, 186 Dearborn Street. - 1880 - w/ some illustrations and portraits ~ Page 695 ~ Rush Creek Twp.
Jefferson Twp. -
J. M. LANCE, farmer; P. O. New Jerusalem.  Was born Apr. 3, 1832, near Belvidere, Warren Co., N. J.  His father's name was Martin, who married Margaret McMurtrie, the mother of J. M.  They were born and raised in New Jersey - emigrating to this State when J. M. was but six years of age; they first located in Richland Co., Cass Twp., purchasing 80 acres of land, upon which he settled, and remained on the same until death bore him away, Aug. 13, 1851.  The subject of until this sketch remained on the home place he was 22 years of age; he went to Michigan, where she purchased land, and lived there about two years in all; returning home, stayed one year, then went to Stark Co.; Sept, 3, 1857, was married to Sarah H. Scott, who was born in Marlborough Tp., Mar. 16, 1832., and is a daughter of Israel and Sarah Holloway, both of whom were natives of Virginia, and were "Friends," and came out to this State at an early day.  After he was married he lived in Shiloh five years, and in 1866 he moved into this township, and bought 94 acres east of Jerusalem, where he lived until 1873, when he made an exchange and moved to his present place of residence, one-half mile west of Jerusalem, where he has 116 acres of land; has had considerable experience in teaching, having taught in Kentucky and Michigan as well as in this State.  Having learned the carpenter's trade when young, he employed his time at this during the summer, and taught during the winter.  Has one child, Julius Arthur, born Sept. 27, 1871.
(Source:  History of Logan County and Ohio - Chicago: O. L. Basking & Co., Historical Publishers, 186 Dearborn Street. - 1880 - Page 760)
ZEPHANIAH LAPORT (Jefferson Twp.) mechanic; Zanesfield; born July 4, 1835, near Cadiz, in Harrison Co., O., son of Abraham and Ellen (Wallace) Laport, who were natives of same county.  Abraham, the grandfather of Zephaniah, was a native of Maryland, and came west several years prior to the war of 1812, of which he was an honored soldier, and located on the land where the Harrison County Infirmary now stands; here Abraham, the father of Zephaniah was born during 1812.  About the year 1835, Zephaniah's grandfather came to Rush Creek Twp. and purchased land of Elijah Beal, where Harper now stands, and settled upon the same, where he lived until his death, which occurred in1859, at the age of 83.  Zephaniah's father settled on Mill Creek, purchasing 80 acres, now owned by James Jamison.  In 1844 he traded this land and moved to Rush Creek, lived there until 1851, and removed to Stark Co., and, after a few yeas residence, moved to Iowa.  Zehpahian's father was a machinist, and raised his son to that trade.  In 1861, during the month of April, Zephaniah enlisted in Co. F, O. V. I., three months service; then re-enlisted in the 23d Reg't. O. V. I. for three yeas, or during the war.  At the battle of Antietam he received a severe bullet wound on the head, and was disabled for many months; the scar he yet carries.  Upon his return home he engaged in teaching, which vocation he followed for about fourteen years in Monroe Tp., all the time in three districts.  In 1866, March 15, he was married to Sarah J. Williams, who was born in Monroe Tp., in July, 1848; she is a daughter of Jeffery and Lucy Williams.  Three children have been born them - Zephina A., Allen S. and Lucy E.  Since 1879, he and his brother have been engaged in carpentry, and doing general repair work, also are carrying on a stove and tinware business.  Zephaniah  is now serving as Justice of the Peace and Notary Public.
(Source:  History of Logan County and Ohio - Chicago: O. L. Basking & Co., Historical Publishers, 186 Dearborn Street. - 1880 - w/ some illustrations and portraits ~ Page 758)
Richland Twp. -
JOSIAH R. LAUGHLIN, farmer; P. O., Belle Centre; is one of the prominent famers of this township, owning a large farm, on which beautiful and commodious buildings have been constructed, making a convenient and tasty home; he is the second child of Alexander and Sarah (Robe) Laughlin, both of whom are living, the youngest being near 65 years old.   Josiah lived under the parental roof until his marriage - Oct. 20, 1854 - to Martha, daughter of John and Mary (Burns) Johnson.  She was born Sept. 1, 1834, in what is now Noble Co., O.  He followed farming in his native county until 1863, when he moved to where he now lives.  By their marriage seven children have been born - Robert J., Anna M., Sarah A., Edwin J., Jennie A., William and Clara M.  The eldest graduated at Wooster in 1878, and is now attending the Theological Seminary at Princeton.  The second has lately finished a course at Geneva College, in this county.  Their third child  - Sarah Alice - was most foully murdered near Lewiston Reservoir, in 1875, by James Shell.  He paid a penalty with his life, being taken from the jail soon after by a body of enraged citizens and hung to the nearest tree.  The parents and the three eldest children are members of the Presbyterian Church, in which he has been Elder for several years.  He takes little interest in political affairs, and so far has been a Democrat.
(Source:  History of Logan County and Ohio - Chicago: O. L. Basking & Co., Historical Publishers, 186 Dearborn Street. - 1880 - w/ some illustrations and portraits ~ Page 806)
Richland Twp. -
T. CLARK LAUGHLIN, farmer; P. O., Belle Centre; was born in this township Aug. 13, 1834.  His father, Hugh Laughlin, was born in Erie, Penn., and was brought to Guernsey Co., O., in his infancy.  He was a farmer by occupation, and married Maria Clark, a native of Beaver Co., Penn., and was brought to Guernsey Co., O., in his infancy.  He was a farmer by occupation, and married Maria Clark, a native of Beaver Co., Penn.  A few yeas after marriage they moved to this township and cleared up and improved a good farm.  She died in 1857, and he is now living with his youngest son in Rushcreek Tp.  Clark lived with his father till 28 years old, working on the farm, and teaching school during the winter for several years.  He then commenced doing for himself on the farm on which he now lives.  It was all timber, and he has changed its appearance greatly, having cleared over 100 acres of heavy forest and erected beautiful and commodious buildings.   He was married April 26, 1864, to Martha Jeffers.  She was born in Pennsylvania and raised in this State; she died Mar. 12, 1865, leaving one child - Hugh C., Feb. 6, 1868, he was married to Fannie Henry, a native of Champaign Co., where she was born Aug. 18, 1844.  By this union five children have been born - Margaret M., June E., Rhuda H., Edna G. and Carrie M.  He has been Township Clerk, Assessor, and was Land Appraiser in 1880.  He is a member of the Masonic Order, and has always been a warm adherent of the Republican party.
(Source:  History of Logan County and Ohio - Chicago: O. L. Basking & Co., Historical Publishers, 186 Dearborn Street. - 1880 - w/ some illustrations and portraits ~ Page 805)
Rush Creek Twp. -
ANDREW D. LEAS, farmer; P. O., Harper.  Jacob Leas was a native of Germany, and emigrated to Pennsylvania prior to the Revolutionary war.  Stephen Leas, his son, was born in Pennsylvania, and came to Ohio in 1812.  His wife was Susan Gates, who was the daughter of John Gates, whose father also came from Germany.  Andrew D. Leas was Stephen's son, and was born May 25, 1818, in Logan Co., O.  On the 4th day of October, 1845, he married Catharine Stirckland, daughter of George Strickland, of York Co., Pa.; she was born Oct. 10, 1818.  The children of A. D. Leas are - Stephen C., born Jan. 18, 1847; Mary Ann, July 5, 1854; Susan, July 15, 1855, and Sarah, Oct. 14, 1860.  By occupation, Andrew D. Leas is a farmer, and many of his broad acres are the rich alluvial deposits of the historic Rush Creek Bottom lands, and near the romantic lake of that name; he raises and deals in stock, making sheep a specialty, but the other stocks also, to an unusual extent amongst farmers; he is a member of the Patrons of Husbandry, Rush Creek Lodge, No. 24, and the church connections of the family are with that branch known as the Christian Church.  By this, the name and example of A. D. Leas are handed to the succeeding generations of those who take descent from him.
Source:  History of Logan County and Ohio - Chicago: O. L. Basking & Co., Historical Publishers, 186 Dearborn Street. - 1880 - w/ some illustrations and portraits ~ Page 696 - Rush Creek Twp.
LEVI N. LEIDIGH, farmer; P. O., Rushsylvania; Jacob Rudy was born Jan. 28, 1792, in Montgomery Co., Penn.; in 1818, he married Harriet Bastian in the city of Philadelphia, and in the same year removed to Circleville, Pickaway Co., Ohio; in 1823 his wife died, leaving three children - Catherine, Josiah and Harriet.  In 1826, he returned to Philadelphia on foot, walking from Circleville to Philadelphia in just two weeks arriving in the city on New Years' Day.  In the spring of 1833 he again married, his wife being Mrs. Anna Zeigler, a widow lady.  In 1838, he removed to where he now, in his 89th year, still resides with his son-in-law, Mr. Levi Leidigh, a sturdy old gentleman of some 65 summers, who was born Sept. 4, 1815, in Durham Tp., Bucks Co., Penn.; Jacob Rudy has but one child living - Mrs. Catharine Leidigh.  Levi Leidigh was married on the 20th day of July, 1839, in Logan Co., and, after marriage, returned to Philadelphia; he remained there two years, and again went to Ohio, where he remained two years, and returned to the "City of Brotherly Love" again, remaining there until 1849, when he again came to Ohio, where he has since remained.  The children of this family are- Henrietta B., born Oct. 30, 1840, died Nov. 10, 1840, in Philadelphia, Penn.; Jacob Rudy, born Apr. 14, 1845, and died Dec. 31, 1845, in Philadelphia, Penn.; Jonathan, born July 21, 1847, died Sept. 4, 1848, in Philadelphia; Anne Adelaide, born Aug. 23, 1849, in Philadelphia; she married Andrew Wren, Oct. 14, 1869; Philip Henry, born Feb. 19, 1852, in Logan Co., Ohio; Franklin Goldman, Jan. 19, 1855, in Logan Co.; George Corwin, Jan. 28, 1857, in Logan Co.; Clarissa Estella, July 15, 159, in Logan Co., married Isaac Bramwell; Titus, Oct. 16, 1879, a citizen of this county.  The history of the family in somewhat remarkable; Jacob Rudy, now in his 89th year, is a man remarkable for his clear and vivid recollection of dates, whilst his daughter, 61 years old, and his husband, 65 years old, recount events of their childhood with remarkable precision, and a recital of the same strikes the listener at once with surprise; Jacob Rudy states that he was apprenticed four years, seven months and thirteen days to learn the shoemaker's trade; this was in 1808; he followed that occupation for five years in Pennsylvania, and for some time in time in Circleville, Ohio, finally settling down in Logan Co., where he now resides; Levidigh is a thrifty farmer, held in high esteem in the community in which he resides.  The family are members of the Lutheran Church at New Jerusalem, Logan Co., Ohio.
Source:  History of Logan County and Ohio - Chicago: O. L. Basking & Co., Historical Publishers, 186 Dearborn Street. - 1880 - w/ some illustrations and portraits ~ Page 696 ~ Rush Creek Twp.
JOHN R. LONG, miller and lawyer; Logansville; born in Pennsylvania, in 1827, and lived with his uncle till 14 years of age; then he went to Seneca Co., Ohio, and farmed there one year, from whence he moved to Logan Co., in the winter of 1843, driving the entire distance with a team.  His uncle rented a farm in Bloomfield Tp., and he remained with him three years; now being of age, he started in life for himself; he commenced surveying and working at the carpenter's trade, mastering both arts by diligent industry, without the aid of a teacher.  In 1846 he began teaching at $8 per month, and he taught during the winter for six or seven years following, and worked at carpentering and surveying through summer.  In 1854 he married Elizabeth Quick, who was born in Licking Co., Ohio, in 1836; he followed his regular business till 1862, when he purchased the grist and saw-mill, which he still owns and is running.  It is located on the "Big Miami River."  He saws about 150,000 feet of lumber and grinds from 1,000 to 2,000 bushels of grain annually.  Mr. Long is of a philosophical turn of mind, and possesses a natural skill at machinery.  He makes and repairs most everything pertaining to the machinery of his mill.  They have four children - Marco W., Viola, Minnie V., Edwin Grant; one child, Jessie A., died, aged six months.  Mr. Long has held the office of Supervisor two years, Township Clerk ten years, and has been School Director and Justice of the Peace.  He was a Democrat till 1854, when he swung into the Republican ranks, and has stood there ever since.
(Source:  History of Logan County and Ohio - Chicago: O. L. Basking & Co., Historical Publishers, 186 Dearborn Street. - 1880 - w/ some illustrations and portraits ~ Page 837).
Perry Twp. -
JOHN F. LUKENS, farmer; P. O., North Greenfield; was born Jan. 7, 1824, in Warren Co., O.; is a son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Fawcett) Lukens.  The Fawcetts are of Irish extraction, and came to Ohio in 1822.  John's parents were married in 1819, and removed to this State when the country was new, and John was innured to privation and hard labor; having a keen thirst for knowledge, he applied himself closely, and soon mastered the common branches; in 1845, he began teaching and continued his course of study; one of his preceptors was A. G. Gregg.  On Jan. 1, 1863, he was united by marriage to Miss Louisa K. Swartz, of Stark Co., a lady of talent and culture, a graduate of Mt. Union College, and daughter of Martin and Hannah (Southcard) Swartz; he was born Mar. 28, 1797, and was a local preacher for fifty years; his wife, Jan. 10, 1799; he died Sept. 1, 1878; she, Mar. 2, 1880.  Joseph Lukens, the father of John, was born Aug. 31, 1795; Jonathan, his father, and the grandfather of John, was born June, 1758.  Mr. Lukens has a large farm of about 250 acres, and he ranks among the best farmers in the county, and does a deal of head farming; neat and tidy in his work, he requires those in his employ to exercise the same taste; his fences and gates, as well as all the appliances that are about him, are models for imitation; he is a man of sound judgment, and has a mind well stored with facts and useful information; he is a progressive man and keeps pace with the times in literature and the improvements of the day; in short, he is one of the best scholars in the township; he is thoroughly practical, is as good a surveyor as necessity might require, somewhat eccentric in his manner, yet of honest and intelligent convictions; a strictly moral man, temperate and with an innate regard for truth and uprightness; he has one child only, a youth of some promise.
Source:  History of Logan County and Ohio - Chicago: O. L. Basking & Co., Historical Publishers, 186 Dearborn Street. - 1880 - Page 653
Richland Twp. -
ASBERY F. LYLE, merchant; Belle Centre; is the youngest son of John and Mary Lyle, and junior member of the firm of Lyle & Bro.; he was born May 6, 1858, in Muskingum Co., O.; he worked on the farm until his father engaged in the mercantile business, when he commenced clerking in the store.  His father soon withdrew from the business, and he has since been a member o the firm.  May 25, 1876, he joined his fortunes with those of Frovolia G. Porter, daughter of J. C. and Elizabeth Porter.  She was born Nov. 15, 1855, in this county.  By this happy union two children have been born - Franklin O. and Elmer W.  She is a consistent member of the Disciple Church at this place.  He has so far been identified with the Democratic party.
(Source:  History of Logan County and Ohio - Chicago: O. L. Basking & Co., Historical Publishers, 186 Dearborn Street. - 1880 - w/ some illustrations and portraits ~ Page 805)



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